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Want to meet the man in command? His name is Dr. Mark Stamm.

He has worked here at South Williamsport Area School District for a

couple years as the assistant superintendent. He also taught tenth
grade history for many years at the high school. He enjoys the
different interactions with the staff.

Dr. Stamm was born in Jersey Shore, PA. This loyal South
Williamsport employee has been married to Lori Stamm for 15 years,
and they have two daughters named Megan and Alison. Dr. Stamm went
to college at Lycoming College, Bloomsburg University, and Penn State
University. He likes to run and hunt in his free time.

Before receiving the title of superintendent, Dr. Stamm was the

assistant superintendent for our school district. Also he worked at
Jersey Shore Area School District before coming to South
Williamsport. He competed against nine other people to receive the
opportunity of being this school district’s superintendent.

In our time of interviewing Dr. Stamm, we immediately came to a

conclusion that he was a respectable, kind gentleman. We enjoyed
meeting him and if you ever get a chance to meet him, you will like him
as much as we did.