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Plan Timeline: 1984

Introduction to Novel During Novel After Novel is Finished

Quick-Write Quiz Timeline Essay Exam

Concept Map

Assessment Description
Quick write Students will be introduced to the novel and access their prior knowledge
by answering questions about privacy in an informal quick writing
assignment. This assignment will get students thinking about society and
how they feel towards their rights to privacy, while getting ready to read a
book that focuses on the absence of privacy.
Concept Map Students will complete an informal formative assessment as a class by filling
out a concept map on the board. Students will complete the concept map
by linking historical themes together. This assessment will show student
understanding of the introductory lesson on the historical context of the
Quiz Students will take this short quiz on the characters and some events from
the novel thus far. This assessment will check for student reading and
understanding of the text.
Timeline Students will work in small groups to create a timeline of the main
character’s slow change from an individual rule-breaker into a conforming
citizen. This assessment will help organize student thinking and create
helpful collaboration.
Questions Students will complete a short assignment individually in which they answer
questions regarding the text and cite evidence from the novel. This
assessment allows students to think about important events from the text
and prepares them to complete their formal assessments.
Essay Students will write an essay analyzing one or more important themes of the
text and cite their answers using quotes from the text. This assessment is
completed individually and will show their understanding of important
concepts and big ideas from the text.
Exam Students will complete one final exam that covers information on the whole
novel. This exam will show that students have read and comprehended the