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Rolling and Breaking a Fall

Upa Drill
Defense against Two Handed Front Choke
Single Handed Wrist Grab (palm Up)
(Palm Down)
Two Handed Wrist Grab
Offensive Hip Throw
Defense againsta a Single-Handed lapel grab
Front collar choke
Defense against Standing side headlock
Defense against the rear bear hug
Thrusting choke (Amassa Pao)
Defense against Thrusting Choke
Defense against the front-Thrust Kick
Passing the Guard
Scissors sweep
Attacking from the mounted positin “Americana”
Arm Bar from the Mounted Position
Defense agaisnt a Guillotine Choke
Standing Guard Pass
Double ankle grab sweep
Common counter to double ankle grab sweep
Double Leg Sweep to arm bar
Push Sweep
Elevator Sweep
Headlock Escape 1
Headlock escape 2
Elbow escape from bottom of across-side position
Defense against the front bear hug
Defense against a standing rear choke
Defense against the bear hug (over the arms)
Attack from the guar dposition “Kimura”
Headlock escape 3
Headlock escape 4
Defense against the rear hook
Guillotine choke
Defending the guillotine choke
Defense against the shoulder grab
Another defense to the shoulder grab
Defense against the Throat grab
Side Kick
Defending the guillotine choke
Elbow strikes
Rear Naked choke “Mata Leao”
Defense against Double-Llapel Grab
Triangle choke
Elbow escape drill
Elbow escape from mounted position
Arm bar from the guard position
Underarm collar choke
Sliding collar hoke (triangle)
Transition from mounted position to rear-mounted position
Double leg takedown “Baiana”

Moving from across-side position into the mounted position -Hip Switch method
Handstand Sweep
Achilles' ankle lock
Moving from across-side to the mounted position (Knee-drive method)
Defense against Hand on Chest
Stand Up properly in a street fight
Defense against the standing rear choke
Defense against front-thrusting kick
Shoulder lock using les (Omoplata)
Arm-inside sweep
Arm-inside arm bar
Kimura lock
Strangle from across-side
Defending the arm-inside guillotine choke
Knee-oon-stomach position
Defense against the knee-on-stomach positin
Transition from the triangle choke into the arm bar
Finger lock
Stacking the guard position into an ankle lock
Defense against a rear two-handed grab
Knee-bar attack from inside the guard position
Seep from the seated open (butterfly) guard
Overhead sweep
Leg-binding sweep
Front lapel stranglehold
Arm bar from across-side position

Escape from common standing headlock
Escape from standing headlock
Escape from being pushed up against a wall
Moving from the north-south position to your opponent's back
North-south position into toehold
Ankle lock attack from the open guard
Knee bar from across-side position
Kimon neck crank submission from across-side position
Stranglehold from the knee-on-stomach position
Pressing arm lock from across-side
Turning shoulder lock from across-side position
Getting to your opponent's back from the guard position
Foot lock counter t the rear-mounted position
Helicopter arm bar
sickle sweep
Hook sweep
Passing the Half guard

Triangle choke applied from underneath the north-south position
Escape from the north-south position
Kick-over sweep
Spider guard Sweep
Passing the half guard into the mounted position
Front shoulder choke from the guard position
Transition from the mounted position to the side-mounted stranglehold
Defense against a one-handed choke against a wall
Breaking out of a headlock and going into an arm bar
Star Sweep
Knee Bar from the closed guard position