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By: Joseph Khateri, McKenna Cremer, and Brendon Bowman

A.R. stands for Accelerated Reader. Most of you probably already know what
it is and how to use it. For those out there who don’t know how to use it, it’s pretty
simple. Each book is worth a certain number of points. When you read the book
and pass the online comprehension test, you get A.R. points. At our school, you can
redeem the points to get prizes. For example, if you earn 30 points, you get a
homework pass. You also get a $5.00 Dairy Queen gift card for 75 A.R. points. When
you get 200 points, you receive a free lunch with Mr. Tsikitas at Original Italian
Pizzeria (OIP). Here’s what you earn if you have 300 A.R. points: a surprise gift at
the end of the year!
Many of you may not know the company’s history. The company started in
1996 and already over 60,000 schools use it. They level the books by the length and
text difficulty. The whole number on the book level is the grade and the decimal
number is the month. For example, 7.2 means you have the reading level of a
seventh grader in the second month of school.
Enough chat about the history; let’s hear what real people say about A.R. Mr.
Woodley (A.K.A the principal) said quite a bit of information. Apparently, the school
has to pay $5,000.00 per year for both Rommelt and Central. The school has used
A.R. for 12 years. He is upset about the number of students who didn’t make their
A.R. goal. He thinks it’s because of the lack of reading.
We learned quite a bit from Mr. Tsikitas. He said that 90-95% of the books in
the library have A.R. levels. Mr. Tsikitas and some other teachers came up with the
idea to add A.R. to the school.
Here’s a little clue of the next A.R. reward: If you reach your goal this spring,
then you will be leaving campus and going to the diamond… Continue reading A.R.
books to find out!