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Anders Christiansen, Malmö FF

Allsvenskan best player in 2017 was superior and dominated. Wide range of fine
gaming twists, wit, technology, understanding of the game and participate in many
2. Ken Sema, Ostersund
Speed and fan and very sharp in one against one. Impressed large which took him to
the national team. Scored 13 points in 22 games from the start.
3. Magnus Eriksson, Djurgarden
What a season he did. 20 points in 29 games, mostly as a right midfielder, is
incredibly strong. Eriksson delivered and contributed greatly to Djurgården finished
third and took a European location.
4. Saman Ghoddos, Ostersund
started the season slowly but geared up and got better and better with each
round. Was so good that Janne Andersson wanted the striker of the national team,
but chose instead to Iran. Scored eight goals and four assists.
5. Johan Wiland, Malmo FF / Hammarby
Very good season for two different teams. First he took what he could in Malmo FF,
and then he got more to do in Hammarby and he did great.
6. Niclas Eliasson, IFK Norrkoping
Ten assists and three goals in seventeen matches before leaving IFK Norrköping
Bristol City. In the spring dominated Eliasson in the headlines. Witty, technical,
decisive and scores of players.
7. Anton Tinnerholm, Malmö FF
Will, heart, lungs and physics. Tinnerholm was one of Malmo FF's most important
players in 2017. A leader who most often took the right wing.
8. Kim Kallstrom, Djurgarden
Meant incredible deal for Djurgarden. A great leader both on and off the
field. Allsvenskan best foot. Made his teammates better.
9. Andreas Isaksson, Djurgarden
Kept his team in many matches and was rarely mistakes. Great experience and a
good leader. Isaksson showed that he still is a very good goalkeeper and offered
many good saves.
10. Markus Rosenberg, Malmo FF
Mister MFF. Attitude, heart and quality. Meant a lot to the team. When Rosenberg
was good, as was the MFF good. Made his teammates better. Lost only two
games. Scored seven goals and four assists.
11. Per Karlsson AIK
Best in the show's best defense. Good physique, big, strong, fast and good duel
player. Karlsson was rarely a weak effort and was a big reason the Jets only
conceded 22 goals.
12. Rasmus Lindgren Hacken
Mastered up Hacken as in previous years had major problems with the
defensive. Good and smart in the defensive play. The series' best defender when it
comes to the offensive. Nice feet, good understanding of the game and good at
building attacking game.
13. Fouad Bachirou, Ostersund
One of the Allsvenskan the ball skilled inner midfielder. Great courage and good
passer. In addition, a good bollvinnare.
14. Sotiris Papagiannopoulos, Ostersund
Very strong in the duel game and also good with your feet, which you have to be in a
Graham Potter-law. In Europe kept Tom Pettersson about the same level, but in the
Premier League was to "put" that stood out.
15. Erdal Rakip, Malmo FF
quickly became a favorite of Magnus Pehrsson and it is easy to understand why. A
good two-way player who always gives everything for the team. Can play all positions
in midfield. Scored eight goals, many were very important.
16. Simon Lundevall, Elfsborg
held high level in wobbled law. Smart, witty and good technique. Scored six goals
and thirteen assists. Nineteen points at twenty-nine games in a mittenlag is strong.
17. nahir besara, Orebro
Very good season of Besara that just got better and better. Scored ten goals and
seven assists and was behind most of the OSK.
18. Ahmed Yasin, Hacken
Come to hedge in summer and accounted for a strong fall. Accounted for seven
goals and three assists in fifteen matches and lifted Häcken offensive.
19. Eric Larsson, Gif Sundsvall
good two-way player who often took his right wing, and it was strongly considering
his Sundsvall fought in the bottom. For the good of their team and recruited by Malmö
20. Kalle Holmberg, IFK Norrkoping
Showed up an impressive goal inside and shared top scorer on 14 goals
victory. Good and smart in the box. High class of trades.
