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Double Your Stake Football Betting System!

Don’t Lose To Bookies By Following This Simple Football Betting System!

Let’s be honest most people love having a flutter on football and we love it
even more when we win. The sheer excitement of checking your betting slip or
online account after the matches have finished gets your heart pounding every
time. You get a real buzz off the hope that you might have won some money.
You also probably know the feeling of disappointment when you lose. What if
we told you there was a simple way to always win and the excitement of
winning will constantly stay with you? By following our proven football betting
system you will always be in profit. You will kick yourself when you see how
simple it is.

Are you ready?... OK let’s kickoff!

We have broken this football betting system down for you in to 5 easy steps.
Be sure to take note of the guidelines we give you.

Step 1 – Open an account.

Open a betting account online or go in to a bookmaker’s shop. For ease and
comfort online betting is more appealing as it usually offers better odds than
the betting shops and you generally get a free bet or bonus when you sign up.

Step 2 – Pick a match

Have a look when the team you support or a team you admire are playing next
and look at the odds for the draw in that game. For this example we are going
to go back and look at the 2013/14 season for Chelsea. Their first match of the
season was at home to Hull.

Now, in order for this system to work you have to bet on odds that are equal
to or greater than Evens in fractional format or 2.00 in decimal format. One of
the only results in 99.9% of all games that has odds greater than Evens (2.00) is
the DRAW. It is consistently one of the only outcomes that regularly occurs
and that you can use for this betting system.
Go ahead, check the odds for any games that are playing today or tomorrow
and you will see that generally the odds for the DRAW start from around 2/1
(3.00) and can reach up to 9/1 (10.00).

If you’re unsure how to convert fractional odds to decimal odds then we’ve
included a quick conversion table that explains decimal and fractional odds.

Step 3 – Choose a match within the criteria

Now you’ve seen the consistent range of odds for draws you need to choose a
game that has odds within a specific range.

You probably will have noticed that usually the odds for the draw are around
5/2 (3.50). These odds are fine but you don’t want to bet on odds above 3/1
(4.00). Why you may ask?... If you see odds that are 4.00 and above it probably
means that one team is significantly superior to the other. Here’s an example:

3rd Round of the League Cup – 24th September 2013

Swindon vs Chelsea
Draw – 9/2 or 5.50

The bookmakers were saying that it was very unlikely for this match to end up
a draw so the odds were 9/2 (5.50). Chelsea were 1/3 (1.33) to win this match
and as expected they won 2-0 very comfortably. Due to the two teams
competing in different leagues and (with respect to Swindon) the difference in
quality in their squads, this is the very reason why you should not bet on a
draw that has odds above 3/1 (4.00). Always bet on draws that have odds
Minimum Odds For The Draw – Evens or 2.00
Maximum Odds For The Draw – 3/1 or 4.00

Don’t bet on matches that are below Evens (2.00) because you run the risk of
not making a profit. Stick to Evens (2.00) or above.

As long as you choose a match within this set of criteria you will make a profit
and it will occur more regularly than if you bet on odds outside of this
calculated criteria.

Step 4 – Betting on the draw

So you’ve picked the team that you support or admire and their next match is
within the criteria we calculated for you. Now it’s time to actually bet so we
are going to walk you through how to always make a profit from betting on
draws. Going back to our example match from the 2013/14 season, Chelsea vs
Hull were priced up like this:

Chelsea to win – 2/5 (1.40)

Draw – 11/4 (3.75)
Hull City to win – 7/2 (4.50)

The draw is within our criteria so this is a match that we can bet on. Let’s say
we put £10 on the draw. The match actually ended up with Chelsea winning 2-
0 so we are £10 down. Don’t worry though, we will win that back and earn

In Chelsea’s second match they played Aston Villa. Again the odds were within
our criteria so it was a match that we should bet on. Now, this is the KEY PART
to this betting system so pay close attention. Instead of putting another £10 on
the draw you double your stake to £20. By doing this you will cover your 1 st
bet, this 2nd bet and walk away with profit if Chelsea draw.

