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Boltec E

A fully mechanized rock bolting rig for bolt

lengths from 2.4-6 meters. Effective in roof
heights up to 13 meters.
Boltec E making
mining safe
A fully mechanized rock bolting rig for bolt lengths from 2.4-6 Meters.
Effective in roof heights up to 13 meters.

Main benefits
Bolting unit The small bolting unit on the Boltec E has been optimised
to reduce the overall feed length by 100 mm when compared to earlier
bolting unit designs. This gives potential for reduced drive sizes whilst
retaining the same bolt lengths used previously. The bolt magazine can
be loaded in the vertical position without power to the machine, provid-
ing a fast and safe loading procedure.

Rock drill The COP RR11 rock drill is optimised for bolt hole drilling,
with it’s light weight and high frequency it reduces loads on the boom
whilst achieving superior penetration rate. For larger hole diameters
required for some friction bolt types or harder rock conditions the
optional COP RR14 delivers the hitting power needed to get the job

Carrier commonality The Boltec E series machines share a

common four wheel drive articulated carrier design with their Simba
M/E and Boomer M/E stablemates. With an open service architechture
philosophy it allows for fast and easy maintenance.

Optional mesh handling arm

Optional FOPS cabin with lift/tilt function

Boltec E safe bolting
Safety and quality of bolt installation is our focus. The Boltec E is designed with
standard and optional features that ensure these goals are met.

+ Safety
Mechanized bolting removes the operator from the potential danger area
of unsupported ground. All drilling and bolt installation is controlled
from the operator station under a FOPS canopy or optional ROPS and
FOPS air conditioned cabin.

+ Bolt installation quality

Mechanized bolting typically holds a much higher installation quality and
consistency than manual or semi-mechanised installation. Bolt angles,
bolt spacing, controlled grout ratios, installation pressures, and bolt
numbers are just some of the data that can be collected or recorded.

+ Operator comfort
The operator position affords excellent visibility of the bolting operation
as well as when tramming the vehicle. The operator area is spacious and
features a swingable operator seat for driving and bolting. The optional
ROPS and FOPS air conditioned cabin enhances the operator’s comfort
especially in extreme temperatures or dusty conditions.

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Technical specifications
 = Standard  = Option

Rock drill Air/water system

COP RR11  Compressor: Atlas Copco GAR5
COP RR14  Hydraulic water booster pump capacity at 7 bar, 80 l/min
Rock drill lubrication, air dryer system  Minimum water inlet pressure 2 bar
Air-water mist flushing, external water, internal air, hydraulic oil cooled by air fan  Water flow and pressure guard for flushing water
Air-water mist flushing, external water, internal air, hydraulic oil cooled by water  Water hose reel, including water hose 
Air-water mist flushing, internal water, internal air, hydraulic oil cooled by air fan  High pressure washing kit 
Rock drill lubrication warning kit  Remote controlled water cannon 
Rock drill lubrication surveillence system 
Hole blowing kit  Hydraulic system
Low oil level indicator 

Boom Oil temperature meter 

Filtration 16 μm 
BUT 45 M 
Oil filter indicator 
BUT 45 S 
Mineral hydraulic oil 
Automatic boom lubrication system, rear part 
Electric oil filling pump 
Central boom lubrication kit 
Biodegradable hydraulic oil 
Water/oil cooler in stainless steel 
Bolting unit Hydraulic oil thermostat 
Magazine capacity 10 bolts Hydraulic oil leakage detection and shut-down system 
Size of face plates, rectangular, diameter, max 150 x 150 mm Hydraulic oil fine particulate and water filtration system (not in conjunction with bulk

Size of face plates, round, diameter, max Ø 200 mm cement system)

