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666 Decoded

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hexagram, The Symbol that Represents a Hex

A hexagram has:

6 triangle faces 6 external points 6 internal points

at the center the polyhedron hexagon

a hex is a spell used to curse

a prayer is the recitation of a spell

black magic is the art of casting negative spells or hexes, repetitious prayer is the act of
spell casting, church goers that perform group prayer are hexing the nation, creating a
spell over everyone, and if those prayers are of the Bible, the Jewish writers of the prayer
are being empowered


"Every spell, curse and hex uses a symbol to implement or energize it in the physical

thus the #1 symbol of all time to cast a negative spell is the


the "Star of David" is a hexagram, the Jews specifically choose this symbol because they
wish to maximize the effect of their spells on the non Jew

it has worked with great effect on those spellbound by the Bible hex

Christian Zionist John Hagee is "hexed" by Jew black magic, he is getting rich and famous off the beast
that gives him power and authority

The world swallowed or encapsulated by the Jewish Hex symbol

it is a magic number used to deceive

that's why it's exactly 6 million, not one more, not one less

because it's a spell

doubt the power of this spell?

just go challenge anyone on how many died,

they will tell you exactly 6 million because they are spellbound

6,000,000 is a magic number the Jews use on a regular basis, long before WW2

they used it in 1900:

JUNE 11, 1900 - NEW YORK TIMES - page 7 - Rabbi Wise's Address
"There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism."

they used it in 1919:

The New York Times September 29, 1919, p. 7

"Felix M.Warburg, Chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee of American Funds for
Jewish War Sufferers, who returned several days ago from a trip to Europe for that
organization, made public yesterday some of his findings. ‘The successive blows of
contending armies have all but broken the back of European Jewry,’ he said, ‘and have
reduced to tragically unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease about 6,000,000 souls,
or half the Jewish population of the earth."

The magic 6,000,000 number was tossed around before the end of World War 2, before
anyone had any idea of what was really happening in the German concentration camps,
because the manipulators were planning on hexing the public even before the war was

The plaque at Auschwitz camp keeps changing. The first plaque at Auschwitz said 4
million dead. (see photo below) That was changed to 3 million dead, then 2 million dead.
The plaque now reads 1 million dead. So the official "carved in stone" number changed 4
times yet it is a crime in Germany to question the official "carved in stone" holocaust story.
The Jews and their manipulations are pure evil, the world has a right to know exactly what
happened at the concentration camps, not Jewish spin.

The official number keeps changing:

There are very good reasons to
question the official holocaust
story, because the authors of
that story belong to the same
supremacy tribe that fabricated
the Old Testament stories who
fabricated the New Testament
stories who have just recently
performed 9112001 and
fabricated a fictitious story of
Muslim hijackers. The Jews are
a race of liars and nothing they
say should be trusted. Of course
to question Jew lies is "hate
speech" don't 'ya know! The
Jews play this insane game that all are required to play along with their psychosis
otherwise the world might persecute them again, rarely do they admit that their hatred and
exploitation of the non Jews is what causes them to suffer in the end. They celebrate their
monetary gains during the upwave but in the downwave they complain bittery about their

Finally there is another omen concerning this number 6,000,000 that is the revolt of
Jerusalem against Roman rule started in 66 AD which is similar because 6,000,000 is a 6
followed by 6 zeros. The greatest Jewish tragedy then unfolded which led to the
destruction of the Second Temple (see
http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Judaism/revolt.html). The holocaust is a similar
in magnitude to the fall of Jerusalem so have the Jewish black magicians magically
equated the two events? I think so.

The Israeli flag is racist, it portrays a "Jew only" symbol :

So beware of the hex, "be aware" of the true intentions of the Jew black magicians,

who practice Satanism and black magic and use the 666 hex as their prime symbol to
spellbind their victims.

