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High School Happenings

There have been many events happening with some

students at the South Williamsport High School
recently. Quite a few of these students have
shown their immense athletic abilities such as Colt
Young, Tierney Pfirman, and Jamie Steer.
Colt Young started sports when he was six or
seven because of being an athletic person, loving
competition, and sports kept him busy. Colt has
won many awards in his athletic career. Some of the awards
that he has gotten include District 4 Defensive Player of the
Year. In track, he got seventh in Districts and got the Golden
Spike Award for his team. His favorite memory of playing
sports is spending time with friends and his team. Colt is now
only involved in running track, due to a wrestling accident that
caused him to break his neck. He’s undecided in what his
college major will be, but he wants to do something in the
medical field.
Tierney Pfirman first began playing basketball at the age of
three, but did not start to compete until she was four. Tierney
has won many awards for her great talents in basketball. These
awards include All-State Honors three years in a row, ESPN
104.1 Radio Player of the Year, Sun-Gazette Player of the Year,
Sun-Gazette 2011 Female Athlete of the Year, second in
Districts for javelin, sixth in States for javelin, and she has
scored over 2,000 points in basketball. Tierney’s best win was
against Lewisburg in the District finals. She also
says, “ I have been asked to join over ninety
colleges, from sophomore to junior year, through
the recruiting process.” A few other sports that
Tierney has played are softball, soccer, and track
and field. “My older brother and sister were
involved in sports, so I was always around them, and I love to
play and compete,” she told us. That is the reason why she
wanted to join sports. She is still undecided in what her college
major will be.
Jamie Steer started playing basketball when she was in the
fourth grade. Her achievements include First Team All
Conference for basketball, First Team All Conference for
soccer, Second Team All Conference for soccer, and she has
scored over 1,000 points in basketball. Jamie’s favorite memory
of playing sports is when she played in the District
Championship against Lewisburg in her freshman year. Jamie
got started in sports because her whole family played, and she
wanted to be active. She is going to play basketball and soccer
at Penn College. She has also played softball. Her college major
will be human services, and she will possibly be a probation
officer for kids.
As you can see, there are many students at the South
Williamsport High School that have incredible sports related
talents and college ambitions!