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Student Teaching edTPA Lesson Plan Template

Subject: Social Studies, 3rd Grade Central Focus: Understand how events, individuals and ideas have
influenced the history of local and regional communities.
Essential Standard/Common Core Objective:

3.H.1.1 Explain key historical events that occurred Date submitted: Date taught:
in the local community and regions over time.

Daily Lesson Objective: Students will individually create a short newscast report and poster/timeline that will explain
their historical event of Charlotte. Students are expected to earn 8 out of 10 points.

21st Century Skills:

Academic Language Demand (Language Function and
Media Literacy: students are creating a newscast
report to present to their event
Timeline: students will be creating posters of their event then
create a class timeline of different Charlotte events
Communication: students will have to organize their
thoughts and findings into a newscast report.
Newscast report: students will have to create a short newscast
Students will also have to create a poster that goes
report to briefly explain their event that happened in Charlotte.
along with their report.
Prior Knowledge:
Students should have some knowledge and be familiarize with the 5W’s and H.

Activity Description of Activities and Setting Time

“What is a newscast report?” 1-2
“Can someone tell me what a numberline is? What do you typically see on a
number line?” (a line with numbers)

“If a number line is a line with numbers, what do you think a timeline is? (a
line with time)”
1. Focus and Review
“If a timeline is a line with time, what makes it important for teaching
Charlotte history?”

(A timeline is similar to a number line, but it has important dates and usually
facts about those dates.)

“What is a timeline, what does a timeline tell us?” Commented [1]: I'm not sure about their knowledge of
2. Statement of Objective “Today, you are going to create a short newscast report and a class timeline 30 the word timeline. You might have to make connections
seconds to a number line which we are currently studying to
for Student about your Charlotte event.” help them understand.
5 minutes Commented [2]: You could also ask them why a
“Before creating your newscast report, we have to do some research about our timeline is important to teaching about Charlotte
event first. If my event was on the invention of Pepsi, to write a newscast History.
report on it, I would like to know: Commented [3]: I love that you decided to have them
- Who is involved in the invention of Pepsi? organize their information by answering the 5 W's and
- What was invented? (usually the “what” is the event itself) H. :)
3. Teacher Input
- Where did the invention of Pepsi take place?
- When was Pepsi invented?
- Why was Pepsi invented?
- How was Pepsi invented?
These are what we call the 5 W’s and H; who, what, where, when, why, and
This is a graphic organizer that I am going to be using to help me organize all
my information (draw the graphic organizer on the board). As I learn
information about my event pertaining to the 5Ws and H I am going to jot it
down on my chart. Commented [4]: I love that you decided to have them
organize their information by answering the 5 W's and
Explain the graphic organizer, “The who bubble is asking who was involved H. :)
in the event. The what bubble is usually the event itself because it's what
we’re researching and talking about. The where bubble is asking about the
location or place that the event occurred in. The when bubble asks for the time
or year the event happened. The why asks for why the event happened, and
the how asks for how the event happened.”

EVENT MAP: http://i.infopls.com/EventMap.pdf Commented [5]: Love this graphic organizer too!

I have an article that will help with my research. As I am reading this article, I
am going stop after each paragraph and think about any information that could
tell me who, what, where, when, why, and how about my event. Then jot it
down on my chart.” Commented [6]: How will you share this article. Do
you want it projected on the board or do you want
The article will be projected on the board as the teacher reads the article. students to have copies in their hands?
Students will have a copy of the event map.

“Sometimes, within just one article, you may not be able to identify all the 5
W’s and H, but as long as we have at least 4 of the 5 W’s and H, we will be
able to write a short newscast report.”

(It is important to emphasis to students that we are only focusing on the

invention of Pepsi, if students come across facts that are not directly related
to the invention of Pepsi, then it is not part of the 5Ws and H.

Read the 1st paragraph with the whole class. Then ask the class if they have minutes
identify any of the 5 W’s and H. (Students should be able to identify “who”
(Caleb Davis Bradham)). Write his name on the who bubble, then ask the
class to do the same on their event map.

Move to the next paragraph and read it with the class.

Ask the class if they found any of the 5 W’s and H. (Students should be able
to identify the “where” (New Bern, North Carolina). Then write that on the
where bubble and ask students to do the same.)
4. Guided Practice
(It is important to emphasis to students that we are only focusing on the
invention of Pepsi, if students come across facts that are not directly related
to the invention of Pepsi, then it is not part of the 5Ws and H.

After going through each W and H with the class, we will create a short
newscast report and create a poster of the event. Commented [7]: I think they will need help on filling
out the What section and maybe the How section. I
“To transfer our graphic organizer into a paragraph, we can first start by would model your thought process on at least one of
these before letting them finish with partners. The Who
introducing the year and location of the event (when and where). Then we can will be the easy part for them and you could even
introduce who, and what that person did (who and what). Next, we can probably ask someone to answer it for you in whole
explain why the event occurred, and how it occurred (why and how). Then to group.
finish our paragraph we can also add an important or interesting detail that
relates to the event.”

In 1893 in New Bern, North Carolina, Caleb D. Bradham invented
“Brad’s Drink” which is now known as Pepsi. Caleb created Pepsi because
he wanted to serve his customers a new refreshing drink, so he
experimented with different combinations of spices, juices, and syrups. Commented [8]: How will you help them transfer their
graphic organizer into a paragraph? Some students

may need more support on this. Something like filling in
a paragraph might help:
In ___(when and where), ___ (who) _____(did what)
by ____(how). (Then maybe add 1 more important

Students will (some students will get into pairs) and research about their 20-30
Charlotte event while also filling in the 5 W’s and H chart to help them obtain minutes
important facts. Then using those facts, students will create a short newscast
report along with a poster of their event. On the poster, students should also
5. Independent Practice
include the year of their event to later on create a class timeline.

Students will be given an article pertaining to their event.

Students’ newscast report and timeline/poster will be used as the assessment for the lesson.
Students are expected to earn 8 out of 10 points.

Students will receive 3 points for completing their posters.

- 1 point for including a drawing
- 1 point for including the time (year)
6. Assessment Methods of
- 1 point for completion
all objectives/skills:
Students will receive 7 points for the newscast report
- 1 points for completion
- 2 points for identifying at least 4 of the 5 W’s and H
- 2 points for newscast presentation
- 1 point for correct grammar
After the independent practice, students will come back together as a class 1-2
and summarize/reflect on what they’ve learned today and how it can be minutes
7. Closure helpful to them in life, or in future occasion.

8. Assessment Results of
all objectives/skills:

Targeted Students Modifications/Accommodations Student/Small Group Modifications/Accommodations

Some students may need extra help with their event so

they will be paired with partners to help with some of
the task.

copies of 5W’s and H graphic organizer, posters, copies of Pepsi article, and articles about each events.
Reflection on lesson:

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