America is under this black magic spell (see my essay Death Cult Memes and the Future
of America http://deathcultmemes.blogspot.com/)

The Talmud and the Protocols are cursing spells on the non Jew

The Pentagon is controlled by the hex masters (http://hexagrampentagram.blogspot.com/).

That is why the Pentacon wages war against the people of the United States. The Jews
have penetrated and taken over America's defense department, they organized and
perpetrated 9112001. (see http://theinfounderground.com/forum/viewtopic.php?

The US government seems foreign to its citizens because the a foreign power controls its
political system. It is the same power that owns and controls the money,666 is the "mark"
of the beast, a "mark" is word for "money" (i.e. German Mark)

On the Federal Reserve Note is the "mark of the beast" is clearly shown on the Great
Seal, a hexagram can be formed out of the 13 stars, each star a Satanic pentagram that
represents a State (or colony) that is ruled over by the hex:

6 and 13 are both black magic numbers

the Jewish owned Federal Reserve Note is the mark of the beast, it is the money of the
beast, it's symbol is on the note, it is hidden but plain as day to the subconscious
US "dollar bill" has the "Star of David" cleverly overlaid on the Great Seal

The letters s p e l l out "MASON" a Jewish secrecy cult:

How Jews are the Christian Benefactors in America

When Christians "worship god" they are actually worshipping the Jews because Jehovah
was invented by the Jews. As Christians sing (anagrams to sign, meaning they are signing
on to the Jew devil) hymns to the "Lord" praising Jesus(thejew zeus) as the "most high"
what they are really doing is making the Jews the most high because they invented the

Christians are psychically empowering the evil Jews and their evil money system.
Because Christians are in a majority and because these church people are pumping
energy into the higher mental planes on a weekly basis, the Jews rule with impunity. Thus
America is ruled by a psychopathic Judeo-Christ-Mithric death cult, that's why things are
shit, that's why there's death and more death.

The whole culture is death warmed over, a system of meaningless political zombies
making billions of rules and regulations and laws and taxes; their military death machine
bombing and destroying anything for Jewall Street profits and all the while the mythically
and pharmaceutically drugged inhabitants sing praises to "god", driving to and from church
in their bloated gas guzzling SUVs, going home to hours of mind deadening Jew controlled
television (jewtube). It is an absurd violation of human spirit and I predict it won't last much
longer. Most Americans are perfectly insane, that's why freedom doesn't stand a chance.

Additionally, the Christians are caught in a Jewish spell, they are unaware of what they are
doing. In one sense they are "in on it" with the Jews meaning that the Christians are
benefiting under the world wide Jewish power structure. The Christians are given tax free
status and are able to promote their memes because the Jews want belief in their god. If
people believe in Jehovah then the Jews are empowered and can rule. So in
predominantly Christian countries like Britain, Canada, America, etc. the Zionists control
the political system through their stooges or in the case of France (the country that
invented liberty) President Sarkozy (Zionist Jew) rules with an iron hand.

note where Sarkozy gets his prize from

Christian power is derived

from Jewish power. The
Christians are riding on the
coat tails of Jewish power,
and because America is
predominantly a Christian
nation that means that the
Jewish power structure can
not be challenged.

So with that in mind, next

time you witness a terrible
war atrocity by America or
Israel just remember that it
could only happen
because of the dominant
Christian cult that
empowers the Jews.

That's why Jehovah has witnesses, hoards of memebots spreading the memetic mind virus
infecting the multitude with Jewish memes, especially the ones that relate to "god's
chosen" and "obey authority" and "pay your taxes" and "never question a jew".

As I've written many times the real problem is with thebutthole Christians who are
stubbornly refusing moral evolvement. (see http://falseprophetsbabylon.blogspot.com/ or

In John Carpenter's hilarious movie "They Live" (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/They_Live) Roddy

Piper dons the glasses that lets him see the aliens that normally look human.
The Jews are taught in their
holy books to take advantage
of the goy, that god made the
non-Jew as a slave for the
Jew. What are the Christians
taught? They are taught to
be subservient, humble,
meek, obey authority and the
Bible. Coincidence? The Jews wrote the Bible so how convenient for them.

