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What is the function of a CPU

1) Be the brain of the computer
2) It makes the control of the whole computer
3) Fetch instructions from memory and executing them
4) Make the mouse work

14. How does a CPU work?

1) It is a multitasker
2) Through programs
3) Through the mouse
4) by humans

15. What is not critical component of a computer`s architecture?

1) The input output system
2) The CPU
3) Programs and memory
4) One gremlin

16. In the sentence: “The fabled Maya people flourished throughout the
Yucatan Peninsula and Guatemala for centuries.” The word fabled means….
1) remnants
2) famous
3) Ruthlessly
4) Intelligent
17. Guatemala is a constitutional democratic republic that is divided in 3-
branch system
1) The congress, the constitutional court and the president
2) The executive, the congress and the judicial
3) The president, the ministers and the legislature
4) The president, the vice President and the congress

18. Which is the Supreme Law in Guatemala?

1) The president
2) Constitutional Law
3) Administrative and Public Law
4) Communication and Media Law

19. What does GDP stands for?

1) Guatemala`s daily products
2) Gross Direct Production
3) Gross Domestic Product
4) Green District Proposal

20. Employees _____________ are subject to private agreements between the

employer and the employee.
1) Revenues
2) Labor
3) Wage
4) Salaries
21. In Guatemala the minimum ____________ is $1.58 per hour
1) Salary
2) Wage
3) Income
4) Revenue

22. It is the application of science to the optimum conversion of the resources

of nature to the uses of humankind.
1) Science-technological action
2) Engineering
3) Manufacturing
4) All of the above

23. It is the science that deals with the structure of matter and the interactions
between the fundamental constituents of the observable universe; in the
broadest sense it is concerned with all aspects of nature on both macroscopic
and submicroscopic level.
1) Mathematics
2) Physics
3) Chemistry
4) Mechanics

24. It is a laboratory device that measures the change in volume of a gas

mixture following a physical or chemical change
1) Beaker
2) Pipet
3) Eudiometer
4) Opisometer
25.It is a mathematical statement that asserts the equality of two expressions
1) Algebraic expression
2) Equation
3) Polynomial expression
4) Equality

26. It uses mathematics and computational techniques derive unifying

concepts to explain chemical behavior
1) Biochemistry
2) Physical chemistry
3) Theoretical chemistry
4) None of the previous

27. In chemistry, a __________ is defined as the quantity of substance that has

the same number of particles as are found in 12 grams of carbon-12; these
number is equivalent to the Avogadro`s number.
1) Molecule
2) Element
3) Mole
4) Family

28. In which chemical reaction a compound is broken into smaller chemical

1) Synthesis reaction
2) Analysis Reaction
3) Substitution Reaction
4) Redox reaction
29. In descriptive Statistics, the table that displays at least how many times
the data occurs in a set, is called:
1) Range
2) Frecuency Distribution
3) Scatter Plot
4) Histogram

30. The branch of physics that is sub-divided in static and dynamic

1) Optics
2) Acoustics
3) Electricity
4) Electromagnetism

Vocabulary in use
31. In only 2003, Efrain Rios Montt was eligible to run for president, although
the political constitution________(synonym of prohibited) anyone who take
power in a coup from running to the presidency.
1) Allows
2) Bans
3) Consents
4) Assents

32. The congress of the Republic comprises 158 members, who are elected by
direct universal suffrage, to serve four-year term.
The closest meaning of comprises is
1) Contains
2) Holds
3) Consists of
4) Includes
33. The____________ is the network of pipes used to transport used or
wastewater from the place where they are created to the place where they are
1) Flying Buttress
2) Sewage System
3) Fortnights
4) Fossil Fuels

34. Industrial Engineering is the application of engineering principles and

techniques of __________ to the maintenance of a high level of productivity at
optimum cost in industrial enterprises.
1) Statics
2) Scientific Method
3) Scientific Management
4) All of the above

35. In mechanics, the principle of transmissibility can be used in……

1) Conditions of equilibrium
2) Motion or rigid bodies
3) Rigid bodies
4) In forces

36. When an ice cream lies on the sun, which properties can you observe.
1) Mechanical properties
2) Physical properties
3) Thermal properties
4) Electric properties
37. The stress-strain curve is the same for wood and steel
1) Yes, because all the materials behave the same
2) No, each material is different in properties
3) Maybe, if the properties are the same
4) Depends of the forces on the material

38. This device source of direct current to a car and has fixed voltage.
1) Resistor
2) Capacitor
3) Battery
4) Inductor

39. When you are talking about the employment, inflation and productivity so
you analyse
1) Macroeconomics
2) Microeconomics
3) Economy
4) Business

40. The goal of science is

1) The creation of artifacts to meet people`s needs
2) The application of knowledge
3) The design, construction and testing of products
4) The pursuit of knowledge and understanding
41. An expert or specialist in Mathematics is formally known as a
1) Mathematician
2) Mathematic
3) Math expert
4) Math phD
42. Trigonometric functions are functions of an angle, they are used to relate
the angles of a triangle to the lengths of the sides of a triangle; another name
for these functions is:
1) Vectorial functions
2) Circular functions
3) Triangle functions
4) None of the previous

43. In which quadrant of a rectangular co-ordinate system can we find the point
(5, -8)
1) I
2) II
3) III
4) IV

44. Which type of functions is represented in the figure

1) Absolute value
2) Reciprocal function
3) Floor and ceiling function
4) None of the previous

45. In the periodic table the symbol Au represents the element

1) Silver
2) Aluminium
3) Gold
4) Argon
46. A chemical reaction is a process that is usually characterized by a chemical
chance in which starting materials are different from the resultant products.
The formal name of these starting materials is:
1) Elements
2) Reactants
3) Agents
4) Reactive

47. In descriptive statics the following statements are true EXCEPT

1) Descriptive statistics describe patterns and general trends in a data set
2) In most cases, Descriptive statistics are used to examine one variable at a time
3) However, the relationship between two variables is described with hypothesis
4) The visualization of the data can be done through various graphical procedures

48. In the following set of data:

The weights of 11 students, measured in pounds, are 116, 119, 119, 119, 120, 121,
123, 131, 135, 135 and 136
Which is the median?

49. Which of the following is not analyzed by Macroeconomics

1) Federal deficit
2) Costs
3) Inflation
4) Employment
50. In programming, which type of data can take only two values: true or false?
1) Char
2) Float
3) Boolean
4) String

51. In programming, which type of language provides a single executable file

that contains the instructions to be run using a specific program, but it is
impossible to find or even read the source code?
1) Interpreted language
2) Object recognition languages
3) Compiled language
4) None of the previous

52. One important program requirement is_______________because outputs

must be correct all the time
1) Efficiency
2) Maintainability
3) Reliability
4) Readability


53. The last main of a discourse, usually containing a summing up of the points
and a statement of opinion or decisions reached.
1) Inferring
2) Saying the facts
3) Concluding
4) Giving opinions
54. To examine (two or more objects, ideas, people, etc) in order to note
similatives and differences
1) Compare
2) Contrast
3) Cause
4) Effect