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Brasher Falls, NY 13613

1511 Irish Lane

Aine’s Adventures Preschool
We are located at
1511 Irish Lane
Brasher Falls, NY 13613

If you are interested in visiting or 1511 Irish Lane

enrollment, please call us today!
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(315) 311-1996
(315) 311-1996

Miss Aine S. McMorrow, A.S

NAEYC license #1103

NYS OCFS license #030397
We often ask ourselves what makes an
individual a successful adult? I believe such • Accepts children 3-5 years of
success begins in the early years of childhood.
Children who were provided with
opportunities to explore, discover, and create
• Operates through September
tend to be successful. Is an individual’s
success measured by the number of
to June
worksheets they completed in kindergarten?
• Hours: 7:00a.m.– 4:00p.m.
No. I believe success occurs because of the
opportunities children have during the most
formative years of their development. Play is • Combination of play based
Our indoor track and basketball courts powerful. Children learn best through play. learning and academics
Play promotes all aspects of development.
• Parent involvement
Play promotes physical, social, emotional and
cognitive development.
• Our curriculum values
In life we are all on a journey. We have diversity, culture, and the
different goals and expectations for ourselves individual
and others. My goal is to help children. I am • Class size: 16 children max
honored to be a part of their learning and assist
in the success. My classroom is a place where
everyone is treated equally and with respect.

Our yoga room In my classroom we learn about respect,

culture, and diversity. We learn to value,
accept, and love others for their differences.
We honor the individual and the contributions
At Aine’s Adventures we believe of our peers. I establish an open relationship
that children should be active with parents and encourage each to involve
and healthy year round. The themselves in my preschool by inviting them
north country weather can be
to story time or asking for extra assistance on
unpredictable at times and Aine’s Adventures does not discriminate
these facilities allow our field trips. Families are always welcome to
against race, cultural heritage, national
children to keep active during participate in my classroom. origin, material status, religion, political
our coldest months. beliefs, disability or sexual orientation.
-Miss M.