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By: Jake Lusk, Tayge Molino, and Megan Weber

Have you ever been on a basketball travel team before? If you

haven’t, have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on a basketball
travel team? Or if you are a wrestler or wrestling fan, have you ever
wondered what it is like to wrestle? Well then, you’re in luck because
we have answers for you.

The boys’ travel basketball team, coached by Kevin Weinhoffer ,

Bill Breen, and Pete Sinibaldi, is a grou p of ten sixth graders that were
selected to form the team. Their practice schedule is Monday from 6:00
to 7:00, Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:30, and an optional open gym with
the seventh, eighth, and ninth graders run by Pat McCormick from 4:30
to 6:30.

The boys’ travel team regular season recently ended and their
record was 5-5. They were involved in two tournaments. One
tournament was on March 2, in which they took third, and March 16 , in
which they took last.

Newspaper Club member, Jake Lusk, sat d own and interviewed

girls travel team player, Megan Weber. She told us that though it was a
travel team, they only played two games in a tournament. The nine
sixth grade girls practiced every Tuesday for one hour. Coached by
Jane House, their final record was 1 -1 and they placed second in the

Also interviewed was boys’ travel team head coach Kevin

Weinhoffer. He was requested to clarify how he went about picking his
players. He explained that he believes in a team approach where
everybody can improve and hopefully go on to play high school
basketball. He was also questioned what hi s game and practice
strategy is. He replied that he wants everybody to leave the gym
feeling like a better player and person. Another question he was asked
was what is his motivation. He stated that his motivation is working
with kids, helping them mature, and as he put it, “Giving back.” The
last question he was asked is wh at are some of your roadblocks. He
clarified that his major roadblocks are time and having one of his
children involved in sports.

Spencer Karasek, Angelo Pearson, and Miles Sitichita were also

interviewed. They were all asked what professional ba sketball player
they look up to. They all replied LeBron James. Those interviewed were
also asked what position they play. Angelo and Miles answered point
guard and Spencer answered forward.

Chris Klem is an elementary wrestler. The first question asked

was why he wrestles; he explained that he wrestles simply because it
is his favorite sport. Chris was asked why he prefers wrestling over
basketball; he replied that he feels that wrestling is more of a contact

Interviewed by both Megan and Jake, Nick Butters was asked a

few questions. Like Chris, he was also asked why he wrestles. He
replied that it is, likewise, his favorite sport, but he also answered that
he wrestles because his uncle made it to the top one hundred when he
was in States. His second question was what his training schedule is;
he confirmed that it is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. And
his third and final question was how long has he been wrestling. He
responded eight years.

Now maybe you have an idea of what it’s like to be a wrestler or

on a travel team. Or if you’re a fan, then maybe next year you’ll try out
for one of those sports.