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Ready, Set, Rebuild

BY: Lilly Storms, Paige Kistner, and MacKenzie Karasek

New tennis courts… here we come. After interviewing Jamie Flick,

we encountered many factors of building the new tennis courts.
They need to raise $200,000.00 to reach their goal of building a
total of five new tennis courts at the South Williamsport Pool Complex:
two children sized courts and three adult sized courts. Also, the
committee would like to put lights, benches, and trees surrounding the
courts. They would like to begin this process in the upcoming 12 months.
After discovering the total cost, the committee decided they
needed to raise money. They decided to organize t-shirt sales,
community park events, horseraces, bonfires, school events, dodgeball
tournaments, business functions, and many others.
Jamie Flick, the representative of the tennis committee, was
asked by South Williamsport girls tennis coach Mrs. Summerson to lead
the committee, and he was honored to help the team on Mrs.
Summerson’s request. It’s very easy to get involved; all you have to do
is contribute money to the South Williamsport Girls Tennis Club. The
community of South Williamsport is very generous. Any amount is never
too little or big.
Would you like to get involved? All you have to do is contact
Jamie Flick at jflick@susquehannasoftware.com. Any support is greatly
appreciated by the South Williamsport Tennis Committee.