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 Pennies  for  Patients  $    

By:  Anna  Plotnikova,  Sarah  Pulver,  and  Ally  Smith    

 What  is  Pennies  for  Patients?  Pennies  for  Patients  is  an  organization  that  
has   schools   raise   money   for   research   to   help   kids   with   different   blood   cancers.  
The   different   types   of   blood   cancers   are   leukemia,   lymphoma,   and   myeloma.    
Let’s  dig  into  the  facts  of  these  types  of  blood  cancers.  
What  is  leukemia?  Leukemia  is  cancer  in  the  blood.  A  person  with  leukemia  
suffers   from   an   abnormal   production   of   blood   cells.   Leukemia   is   caused   by  
artificial   radiation,   viruses,   Down   syndrome,   electromagnetic   energy,   and   hair  
dyes.  Symptoms  are  blood  clotting,  affected  immune  system,  and  anemia.  It  can  
also  be  caused  by  genetic  predisposition,  which  some  studies  say  that  twins  have  
a  higher  risk  of  developing  leukemia  because  of  a  single  gene  or  multiple  genes.  A  
treatment  for  leukemia  is  chemotherapy  which  is  a  drug  that  is  injected  into  the  
body  and  conquers  the  cancer  cells.  But  the  downside  of  it  is  it  also  takes  over  the  
healthy  cells.  The  side  effects  for  this  treatment  are  decreased  production  of  red  
blood-­‐cells,   fatigue,   swelling   of   the   lining   in   the   digestive   track,   hair   loss,   and  
much  more.    
Lymphoma  is  a  cancer  of  the  lymphatic  system.  The  lymphatic  systems  are  
vessels   that   carry   white   blood   cells   throughout   the   body.   This   cancer   is   highly  
curable,  but  you  have  to  go  through  the  process  of  chemotherapy  and  antibody  
What   did   Rommelt   Middle   School   do   to   help?   The   goal   Mrs.   Pfirman,   our  
physical  education  teacher,  put  upon  students  was  $3,000.00  or  more.  Our  school  
helped   raise   money   and   collected   $6,881.81   all   together!   Students   had   to   take  
home   a   small   green   box   and   go   around   the   neighborhood   asking   for   donations.  
The  top  donating  class  earned  a  pizza  party  during  study  hall.  The  top  collecting  
class   in   Rommelt   Middle   School   was   Mrs.   Sahm’s   6th   grade   class!   Central’s   top  
donating  class  was  Mrs.  Pulver’s  class.  But,  if  you  also  collected  more  than  $5.00,  
you   got   to   play   dodge   ball   for   an   hour!   The   game   was   run   by   the   South   girls’  
varsity   basketball   team   in   the   gym   on   a   Tuesday.   The   teachers   also   had   a  
fundraiser   of   their   own!   They   had   to   pay   $5.00   to   dress   down   in   jeans   and   a   T-­‐
shirt  for  the  week.  The  teachers  collected  $134.00!  
Thank   you   to   all   who   participated!   We’re   making   a   difference   one   penny   at  
a  time!  