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A. Fill in the blanks(p-7)

1. Trees are the biggest plants
2. Trees usually grow on a single woody stem/ground
3. Some trees live for thousands years.
4. In thick forests or jungles trees grow close to each other.
5. The outer covering of a tree is called bark.
B. Which parts of these plants do we eat?(p-14)
1. Tomato plants fruits.
2. Sweet pea seed.
3. Lettuce leaves.
4. Cabbage leaves.
5. Turnip root.
6. Carrot root.
C. Fill in the missing letters of these common vegetables.(page-15)
1. T u r n I p 5. C a u l I f l o w e r. 9. L e t t u c e.
2. P o t a t o 6. C a b b a g e. 10.t o m a t o.
3. O n I o n 7. C u c u m b e r.
4. B e a n 8.c a r r o t.
D. Give short answer.(page-19)
1. Which grows first, a shoot or root? A root.
2. Which has a thicker skin, a plum or mango? A mango.
3. Is a grape heavier than a plum? No.
4. Is a lemon more sour than a lime? Yes.
5. Which has more seeds, pomegranate or a papaya? A pomegranate.
6. Do all vegetables grow above the ground? No.
E. Q/A science class-1
1. Why do trees in a forest grow straight and tall?

Ans- Forest tree grows straight and tall because access to light and vulnerability to wind.

2. What is paper made from?

Ans- Paper is made from wood, water,plants and old clothes.

3. Why should we not eat the parts of some plants?

Ans- because some plants are poisonous and they may make you ill.

4. How are plants useful to animals?

Ans- Animals make their home in plants ,they also find their food in plants.

5. How are plants useful to humans ?

Ans- Plants give us foods fibers flowers and leaves.

6. What is made from jute fiber?

Ans- Sacks, mats, bags and rope are made from jute fiber.

7. What are some of the drinks made from plant?

Ans- Some of the drinks made from plants are lemon juice, lime juice, tea and coffee.

8. What is a shrub ?Give two examples.

Ans- Shrubs are small plants such as rose and hibiscus.

9. What kind of plant grows up walls or other trees? Give to examples.

Ans- Climbers and creepers grows up walls or other trees such as grapevine and lantana.

10. Is all wood the same colour?

Ans- No, all wood are not the same colour.

E. Match the following. (page-22)

1. Gun a. cinchona.
2. Rubber b. rose
3. Soap c. rubber plant
4. Medicine d. henna
5. Dye e. acacia
6. Perfume f. neem
F. Choose the best answer.
1. Paper is made from -------------------
a. Leaves b. bark c. wood pulp
2. Gum is made from this tree.
a. Acacia b. papaya c. palm
3. Turnip is a kind of ---------------
a. Leaf b. herb c. vegetable
4. Plastic is made from --------------------
a. Trees b. flowers c. neither of these
5. Cloth is made from-------------------
a. Wheat b. cotton c. jute.

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