The Jews are working Christians over because they wrote the Bible that the Christians
follow. The Jews are the world's greatest supremacists, they rule because people believe
their lies as reality. Those who believe in the Bible are getting exactly what they deserve,
and when the Christians awake from their trance then the Jews will get exactly what they
deserve. That is the law of karma. That's why the Jews get persecuted. Obvious, isn't it?
Once you understand the game then Jewish persecution becomes a logical end product of
their energy flow.

Really, the Christians and Jews are totally full of shit. Their is no "god" or judgment or hell
or devil, just bad religious control memes. I strongly recommend that both groups stop
playing this destructive game. That's what the Founding Fathers tried to do, creating a
government where all where equal under the eyes of the law. But religious freaks will never
go for that, they want supremacy. Notice that I rarely talk about Muslims, for the simply
reason that I have never met a Muslim, but if I did meet a religious Muslim control freak,
then I would point out that they are also totally full of shit. The fact is most people are
totally full of shit just as George Carlin points out. (see http://hippieretards.blogspot.com/)

In the movie "They Live" the aliens own the businesses and control information, just like
the Jews do in real life. We make movies like this because it reflects our culture in the
present moment. Because of our free spirit we know we are controlled yet can not
determine the controllers. Our religious myths blinds us to the truth, in plain sight the Jews
are controlling and financially benefiting from American hard work and ingenuity. To see
the control apparatus, no special glasses are necessary, all one has to do is remove the
memetic veil from the mind.

The 'end times' is really about?

The so-called end times is really the end of a cycle. Christians think linear when nature is
endless cycles of birth-growth-maturity-death. The end times is the death of the Christian
myth, the awakening of the human mind to its creative potential. Christians are like
teenagers resisting the natural growth into adulthood.

America in Prophecy

For those of you that are familiar with or like prophecy, the Harlot of Revelations is the
Christian Church getting rich and "drunk" off the Jew money beast. The harlot fornicates
(gets rich trading) with the world, but is not aware of her connection to the beast just as
most Christians are not aware that they are getting rich off of Jewish power.

The blood of the saints spilled because of the whoring harlot is the blood of the third world
peoples being slaughtered by superpower America that is controlled by the Jew money
beast. Superpower America has nearly 1,000 foreign military bases and can launch
bombing attacks on any nation worldwide. "Who can make war with the beast?" is the end
times question that identifies the beast.

Americans are not saints in Revelations, they are duped co-conspirators with the evil Jew
beast. I hate to tell you but American Christians are the apostate end times Christians who
have signed on to flag waving and false patriotism while America mercilessly destroys the
Jew enemies in the Middle East. Just look at all those minivans and SUVs with the yellow
ribbons that mindlessly state "support our troops". So far 75,000 American soldiers have
been killed and 2,000,000 wounded in the 2nd Gulf War yet dumber than dirt Americans
still support the Jews.

The Beast is?

The American worldwide military empire is the beast, it is really a Jewish empire that is
American in name only. Revelations states that at the end the beast turns on the
Christians and devours her. That takes no stretch of the imagination since the Jews
already hate Christianity. The Jewish holy books (like the Talmud) are a litany of curses on
Christians. (Yet the very same Christians defend Jews and many are Zionists, because
most Christians really don't understand how the Jews despise them).

Christianity is re-formed Judaism and those who haven't reformed their evil ways are really
pissed about the Christian spell evaporating. That's why the Jews have elevated the
Christian Zionist preachers to rock star status, giving them nationwide audiences and
granting them endless jewtube time (see http://eliminatealljewsonearth.blogspot.com/).
Call it spell maintenance. (see http://gospelgodspell.blogspot.com/) The elite Jewish
controllers are doing everything they can to make sure the Christians don't wake up and in
my opinion the Jews are financing Creationist centers just like the Holocaust museums for
the singular purpose to keep the sheep duped.

