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Product Bulletin

February 2006 HF300 Filter

FIELDVUER HF300 Series HARTR Filters

The HF300 Series HARTR filters (figure 1) are used HART COMMUNICATION
with HART based FIELDVUER Instrumentation, CONNECTIONS
such as the DVC5000, DVC6000, or DVC2000
Series digital valve controllers. These filters are used
when this instrumentation is connected to a 4 to 20
mA dc control system output that was not designed
for the HART (Highway Addressable Remote CONTROL SYSTEM
Transducer) communication protocol. CONNECTIONS

The filter receives a 4 to 20 mA dc current signal

from the control system and passes the signal,
uninterrupted, to the field device. A third connection
to the filter provides HART communication to a
device that accepts HART signals, such as a Type
2530H1 HART Interchange multiplexer or Model 375 W8283 / IL

Field Communicator. The wire pair carrying the

HART signals can be wired directly to the device. Figure 1. FIELDVUER HF300 Series HARTR Filter

does not provide a filter, but it does provide a

convenient method for tapping into the HART signal
through the “communications” (COMM) terminal. In
Features case of an accidental short circuit across the COMM
terminal, a capacitor blocking circuit prevents
D Versatile Mounting—HF300 Series filters disruption of the 4 to 20 mA dc control signal.
mount on standard type 35 DIN rails.

D Small Size—Fits easily in existing installations

The Type HF340 HART filter is a passive device that
is inserted in-line with both wires of a HART 4 to 20
D Allows HART Communications on 4 to 20
mA dc output loop. The purpose of the filter is to
mA Control Systems—Type HF340 HART filters
effectively isolate the control system analog output
prevent the HART signal from interfering with the
from modulated HART communication signals.
control system analog output and prevent the analog
Whether or not HART communication can take place
output signal from interfering with HART
depends upon the control system impedance.
communication. Table 2 lists some of the control
Impedance, simply, is the property of an electrical
systems that require filters.
circuit to resist the flow of alternating current. The
HART signal is an alternating current.

Product Description As shown in figure 2, the HART signal from a

transmitter is not normally affected because the
HF300 Series Hart filters consist of the Type HF340 control system analog input has high impedance
HART filter and the Type HF341 communications (typically 250 ohms). However, the control system
tap. The Type HF341 communication tap is a analog output may have low enough impedance to
straight-through connection between the control reduce the amplitude of the HART signal to an
system and the field instruments. The Type HF341 unreadable level.

Product Bulletin
HF300 Filter February 2006

Product Types Ambient Operating Temperature
Type HF340: Standard 35 mm DIN rail mounting −40 to 85_C (−40 to 185_F)
with filtering components.
Ambient Relative Humidity
Type HF341: Standard 35 mm DIN rail mounting 5 to 95%
without filtering components (straight through with
capacitor blocking on COMM terminals). Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
These units have the CE mark in accordance with
Connections the European Electromagnetic Compatibility
(EMC) Directive. They meet the emissions
Three 2-pin Cage-clamp style connectors accept requirements of IEC 61326-1 (Edition 1.1) for
up to 12 AWG wire Class A equipment for use in industrial locations
and Class B equipment for use in domestic
locations. They also meet the immunity
Power Requirements (Type HF340 only) requirements listed in table 1 below. This table is
Input Current: 4−20 mA dc (nominal) in accordance with Annex A of IEC 61326-1 for
Input Voltage: At 20 milliamps dc, 2 volts above equipment intended for use in industrial locations.
input voltage required by the field instrument
(2 volt drop across filter at 20 milliamps dc) Dimensions
75 mm (3 inches) long by 12.5 mm (0.5 inches)
wide by 60 mm (2.4 inches) deep
Filter Output
Filter output is clamped at 15 volts dc. Filter load Approximate Weight
voltage requirement must not exceed 14 volts dc 0.1 kg (4 oz)

Table 1. EMC Immunity Performance Criteria

Port Phenomenon Basic Standard Performance Criteria
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) IEC 61000-4-2 A
Enclosure EM field IEC 61000-4-3 A
Rated power frequency magnetic field IEC 61000-4-8 N/A(1)
Burst IEC 61000-4-4 A
I/O signal/control Surge IEC 61000-4-5 A
Conducted RF IEC 61000-4-6 A
1. Not applicable; only applicable to magnetically sensitive equipment.

Product Bulletin
February 2006 HF300 Filter
Table 2. Control System Installation Requirements for
FIELDVUER DVC5000, DVC6000, or DVC2000 Series
Digital Valve Controllers AI 250 ohms
Control System(1)
BaileyR Infi 90R Filter required
Fischer-Porter DCI 40PC2000C Filter required
HoneywellR TDC2000 Filter required AO 10 ohms

Filter required
Honeywell TDC3000 High-Density Process
Manager (HPM) No filter required

FOXBOROR I/A (1988) No filter required AO + filter
MooreR 352 No filter required
ValmetR (output configured for straight through,
No filter required
not for 250 ohms) A6872 / IL

Rosemount R RS-3 Multiport with HART I/O No filter required

Fisher-Rosemount DeltaVt (AO and HART
No filter required Figure 2. Effect of Control System Impedance on the HARTR
I/O) Signal Amplitude
Fisher-Rosemount PROVOXR Configurable,
Filter required
Computing, and Interactive (IAC) Controllers
Fisher-Rosemount PROVOX
No filter required
MUX (parallel) I/O
Fisher-Rosemount for AO Filter required
PROVOX Control Figure 3 shows typical HART filter installation. The
for HART I/O No filter required
(serial) I/O filter is normally installed near the field wiring
No filter required terminals of the control system I/O. The HF300
TL108 with 24 volt dc power Series filters, shown in figure 1, mount on DIN rails.
No filter required HART communication is only possible between the
TL108 with 45 volt dc power
filter and the field instrument and at the COMM
Fisher-Rosemount DPR900 Filter required terminals, but not on the control system side of the
Fisher-Rosemount ROC 364 No filter required filter. The filter is not approved for use in hazardous
Transmation R Model 1028 mA Calibrator No filter required areas. However, the filter can be used with
NOTE: The information presented in this table reflects the feedback of users of the
HF300 filter. Your experiences and usage may vary depending on your control
instruments in hazardous areas by following the
system, conditions, and other factors. appropriate wiring and installation guidelines.
1. For control systems not listed, a filter is recommended, if the voltage available at
the instrument is adequate. See appropriate instrument instruction manual for
procedures for determining voltage available. Filtering ensures proper
communication and simplifies connecting a HART communicator or HART
interchange multiplexer.

Ordering Information
When ordering, specify the filter type number.
The HART filter increases the impedance.
Therefore, placing a filter between the control Note
system output and the field instrument restores the
HART signal amplitude to a readable level. Neither EmersonR, Emerson Process
Management, FisherR, nor any of their
affiliated entities assumes
responsibility for the selection, use,
Table 2 lists those control systems that have been and maintenance of any product.
tested with FIELDVUE Instruments. If your control Responsibility for the selection, use,
system is not listed in table 2 you can either always and maintenance of any product
use a filter, or contact your Emerson Process remains with the purchaser and
Managementt sales office for a recommendation. end-user.

Product Bulletin
HF300 Filter February 2006





+ +

− −


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A6873 / IL

Figure 3. Typical HF300 Series HARTR Filter Installation

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