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Second Grade News

March 4th, 2018:

This Week: March 5th- 9th Read Across America Week!!

Monday – Art (Pajama Day)

Tuesday – Music (Crazy Sock Day)
Wednesday – Wellness (Whoville Wacky Hair Day)
Thursday – Technology (Mismatch Day)
Friday- Art (Wear a shirt with words on it day)

Looking Ahead (Please make sure you mark these days in your calendar! They
will be fun and important days!)

 March 5th & March 7th- Parent/Teacher Conferences! Click the link below
to sign up for a time to meet. If you have more than one child in our class,
please make sure you sign up for TWO time slots.
Click here for conference sign up  Sign up
 Wednesday, March 14th- 2 Hour Delay for all students, Teacher Professional
Development in the a.m.
 Thursday, March 15th- MAP TEST – Reading
 Friday, March 16th- Our class will be watching the 1st grade Carnival of the
Animals rehearsal at the McCoy Center.
 Wednesday, March 21st- MAP TEST- Math
 March 26th-April 2nd SPRING BREAK! (Students’ will return on Tuesday, April

Scholastic Book Orders:

Thank you families for ordering so many books last
month!! As a result of our large order, we earned
10 FREE chapter books from Scholastic with our
order!! For that, I thank you!!!

Here is the link to browse books and order

online: https://clubs.scholastic.com/
Our class code for online orders is RHD8M. All book
orders are sent to our school and then sent home
with your child.

Current Learning:

Fundations: We will continue Unit 10 and take the Unit test this week (2 weeks).
Students will read and spell words with ai an ay, using spelling option procedure
to spell words with a /a/ sound. Students will also be introduced to the concept
of homophones using definitions to support the correct spelling based on its
meaning. For example: (main, mane).

The trick words for this unit are:

Week 1: great, country, away
Week 2: America, school, thought
 PLEASE make sure you are practicing these words and patterns with your
child every night. This will support them when they READ and WRITE!! It’s
SO important!

Math: Unit 6- Geometry: This week, our focus will be on discovering the AREA of
shapes with the use of manipulatives such as tiles, geoboards and pattern

Writing: Last week, we were unable to begin our new writing unit because of the
AMAZING work the students did with creating our own country for our second
grade Olympics!! Therefore, this week we will begin our Informative writing.
Students will go through the process of the Scientific Method. They will pose
questions, research, form a hypothesis, test experiments that focus on force and
motion, and analyze their results. I love this unit! It has a strong focus on inquiry
and science!

Social Studies: We had so much fun last week creating our OWN country! All
students joined a team of their choice to create the make-up of our country.
These groups included; geography/maps, culture/climate, and flag design. Ask
your child about their creative ideas on The Lost Island!

Second Grade Olympics: Our four-second grade classes in the Blue hallway will
be participating in several Olympic events! We created our country and now it’s
time to compete! On Friday, we began the events in our classroom with Long
Jump! Students estimated the distance of their jumps and then measured with
multiple tools such as yardsticks, unifix cubes, straws and popsicle sticks.

Have a GREAT week!