Mystery Babylon America Collapses

Most researchers already understand that Mystery Babylon has to be America, the land
that sits on many waters and is the end times richest nation trading with all other nations.
But in the end the merchants are burned when Babylon the Great collapses and they
mourn her loss even though they secretly hated her all along. Recently China was whining
about how the bailout was causing a big increase in Treasury Bond sales, yet the Chinese
funded GW Bush's Iraq war, purchasing over a trillion in TBonds since the year 2000.
Mega karma for those who funded the beast without considering the moral consequences
of their actions.

Since the world holds (worthless fiat) US dollars as reserve currency they all get burned
when America implodes. Since 9112001 and the twin WTC towers Babylon the Great has
"fallen, fallen" which was followed by the subprime collapse then the Wall Street banks.
America has truly fallen but it has not yet ended (see

Currently we are near national bankruptcy as I detail in my essay: USA Credit Rating Will
Plummet (see http://usacreditdefault.blogspot.com/ ). The beasts money, the dollar, has
the Jewish 666 seal on it just like the Jewish flag.

White House Resident the Prime Candidate for Antichrist

Apocalyptic Christians feverishly search for the antichrist, when in plain sight the Jews are
getting the United States and it's military machine to slaughter millions. To understand that
this is a spell is to realize how the truth is in plain sight yet can not be realized by the
average human mind. Christians claim to be pro life and abhor abortion yet think nothing of
millions of dead Muslims after they are born and fully conscious.

Since the Jew controlled USA is the beast, that means the selected White House president
would be the prime candidate as the antichrist. So that means the Jewish controlled
America is the dragon that gives its "power - seat - authority" unto the beast. Obvious isn't
it? Once you understand Jewish supremacy and worldwide control then America's role in
prophecy starts making perfect sense.

The third antichrist? ObamaBush, both Jewish puppets, both identical policies. (google
mabus antichrist to read more)
For example, the recent fraud selected for the Whitehouse GW Bush, signed the executive
orders delivered by his Jew handlers (the neoconservatives) and destroyed Iraq killing
millions of innocent people. Bush, a nobody, got his power from the Jew financiers (the
dragon) while the Jewish owned media (dragon's breath) covered his lies for him. Bush
was the stooge who sold his soul to the Jew devils. Obvious, but apparently not very
obvious to most Christians who are spellbound by Jew text.

before the election, Obama sells his soul

Next we have President

Obama who has
appointed nearly all
Zionists to his inner staff
and has promised to
protect Israel at all costs.
So it is highly probable
that Obama, via his Jew
handlers, will bomb Iran
and start World War 3.

I wrote in my 2009

"Is Mr. Obama god's

judement on America? I
say he is ... Barak
Mohammad Hussein Obama is most definitely the karma (aka as god's judgement) of bIraq
– prophet Mohammad - hanged Hussein - Osama. America has it coming, the evil empires
chickens have come home to roost. The ghosts of Vietnam and Iraq haunt America. Death
stalks us all, anyway you look at it mega karma is coming down upon this gluttonous
Humvee oil soaked nation of apostate Christian retards..."

The Bible is Psychobabble.

The good book isn't. God of the Bible is pure evil. Only a fool of low self esteem would
claim that Jehovah is love or one should obey the "Lord". There is no lord, only Jews and
their black magic. A controlling god who gives human free will then punishes them for not
obeying is completely psychotic. Yet this is exactly the prime attribute of Jehovah. Now this
Jew god tortures His chosen believers again and again. The Jews hold their tragedy up on
a pedestal claiming that proves their chosen status. It's pure madness. (As I detail in my
essays, the Jehovah is not punishing the Jews, it's karma, the law of retribution.)

