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Completion of training, especially for an individual in the nursing profession, usually is

associated with a period of anxiety. This anxiety comes in as a result of the feeling of inadequacy

in terms of knowledge and skills as one contemplates the task ahead. The anxiety does not die off

as an individual settles in and begins to practice and apply the knowledge acquired during


Not even a wealth of experience prepares a nurse transitioning to Nurse practitioner for

the task ahead. The change from a RN to NP is a huge transition in career role. Often, it is

difficult and taxing across many settings. As the transition takes place, there is a change from

experienced, albeit knowledgeable status as RN, to novice NP status.

As a result, the RN will experience significant shift in professional distinctiveness, a drop

in confidence levels, as well as impairment of the Nurse practitioner development. Consequently,

continuity in employment or the choice to continue with the role of Nurse may be impacted when

role progress is demoralized (MacLellan et al., 2014). Successful transition from RN to NP is

crucial so that NPs can develop confidence and become effective health care providers.

During the transition from RN to NP, a number of environmental and personal elements

promote this transition and these may include proper orientation and prior experience.

Experience facilitates acquisition of new skills and the development of competencies in the NP

role (MacLellan et al., 2014). Research shows that formal orientation is vital and will ensure easy

role changeover for Registered Nurses, Clinical Nurse specialists and Nurse practitioners.

Also, orientations reduce stress while promoting confidence, satisfaction with the new

role and improve competence. However, broad training and extensive orientation is easily

available for RNs while the same is not always availed to NPs. This lack of organized support is

the sole reason NPs find it hard to transition during their first year of practice.


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