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TANGOs (Traditional NGOs)

AGAPP Foundation, Inc. It’s purposes, among others, is to “ equip the poor Filipino child with the
ammunition to help him in his fight to escape poverty through the intervention in
the child’s pre-school years, and to empower the pre-school teachers by providing
training with appropriate methods of early childhood and development.”
AMY Foundation, Inc. Its main purpose is “to implement and maintain socio-economic programs for the
upliftment, development and advancement of street children and the less
privileged or less fortunate members of the community”. Its activities are now
focused in providing scholarship and livelihood assistance to disadvantaged youth
and families.
CIBI Foundation, Inc. Its purposes, among others, are “to participate in the development of the capital
market industry. The Foundation’s programs now focus on the following areas:
policy research, advocacy, training, and development of financial and investment
practitioners and investing in meritorious activities which enhance the credit
quality and business information environment in the Philippines.

FUNDANGOs (Funding – Agency NGOs)

Philippine Animal Welfare PAWS is a registered nonprofit organization which is dedicated to protect and
Society (PAWS) promote humane treatment of all animals. The organization helps rehabilitate
animals by finding them new homes. It also actively campaigns against animal
fights and using animals for entertainment.

World Wildlife Fund Focusing on nature, World Wide Fund for Nature – Philippines (WWF-Philippines)
Philippines (WWF) is focused on addressing the issues on the Philippine environment as they also
want to live in harmony with nature. Aside from this, they also have a mission on
addressing the problems on the climate, the oceans, species, food, and water.

Amnesty International Amnesty International Philippines (AIPh) is a non-profit organization with a global
movement to let all people enjoy human rights. It has programs for Human Rights
Education and Activism and Mobilization for its activist members.

DJANGOs (Development, Justice, and Advocacy NGOs)

Child Health In Life and Its purposes, among others are to “assist the Department of Pediatric of UP-PGH
Development Foundation in being more responsive to the health needs and aspirations of the Filipino
(C.H.I.L.D), Inc. children, especially the indigent patients”. The Foundation’s programs focus on
the following areas: provision of medicines, medical procedures and the provision
of healthcare equipment (such as mechanical ventilators and the like), plus
providing other services such as the School for Sick Children and the Healing
Place. It also aims to develop the expertise of the younger doctors through
trainings and seminars.
CURE Philippines, Inc. Its purposes (V-M-G), among others, are “to bring physical and spiritual healing to
children who don’t have access to orthopedic surgical care. It is committed to
meeting international standards for patient care and safety”.

Operation Smile Foundation, Its purposes (V-M-G), among others, are “to mobilize a world of generous hearts
Inc. to heal children’s smiles and transform lives; and to provide free constructive
surgery to indigent Filipino children afflicted with cleft lip, cleft palate, and other
facial deformities”. The Foundation’s programs/projects now focus on the
following areas: Conducted Medical Missions for the following: medical
evaluation; dental care; speech instruction; surgery and trainings on Basic Life
Support & Pediatric Life Support. Geographical scope of programs: Nationwide.
PACO (Professional, academic, and civic organizations)
Ateneo Alumni Association, Its purposes, among others, are: “an alumni community living out and sharing
Inc. Ignatian values, inspiring one another and others to be of service to the nation; to
create learning spaces for positive change to strengthen and grow the Ateneo de
Manila community by: bridging alumni locally and worldwide to other alumni, to
Ateneo students, and to key sectors; to create opportunities for mentorship of
young alumni and Ateneo students; and to serve as a haven for alumni for
discernment, growth and support; to help poor but deserving students; and to
establish scholarship funds and such other funds as may be in keeping with the
ideals of furthering the religious and educational principles and charitable
objectives of the University”.
Ateneo de Davao University The Ateneo de Davao University is a Catholic, Jesuit and Filipino University. As a
university it is a community engaged in excellent instruction and formation, robust
research, and vibrant community service. As Catholic, it proceeds ex corde
ecclesiae, from the heart of the Church. As Jesuit, it appropriates the mission of the
Society of Jesus and the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola. As Filipino, it prepares
students to benefit from, contribute to and engage the global world.
Old Balara Christian Its purposes (V-M-G), among others, are “to provide learning environment for
Community School, Inc. developing responsible, enterprising and faithful citizens living by Christian
teachings”. The school offers preschool, primary and secondary education
incorporating enterprise education in its curriculum.

GRIPO (Government – run and initiated POs)

Philippine Red Cross One of the most popular volunteer organizations in the Philippines, Red Cross aims
to help people through its different services. Some of these include national blood,
disaster management, safety, health, social, and youth services.

Volunteer Youth Leaders for VYLH Philippines is a service-oriented organization that aims to empower the
Health-Philippines Filipino Youth for health. It was established in July 2009 that promotes awareness
on the prevention of birth defects, awareness on newborn screening, and support
for orphan disorders.

United Nations World Food World Food Programme (WFP) is the leading humanitarian organization which
Programme addresses the issue of hunger. Yearly since its establishing in 1961, WFP is helping
80 million people in about 80 countries. Aside from alleviating hunger, they also
focus on other issues including: climate action, disaster risk reduction, gender
equality, nutrition, and more.

GUAPO (Genuine, autonomous POs)

Greenpeace Philippines Greenpeace Philippines is an active volunteer organization that campaigns for
their mission to save the environment. Some of their campaigns include stopping
climate change, saying no to genetic engineering, and defending the ocean.

Haribon Foundation Haribon Foundation is an organization built in 1972 that commits to helping
through nature conservation. The organization is known with their services such
as conserving sites and habitats, saving species, encouraging sustainability, and
empowering people.

Love Yourself Love Yourself Inc. is a volunteer organization for the youth and the LGBT-MSM
that aims to promote loving oneself. Also, it aims to prevent the spread of
HIV/AIDS among the youth through counseling, awareness, and education.