21. Bjorn Paulsen, Hammarby
Incredibly important for their team. The question is how it had gone for Hammarby
without Paulsen? One of the players was absolutely important for their team. Striker
or central defender played no role, Paulsen delivered wherever he was placed. Loyal,
good physique, big, strong, good duel players and the Danish Dynamite.
22. Jo Inge Berget, Malmo FF
Ville any play Raiders but was placed mostly on the left side of midfield. But Mount
whined not without loyal to their team and always did his best. Important for the
MFF. Smart, good physics and löpkapacitet and very strong.
23. Buya Mohamed Turay, AFC
nine goals and three assists in the Allsvenskan worst team was well done. AFC went
out but Buya Turay is too good to follow.
24. Peter Abrahamsson, Hacken
just gets better and better and had a large part in Hacken got track of the number of
goals. Kept most zeros in the headlines.
25. Jacob Une Larsson, Djurgarden
grew into a real leader and acted with confidence and authority. Got a boost when
Djurgarden recruited Jonas Olsson but even when Olsson was missing Une Larsson
took a great responsibility and headed up the defense. Wise, calm, resolute and
good duel player.
26. Pontus Dahlberg, IFK Gothenburg
a very fine debut season of Dahlberg. Got a chance and took it. Accounted for many
class saves and kept his team in several matches. Coupled with several major
European clubs.
27. Tobias Hysén, IFK Gothenburg
With his experience was invaluable Hysen for IFK Gothenburg. A leader both on and
off the field as many times during the season, stormed around the club. Scored
fifteen points (nine goals and six assists). Smart, quick with a nose for goal.
28. Yoshimar Yotún, Malmo FF
Very strong spring before moving to the MLS. Scored seven points in fifteen games
and delivered if he had to play full-back or in midfield. Sharp left foot.
29. Daniel Sundgren, AIK
A leader with tremendous will and physics that give everything in every match. The
strength of the defensive but was better offensively. Not fun to be left outside and set
against Sundgren.
30. Nouri Brwa, Ostersund
ball Safe game engine. Creative and talented the clearance gap. Boosted their team
and was behind much of the offensive.
31. Issam Jebali, Elfsborg
One of the few who delivered the Elfsborg. Hyper dangerous. Ten goals and seven
assists in a mittenlag is very good.
32. Kingsley Sarfo, Sirius / Malmo FF
strong was in Sirius and then he was one of the series' best. Since moving to Malmo
FF where it was not as good.
33. Kristoffer Olsson, AIK
Tough start but really grew into it and was one of AIK's best players. Smart and good
passer. Dangerous when he was lifted higher up the course. Good speed on the
feet. Got better and better.
34. Felix Beijmo, Djurgården
A debut season that promises very good. Beijmo and Magnus Eriksson formed one
of the show's sharpest right edges. Beijmo showed off a lovely löpstyrka, good drive
and drove up and down along the edge. Great courage and daring often fill up and
did it with good timing. Dangerous in the offensive.
35. Romario, Kalmar FF
A wide range and is good both offensively and defensively. Eight goals and two
assists, while he is a good bollvinnare. One of the few Kalmar FF was good in 2017.
36. Rasmus Lindkvist, AIK
Come in the summer and was part of the Jets suddenly got the materials to their
game systems. Did usually left flank and gave AIK a better offensive. Quick, brave
and good two-way player. Scoring four goals and two assists.
37. Kerim Mrabti, Djurgarden
floating around on the field and was difficult for opponents to mark. Smart and found
often good surfaces. Good to unlock the closed situations. Scored eight goals and
seven assists.
38. Paulinho, Hacken
There's so much quality in Paulinho. When the Brazilian's injury and in the right
mood, he is one of the show's best players. Good driving, technology and
trades. Scoring nine goals and six assists. The goal to remember is extraordinary
when it most needed when he stepped up in the 95th minute and gave Hacken
revenge for Hammarby high profile cases when not given back the ball to Paulinho
and his teammates.
39. Nicolas Stefanelli, AIK
Grew up in the Allsvenskan game and got better and better. Scoring nine goals and
three assists in the autumn. Where the tip AIK missed so much during the spring.