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RAC MRLs: Raw Agricultural Commodity Maximum Residue Levels (or Limits)

Processed MRLs: Other MRLs relevant to the search query such as those set on processed food products.

The "Market" column indicates the country for which the MRL information is applicable.

The "Origin Market" column indicates the source of the MRL for countries which defer to other markets' MRL regulations.

The "Active Ingredient" column lists the pesticide chemical substance. These terms should not be considered residue definition

The "Published Commodity" column indicates the commodity term as published in the regulation on which the MRL is set.

The "Index Commodity" column indicates the BCI Global Crop Dictionary term that was included in the search query and for wh
regulation is applicable.

The "MRL (ppm)" column lists the numeric value of the MRL in parts per million (ppm).

The "MRL Type" column includes:

General - a general MRL.
Regional, Section 18, or Time-Limited Tolerance - These are US specific types of MRLs that may have expiration dates listed.

The "Expiry Date" column lists the expiration date for an MRL if a revocation has been officially indicated in the MRL regulations
lists "Proposed Revocation" the MRL has been proposed to be revoked in a draft proposal, amendment, or petition that is in the
process. These proposed actions are subject to change or withdrawal.
The "Import Tolerance" column indicates that the MRL has been set by the country or market for imported products only. The M
for domestically produced products, and there is not a domestic registered use.

The “US CFR Prescribed Use” indicates a US tolerances for which registered use and application information are prescribed in
addition to the residue level. These tolerances are typically established for uses such as food or feed handling and processing
mosquito adulticide applications; preharvest treatment of pest burrows; area fly and mosquito control; and other special situatio
carefully the information provided in the User Guide, and FAQs about US FDA enforcement of these US tolerances.
The "Undefined Published Commodity" column indicates if the Published Commodity term is not clearly defined by the country
In these cases the Global Crop Dictionary term (index commodity) is assumed to be relevant based on the Codex Alimentarius
Foods and Animal Feeds" but should be confirmed with official sources.
The "Commodity Notes" column includes any additional regulatory information relevant to the MRL.

The "Residue Definition" column lists the exact active ingredient term cited in a market's regulation along with any residue defin

This report was generated on October 27, 2017.

Commodities: Avocado

Markets: United States

Pesticides: Bifenthrin; Dichlorvos; Fluoride; Methyl bromide; Phosphine; Propiconazole; Sulfuryl fluoride

Report Options: Order results by Commodity. Results limited to Markets, Pesticides, and Active Ingredient combinations that inc
any of the following properties: processed MRLs; expiring MRLs.
GlobalMRL.com Report Generated 6/27/2017

Origin Active Published Index MRL Import
Market MRL Type Expiry Date Prescribed
Market Ingredient Commodity Commodity (ppm) Tolerance?

United States Bifenthrin Avocado Avocado 0.5 US Section 18 Dec 31, 2019 NO NO

United States Methyl bromide Avocado Avocado 75 General NO NO

United States Phosphine Avocado Avocado 0.01 General NO NO

US Time
United States Propiconazole Avocado Avocado 10 Dec 31, 2019 NO NO
GlobalMRL.com Report Generated 6/27/2017
Bifenthrin: Time-limited
Undefined tolerances are established for
Commodity residues of bifenthrin,
Published Residue Definition(2-
Notes methyl[1,1?-biphenyl]-3-
Inorganic bromide resulting
from fumigationchloro-3,3,3-
with methyl
bromide: Tolerances are
established for residues of
inorganic Tolerances
bromides are
in or(calculated
on the
NO established
as Br) in or for residues
resulting fromofuse
on the food
of the pesticide
commodities in
which or on raw
have to
FIFRA section
fumigated commodities (RACs)
18 antimicrobial
with the emergency
NO resulting
agent from post-harvest
and insecticide methyl
bromide after harvest (with of
fumigation for the control the
insects with phosphine
exception gas or
of strawberry).
NO Propiconazole
phosphide compounds that
produce phosphine gas.
GlobalMRL.com Report Generated 6/27/2017

Active Index Expiry Import

Market Origin Market Published Commodity MRL (ppm) MRL Type
Ingredient Commodity Date Tolerance?
Packed or bagged
United States Dichlorvos nonperishable Avocado 0.5 General NO
processed food
All processed food
United States Fluoride commodities not Avocado 70 General NO
otherwise listed
Processed food other
United States Methyl bromide Avocado 125 General NO
than those listed

United States Phosphine Processed food Avocado 0.01 General NO

All processed food
United States Sulfuryl fluoride commodities not Avocado 2 General NO
otherwise listed
present as a residue
from application as an
insecticide on packaged GlobalMRL.com Report Generated 6/27/2017
Inorganic bromide may
or bagged
be present as a residue
CFR processedprocessed
in certain food (see:
Prescribed US in CFR
21 Notes
170.3(j)) with
in Residue Definition
Use? the following
an amount in such foodconditions:
Dichlorvos: Tolerances for
not inWhen excess inorganic
of 0.5 part
bromide residues are residues
the insecticide are
NO per million (ppm). To
present as a result of 2,2-dichlorovinyl
established for dimethyl
assure safe use of the
fumigation theand ofInorganic phosphate.
fluoride inbromide
or on the
insecticide, its oflabel
NO processed
labeling shall food
conform commodities from the
with to resulting from fumigation
the label bromide or from
and labeling postharvest fumigation
with methyl bromide:
such fumigation in Phosphine:
with sulfuryl Tolerances
Tolerances fluoride
are for
NO registered by the U.S.
This to theis
Environmental established for thefor
the established
control of insects.
authorized use of residues
residues ofofthe fumigant
established for residues
Protection Agency, and in or Sulfuryl fluoride:
methyl bromide on the bromides on all (calculated
RACs resulting
NO the resulting
usage from
employed from Tolerances
preharvest are as
shall rawofagricultural
conform processed
with such established Br).for residues
commodity, the total of pest burrows in
label food.
or labeling. of sulfuryl fluoride in or on
NO agricultural
residues of inorganic the commodities from the and non-crop
bromides (calculated as postharvest land areas.
Br) shall not exceed 125 with sulfuryl fluoride for
ppm in or on processed the control of insects.
food other than those
specifically listed in US
40 CFR 180.123.

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