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MANN2100 Request for Proposal

BLUEsat GoPro mounting system

To design a camera mount for BLUEsat that will survive the shock of a crash landing and provide a
viewing angle of the Earth’s horizon.

The BLUEsat satellite structure will be floated up on a stratospheric balloon to near-space
conditions, reaching a cruise altitude of approximately 35km. The expected flight time is between 24
hours and 48 hours before the connection to the balloon is cut, and the satellite is left to fall toward
the earth. The satellite is to have a GoPro camera recording images of the Earth’s horizon during
flight. The satellite currently does not have an adequate structural system to support the GoPro. The
task is to design and fabricate such a structural system.

Figure 1 - BLUESat in balloon test configuration

Design Task
Design a structural system that:

1. Interfaces with the current satellite structure and the GoPro, allowing for a power cable
between the satellite and the camera (engineering drawings available on request).
2. Will survive all environmental conditions during flight.
3. Provides a viewing angle of the horizon at the cruising altitude.
4. Protects the GoPro’s memory card from the shock of impact upon landing.
5. Does not extend more than 45 mm from the surface of the external plate (see figure 3)
6. Does not weigh more than 150 grams

Figure 2 - BLUESat at altitude, with viewing angle A

Figure 3 – Physical Envelope constraining the design

Students are to deliver the following:

1. A prototype of the completed design, ready for mounting on the satellite.

2. Mechanical drawings of the completed design.
3. Documents demonstrating that the viewing angle requirement is achieved.
4. A justification that the structural system provides adequate protection from the mechanical
shock of the landing event.

Further information
Thien Nguyen –

BLUEsat website -