How?... I bet you’re wondering. We will explain it to you after the 3rd match.
In Chelsea’s 2nd match they won 2-1 against Aston Villa so that’s means you are
£30 down in total (£10 from the 1st match + £20 from the 2nd match). We know
this sounds bad but it’s certainly not.

In Chelsea’s 3rd game they were away to Man Utd. The odds for the draw were
11/5 (3.20) so it was within our criteria. Again you double your stake to £40
this time. The match ended up being 0-0 so you won, it’s inevitable that draws
occur regularly throughout a season so you didn’t have to wait very long until
you won a bet. Now let’s do the math and count your profit.

1st Match – Staked £10 and lost = -£10

2nd Match – Staked £20 and lost = -£30
3rd Match – Staked £40 and won = +£58

Because you staked £40 at odds of 11/4 (3.20) you won £128
Minus all of your stakes which is £70 = £58 profit!

Eventually the draw always occurs, so you may have to stump up a little cash
to stake the matches initially but eventually you will win a handsome profit.

Step 5 – Restart the process.

Once you win a game then you start again but with your original stake, £10.
Let’s just carry Chelsea’s season on to show you this wasn’t a fluke.

In their 4th match the odds were fine so you bet your original stake of £10,
Chelsea lost 1-0 away at Everton. That means your -£10.

In their 5th match the odds were fine so you double your stake to £20, Chelsea
won 2-0 at home to Fulham. That means your -£30.

In their 6th match the odds were 12/5 (3.40) so you double your stake again to
£40. Chelsea drew away at Tottenham which means that you would have won.
Now let’s do the math again to see how much you would have won.

4th Match – Staked £10 and lost = -£10

5th Match – Staked £20 and lost = -£30
6th Match – Staked £40 and won = +£66

Because you staked £40 at odds of 12/5 (3.40) you won £136
Minus all of your stakes which is £70 = £66 profit!
In just 6 matches following Chelsea you have won £58 + £66 = £124. Not a bad
amount of money for following a proven but disciplined betting system.

It’s such a simple system to winning money but many people overlook it. Why
overlook a guaranteed money winning system?

So let’s recap on this...

If you bet £10 on a match and it loses then double your stake on the
next match.
No matter how many losses occur eventually you will win a bet meaning
you will make a Handsome Profit!
Once you win a bet, reset the system and place your first stake (£10) on
the next match.

Remember To Gamble Responsibly

We have used £10 as the stake in this betting system but you can use any
amount to stake with as you wish. If you want to stake less than £10 then
that’s absolutely fine, you only bet what you can afford but on flip side you
won’t earn as much profit. If you have deeper pockets then your profits
become much larger.

Rules For This Football Betting System

There are 5 simple rules that you have to follow to ensure that you make a
profit from my football betting system. These rules are here to keep you
making a profit so don’t misuse them.

Rule 1. Always bet in singles. This system can work on doubles, trebles
and accumulators but the more the matches you select the harder it is
to win. If you stick to betting on single matches then there are only 3
possible outcomes, home win/draw/away win. Your win percentage will
remain as high as possible betting on singles, meaning more profit!

Rule 2. Only bet on odds between Evens (2.00) and 3/1 (4.00).
Rule 3. Look at statistics when choosing a bet. For example, if Aston Villa
were playing Everton then you may want to look at their league position
and how these team’s form were in the last 5 matches they played. If
draws are regular between these two teams or a particular team is
drawing a lot this season then it’s fair to say that there is a strong
possibility that the draw may be the winning bet.
Rule 4. Always start your betting using the same stake. For example: If
you bet on one match with £10 as the first bet and win, then on the next
match bet with £10 as your stake. Don’t mix the amount you stake, it is
more simple and easier to keep a track of this way.

Rule 5. Don’t stray from the rules. If you start misusing the rules of this
football betting system then that is when you may find that your results
are irregular.

One last word before the final whistle blows...

This football betting system will also work betting on single wins, doubles,
trebles or any outcome that has odds above evens (2.00). By using the same
principles and sticking to the guidelines you can vary your bets and enjoy a
much wider range of bets.

Good Luck! (Not that you will need it)