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Lesson Plan Template

Name: Amina Khalil Grade Level: 2 Date:

Subject: Science Number of Students: MST:

CCSS Standards: investigate the human impact on a species they choose and it's environment
as well as how people can take positive steps to promote the survival.

Main Lesson Aims (Concepts, Procedures, & Processes):

By the end of the Lesson the Student will be able to:

1. to choose an animal and explain the habitat.

2. to explain the human impact on these habitat.



Teacher books

Student book(s)

Worksheets/ papers

Teacher materials

Student materials/
Showing different habitat pictures and the animals that live on these habitats.


Key vocabulary with definitions (and pictures if appropriate):

word glossary definition Image

Habitat The place that an animal life in it.

Students’ Prior Knowledge (What do the students already know that enables them to
understand the lesson?):

Possible Problems and Misconceptions (What are some problems that students will face
because it is assumed that they have the previous knowledge?):
It might take to long time for the students to decide what animals they want to choose.

Solutions (How/ What can be done to resolve the problems/misconceptions?):

Use a timer to keep them on track.

Lesson Schedule
Targeted teacher language (What will the teacher say throughout the lesson?):

Student language (What language will the students use throughout the lesson?):

Engage (warm up, review prior knowledge): time:10 min

T will present a power point to show them what a habitat means, what different
habitat is and what animal's lives on each habitat. Also, T will show them what
the human impact on the animal's habitat is.

20 min
Core (introduce and practice new concepts & procedures):
T will ask each students to choose an animal and think about their habitat, and
what is the human impact on the animal's environment. Then teacher will do a
peer share, so each peers students will share what they choose. Then T will ask
students to start writing about the animals. They could use some of the books in
the classroom to help them write about where does it life, explain their habitat
and the human impact on their environment.

10 min
Close (wrap up, discussion, brief review activity or assessment):
T will choose 3 students to share with other students about the animal that they