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By: Case Ertel, John Covey, and Bryce Brewer
  Do  you  like  the  foods  on  our  lunch  menu?  One  student  from  every  
class  at  Rommelt  Middle  School  has  been  selected  to  participate  in  the  
lunch  committee.  The  lunch  committee  views  the  participants’  opinions  
on  the  foods  that  go  on  the  lunch  menu.  Would  you  like  to  know  more  
about  the  lunch  committee?  
  We   interviewed   the   Food   Service   Director   of   Rommelt   Middle  
School,   Mrs.   Sandy   Bacon.   She   informed   us   all   about   the   lunch  
committee.   The   lunch   committee   is   a   state   regulated   organization  
dedicated   to   getting   the   feedback   of   the   students   on   the  
lunch   service.   The   members   of   the   Rommelt   lunch  
committee   are   Isabella   Bachman,   Nate   Fitzsimmons,   Sam  
Livorno,  Ryan  Weinhoffer,  Christi  Bennardi,  Dylan  Garbrick,  
Emalee   Wein,   and   Jared   Wheeland.   Mrs.   Bacon   will  
continue  to  run  the  lunch  committee  as  long  as  students  are  willing  to  
  Isabella  Bachman,  from  Mr.  Brown’s  homeroom,  informed  us  that  
the   fruit   pops   that   many   of   the   students   enjoyed   were   chosen   by   the  
lunch   committee.   Isabella   would   like   beef   nachos   to   be   on   our   lunch  
menu   because   she   really   enjoys   nachos.   We   also   interviewed   Dylan  
Garbrick,   from   Mr.   Hill’s   room,   and   asked   him   what   food   he   would  
prefer  to  have  on  our  lunch  menu.  He  would  like  to  eat  lasagna  at  lunch  
because  he  says  it  is  the  best  food  he  has  ever  tasted!    
  The   lunch   committee   is   a   fantastic   organization   and   gives   kids   the  
opportunity   to   express   their   opinions   on   the   edible  
enjoyments  of  Rommelt’s  marvelous  menu.