So if god contacted you and told you to take your son up the hill and torch him, would you?
Of course not unless you're crazy. Yet this is what "god" told Abraham:
Genesis 22:1–2 (NASB)
"1 Now it came about after these things, that God tested Abraham, and said to him,
“Abraham!” And he said, “Here I am.”
2 He said, “Take now your son, your only son, whom you love, Isaac, and go to the land of
Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains..."

This story is taught with reverence. Believers uphold this story as proof of god's
compassion. It is pure insanity to think this is real or true or truth itself, such verses creates
societal psychosis like war. Yet everyone holds this nonsense as "scripture" meaning god's
own dictates to man. Think I'm exaggerating? Go to church this Sunday and watch in
disbelief as regular church goers sit idly and absorb Jew evil, doing so in awe and
reverence. It is laughably insane, a grand comedy of godly errors.

Because of this verse, and others like it, how many sons were sent to war because
obedient Christians wanted to please god because of the myth they were taught? It is truly
frightening this Christian society that is dumb as dirt. A rational person would tell god to
fuck off. Of course there is no god to talk to, just your higher self. Teaching Biblical myth as
a moral guide can only lead to, well you know, the present day world. The Bible is no moral
guide, it is the insane rantings of a primitive desert tribe.

Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion):

"The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction:
jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty
ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal,
pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.

That's a good definition of the Jew god, but I would say that the Jew god is really a
reflection of the Jewish tribe's psychosis. Of course, one can not say that publicly because
that would offend the power mad Jewish supremacists. Any person who tells the truth
about the Jews is automatically labeled "antisemitic", which in itself is an absurd label.

The Jews are confused, that's why Jews invented psychology; to figure out their own
behavior and those infected by their mind viruses. Hundreds of millions of Americans will
be reading, studying and memorizing Bible verses this week. Can you fathom the extent of
the brainwashing? That's why Bible prophecy is coming true, the world is manifesting the
psychosis. The Apocalypse is caused by belief in the Bible, the Jews and the Christians
are causing end times as they hang on to their self replicating memes.

So in Revelations the infamous antichrist blasphemes "the god of the Bible". So?
Christians are so phony that they cringe at cursing god yet at the same time they go along
with the slaughter in Iraq. Go figure. Don't curse god, yet go to Iraq and kill innocent
Muslims! The god of the Bible is a monster and should be cursed along with the Jews who
spawned him! People carry the Bible around, hugging it close to their chest, holding the
verses dear. It is really pathetic, it is hard to feel sorry for slaves who voluntarily hold the
Bible in awe and reverence, who march off to Middle East wars carrying their Bible, when it
is their belief in the Bible that put them in harm's way.

The problem further defined:

The Jews are a male dominated phallus cult


Many Christian cults are caught in the spell (http://jehovahwitnesswhores.blogspot.com/).

What will be the end result of this insanity? (http://smashthejews.blogspot.com/ /


and how do we regain our freedom? (http://out-of-jew-hell.blogspot.com/ /


We will become free when we figure out the problem and end it. Freedom is automatic with
awareness. You can not be truly free until you own your own mind.

The American people will eventually figure out their exploitation and overcome the beast.
This is the purpose of the decline. The only question is how much damage the Jews will
do to America as they try to maintain control. The Jews have created Homeland Security
and concentration camps for the very purpose of controlling Christian America during the

Currently America is being looted beyond imagination by the Jew bankers and
representatives. In my opinion the bailout is deception, the game is over and the players
are cashing in their chips and moving their gold offshore, that's why the Federal Reserve
will not be audited, for if it was the American people would find out that the true purpose of
the Jewish owned central bank.


Did you like this essay? Please repost it with pics on your site, the Jews are trying to pass
a hate bill that will ban free speech and all criticism of Jews.

27 Feb 2009 (updated 4 Apr 2009, 8, 21 June 2009)

my other essays http://www.blogger.com/profile/16312560191165755438

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Hexagram, The Symbol that Represents a Hex

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