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You know that, now in era globalizationmost people in the word is acces internet to get or

spread some information. The spread of information and growing communication in

internet can promote democracy.From the website, all of people have a same chance to
criticy some of policy made by goverment, so maybe the goverment can improve it and also
make a strengthen democratic institution. From internet, we also can see the develop
democracy in other country and can compare with our democracy country.If, we think that
in our country the democracy is to low, so we can practice about democracy from another
country but still in corridor pancasila.just take a positive and throw back a negative
From internet, we can also follow the developing of our democracy. So, if there is a mistake
in our democracy, you can critic it directly and also provocate another people to critict it.
I think through the Internet, people can tell the world what they think freely. Such as social
media, you can post your view at anytime with absolute freedom. Also, people nowadays
use Internet to call for an assembly or something like this, to express opinion to the
government. This shows that the Internet plays an important role in encouraging