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Literacy Intervention Lesson Plan

Radburn Elementary School

Sydney Weisser

October 19th, 2017

9:30 AM
Grade 4

Leveled Literacy Intervention Red Level

Lesson 35

Students will be able to:
● search for information in illustrations to support text interpretation
● articulate character traits and infer motivations and resulting behavior
● use background knowledge to interpret the meaning of text
● understand how a writer created the humor in the story through dialogue and story
● understand characteristics of fantasy
● notice the humorous way problems are solved
● understand how illustrations add to the humor in a text
● recognize and use vowel sounds with r
● use context to derive the meaning of a word
● read dialogue with phrasing and expression that reflect an understanding of characters
and events

New Jersey Student Learning Standards:

● RL. 4.1, RL. 4.2, RL. 4.3, RL. 4.4, RL. 4.7
● RI. 4.1, RI. 4.2, RI. 4.4, RI. 4.7,
● RF. 4.3, RF. 4.4

● Book “Looking for Bigfoot”
● Book “The Slacker Family”
● SMARTBoard
● Word Wall
● Pointers
● Post-Its
● White Board

Lesson Procedure:
1. Students will enter the classroom and answer the question of the day on the
SMARTBoard. They will retrieve their folders and have a seat at the table.
2. I will distribute our previously read book, “Looking for Bigfoot” and instruct two students
to find a comfortable place to re-read this story independently. Students will be
encouraged to read for the whole time and stop to jot notes down if necessary. One
student will stay at the table and read the story aloud. I will listen/guide the student’s
reading and take notes for my notebook on student progress. Each class, a different
student is chosen to read one-on-one. After reading, the student will retell the story.
3. We will then have a brief discussion about our previous book, “Looking for Bigfoot.”
Students will share their thinking and key understandings. Students will share what
made the book humorous to them.
Literacy Intervention Lesson Plan
Radburn Elementary School
Sydney Weisser

4. Students will open to page 4 in their reading and locate the sentence with the word
“perfectly.” This will be our new vocabulary word. We will discuss the meaning and then
add the word to our Word Wall.
5. Students will listen to me read pages 23 and 24 the way that I think Miss Piffle and
Professor Piffle would talk. They will then echo read each page after me to try to sound
like I do.
6. Phonics/Word Study: Students will be shown a variety of words and will be asked to
notice how each word has a vowel pattern with one or two vowels and the consonant r.
When reading each word, they should blend the sound of the vowel(s) with the r sound.
They will then be asked to use each word in a creative sentence.
7. Intro. “The Slacker Family”: Students will complete a book walk. They will learn that this
book is part of a series and will be introduced to the characters within the Slacker family.
We will review that this story is a fictional fantasy. We will identify new or challenging
words in the story. We will discuss the meaning of the term “slacker.” Students will read
the back cover and share their thinking.
8. Students will do a whisper read of “The Slacker Family”, using their pointers if they see
fit to track their words.
9. The group will come back together to retell important events and key details from the
reading. Students will be asked to share examples where the writer shows what each
member of the Slacker family was like.
10. The lesson will conclude with a “What stuck with you?” Post-It.. Students will jot down on
a Post-It note something that they learned and are taking away in their minds from this
class. Students will then receive a point on Class Dojo for participation.

1. Teacher observation to find evidence that children can:
● Search for information within illustrations
● Identify and articulate character traits
● Understand how illustrations can add the humor in a text
● Read dialogue with phrasing and expression
● Recognize the vowel pattern and use words with the vowel sounds r

2. What stuck with you? Post-It