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TLED 430 Module 3 Collaborative

Web 2.0 Tools to Support Collaborative learning

Read the directions in Blackboard on how to complete this sheet.

MY NAME: Rachel Traino

Name of the tool Bubbl.us
Where to access https://bubbl.us
this tool (web
Brief instructions 1.Log into bubbl.us using my username and password
of how to use the 2.Click the green button that says “new mind map”
tool (please 3. Title your map by clicking on the box in the middle and giving your
number these) map a focal point
4. Add boxes all around the title bubble the way you see fit.
3 1. For SOL 5.5b, the student could choose a character in the book we
SOL/Grade/Conte read as a class and describe the character’s development by adding
nt Ideas for how bubbles to the bubble map. Students will then go to three friends’
the tool can be computer and add a characteristic for each of their characters.
used in PK-12 2. For SOL 5.6i the student could make two separate bubble maps
differentiating between fact and opinion using examples from the book
we read in class. Students will go to each other’s maps and add one of
their own opinions.
3. For SOL 6.5a students could identify the elements of a narrative such
as setting, character, plot, conflict, and theme. Students will get up and
walk around the classroom and write one definition on different
classmate’s paper. They must write a definition for each element before
they can sit back down.
4 Positives and 3 Positives:
challenges of 1.This is a great way to stay organized and map out your ideas
using the tool 2. Bubbl.us is very easy to use and lets you customize your bubble map
in many different ways
3. You could make a bubble map for almost any topic in any subject, very
4. Bubbl.us is an interactive tool that can be used on multiple devices
1.You can only have three different bubble maps going at one time
unless you buy the premium package
2. If they can’t log in on different computers, they would have to make
their own account
3. It isn’t as kid friendly as I thought it would. This would probably work
with 4th graders and above.

PEER 1’S Manny Elizondo

Name of the tool Scribblar
Where to access www.scribblar.com
this tool (web
Brief instructions 1. Type in “scribblar.com” in the web address
of how to use the 2. Log in using my password and email
tool (please 3.If that doesn’t work, students will make
number these)
TLED 430 Module 3 Collaborative
3 1. SOL 9.1a Students will make planned oral presentations in small
SOL/Grade/Conte groups including definitions to increase clarity.
nt Ideas for how 2. SOL 9.1b Use relevant details to support main ideas
the tool can be 3. SOL 9.1c illustrate main ideas through anecdotes and examples.
used in PK-12
4 Positives and 3 Positives
challenges of 1. Very easy to use
using the tool 2. Very similar to smart board
3. Creative possibilities are high
4. Easy to add content and comments
1. Needs most up to date flash player
2. Access to computer and internet
3. Wouldn’t be the best for more structured learners, harder for kids
that aren’t as creative

PEER 2’S Star Danfora

Name of the tool Piratepad
Where to access http://piratepad.net/7rzejeiedy
this tool (web
Brief instructions 1.Start typing
of how to use the 2. Invite other group members
tool (please 3. Chat with other group members
number these) 4. Save/import/export at the top of the page
3 1. SOL 9.1l Students can discuss personal experiences with stress and
SOL/Grade/Conte axiety
nt Ideas for how 2. SOL 9.1o Students can list the variety of food in school and list the
the tool can be possible health issues
used in PK-12 3.SOL 9.1e Students can write down everything they know about
diabetes, heart disease, and strokes
4 Positives and 3 Positive
challenges of 1.No log in required
using the tool 2. Chat with your peers while doing work
3. Great way to enhance writing skills
4. Invite as many people as you want
1.not many options for creativity
2.Kind of boring
3. Tag searching was unavailable

PEER 3’S Erin Coluna

Name of the tool edmodo
Where to access www.edmodo.com
this tool (web
Brief instructions 1.Create a log in
of how to use the 2. Enter classroom code
tool (please 3. Set up student profile
number these) 4. Complete assignments and quizzes
3 1. SOL Siii.1 Create a discussion board where the students have to
SOL/Grade/Conte complete a thread in Spanish and reply to two
TLED 430 Module 3 Collaborative
nt Ideas for how 2. SOL BIO.4d Create a quiz based on human anatomy and body systems
the tool can be that can be given to the class
used in PK-12 3. SOL VUS.4c Students can role play as either a member of the patriots,
loyalists, and neutrals and explain why they chose that side
4 Positives and 3 Positives
challenges of 1.Create quizzes and assignments
using the tool 2. Interactive format
3. Teachers can send out announcements and notifications
4. All of the work is only viewed by that one class
1.doesn’t work well on ipad or tablets
2.not everyone will have a computer at home
3. hasn’t been updated in a long time.