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Bulletin 800H

Hazardous Location Push Buttons

Type 7 & 9, for Divisions 1 & 2
General Accessories
Description Cat. No.

Used for both horizontal and vertical assembly.

Cat. No. 800H-NP7
Description Type Cat. No.

Cover Hole 800H-NP1

Closing Plug
Whenever an enclosure with more than the required number of
cover openings is used, this plug can be used to close the
unused openings. Includes synthetic O-ring washer.
Base Coupling 800H-NP3
Closing Plug
Cat. No. 800H-NP1
(Operators not included)
Description Size Cat. No.

3/4" 800H-NP10
Conduit Entry Plug
This plug can be used to plug unused conduit openings in
Type 7 & 9 bases.
0 1" 800H-NP11
Conduit Entry Plug
Cat. No. 800H-NP10
(Operators not included)

Locking Attachments
Description Cat. No.

Push Button Padlocking Attachments

This device permits locking in the depressed position on 800H-NP2
Extended head push button units only.

Push Button Padlocking Attachment

Cat. No. 800H-NP2
(Padlock not included)

Dual Push Button Extended Head Padlocking

This device permits locking for dual push button — extended
head units only.

Dual Push Button Extended Head

Padlocking Attachment
Cat. No. 800T-N10
(Padlock not included)