Bolt length, max 2.4 - 6.0 m

Swellex, Mn 12, Mn 16, Mn 24  Control system
Split-Set, SS39, SS46  Rig Control System (RCS) 
Mechanical anchor bolts, CT, Kiruna, including boltrotator  Bolt angle indication 
Rebar - manual resin / cement cartridge, including boltrotator  Bolt Quality Log (BQL) 
Rebar - resin cartridge injection system, automatic, including boltrotator  Bolt plan navigation 
Rebar - cement injection system, automatic  Rig Remote Access (RRA) 
Hose injection system for resin cartridges 
Dual bolt lengths *  Carrier
Dual bolt types  Deutz TCD 2013 L4 120 kW 4 cylinder Tier 3 / Stage IIIA diesel engine 
Extension drilling kit  Deutz TCD2012 L6 155 kW 6 cylinder Tier 3 / Stage IIIA diesel engine 
Welded screen mesh handling arm  Deutz TCD 4.1 115 kW 4 cylinder Tier 4 final / Stage IV diesel engine 
MESHA rolled mesh handling arm  Deutz TCD 6.1 180 kW 6 cylinder Tier 4 final / Stage IV diesel engine 
*shorter bolt 70% the length of longer bolt  Articulated ±40° steering angle 
Four wheel drive 
Hot climate tramming kit 
Electrical system
Electrical system 24 V 
Total installed power 63 kW (Auto cement, 83 kW) 
Batteries 2 x 125 Ah 
Main motors 55 kW (Auto cement, 75 kW) 
Automatic differential lock on front axle, limited slip 
Voltage 380-1 000 V 
Tyres, 14.00 R24 Michelin 
Frequency 50 Hz 
Clearance outside axles rear 16° 
Frequency 60 Hz 
Front and rear hydraulic jacks 
Soft start (380-690 V) 
Fuel tank volume 4 cylinder engine 110 L 
Transformer 8 kVA 
Fuel tank volume 6 cylinder engine 175 L 
Electronic overload protection for electric motors 
Central lubrication system 
Digital volt/ampere meter in electrical cabinet 
Tramming lights, rear 4 x 40 W LED 
Phase sequence and eart fault indicator 
Tramming lights, rear 2 x 40 W LED + 2 x 70 W Halogen 
Battery charger 
Working lights 2 x 320 W LED 24V DC 
Cable reel with limiting switch 
Illuminated stairs for platform 
Electrical outlet, main supply voltage 16 Amp 3-phase (16 A or 32 A socket size)
 Central grease point 
- not for 1 000 V
Extra transformer 3-phase 15 kVA capacity with 230 V and 400 V outlet Fire extinguisher 

(16 A or 32 A socket size) Fire suppression system ANSUL – manual release 
PC4 or PC5 plug/socket  Fire suppression system ANSUL – automatic release (checkfire) 
Spotlight, 1 x 70 W, 24 V  Fire suppression system ANSUL – automatic release with CO2 in electrical cabinet 
Illuminated stairs for platform (LED)  E-Tramming 
Soft start of main electrical motor (not for 1 000 V or CSA)  Electric Hydraulic / Diesel Hydraulic drilling function 

Technical specifications

Cabin Dimensions
ROPS and FOPS approved cabin, noise level <80 dB(A)  Width, without bolt rack 2 501 mm
Low profile cabin ROPS and FOPS 150 mm lower than standard - seated operation only  Height, cabin fixed ROPS and FOPS standard 3 098 mm
Cabin height fixed, lowered 140 mm from standard  Height, protective roof, adjustable FOPS 2 433-3 133 mm
Cabin height fixed, raised 250 mm from standard  Height, Cabin lift/tilt function, FOPS 3 098-3 473 mm
Mediaplayer  Length tramming MBU34.3 15 419 mm
12 V outlet for communication radio  Ground clearence 375 mm
Electrical heater, 1.2 kW, 230 V (CE)  Turning radius outer/inner 7 950/4 750 mm
Reversing camera with monitor 
Air conditioning unit  Weight
Heating function for air conditioning (water transferred)  Total 27 000 kg
Swingable seat for drilling and tramming  Boom side 20 000 kg
Cabin body made of stainless steel  Engine side 7 000 kg
Joystick-controlled spotlights left and/or right, 70 W 
Front window, 24 mm 
Recommended cable sizes and lengths
FOPS-approved grizzly bar for front window 
Voltage Dimension, mm2 Diameter, mm Length, m
24 mm front window 
400 V 33x185+3G35+2x1.5 53.5-56 90
Cabin lift/tilt function (FOPS) 
440 V 3x150+3G25+2x1.5 48.5-52 100
460-500 V 3x120+3G25+2x1.5 42-46.5 120
Tramming speed
500-550 V 3x95+3G16+2x1.5 39-42 150
On flat ground (rolling resistance 0.05) >15
660-690 V 3x70+3G16+2x1.5 34-37 180
On incline 1:8 >5
1 000 V 3x50+3G10+2x1.5 29-32 200
Recommendations are given for surrounding temperature of 40°C.

Technical specifications

2 571 6 289 1 430**

4 838**
2 455


2 105 801 2 000 2 200 925 160
15 376**

Dimension illustration (Optional equipment mounted)

9 390
3 490

4 913


2 230


2 508
Coverage area (2.4 m bolts)
R 7 500



inner corner

Turning radius

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