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Unit Plan

Brooke Leeder
Grade 2 Spanish Bilingual

With the 12 year Spanish bilingual program in mind, the following unit has been designed for a grade 2 Spanish class 3-4 times
a week with 19 students. Students are still fairly new to the Spanish language with limited exposure. It is important to expose
students to the language as much as possible, use gestures and images to simplify instruction.
This unit is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore a new culture of the Spanish-speaking world. It is
composed of Chilean activities to promote communication amongst students at a beginners level. The goal of this unit is to
help students gain a perspective of a new culture in comparison to their own. We will start off the unit learning where Chile is,
what it is near, and its elements. We will then move on to the history of the Mapuche people. In detail we will explore
influential people, traditional games, music, dances, artists and food. We will wrap up this unit with a Chilean celebration tying
in all of the cultural elements studied in the previous weeks. There are a wide variety of modalities that students can use to
express their understanding. Students will practice the four skills in a variety of activities to gain Spanish experience.

Formative assessment:
Class discussions
Bingo game – If used in final week

Summative assessment:
Green screen?
Art project?
Week, ideas for POS Smart Assessment Materials
lessons. Objectives (S)
Week 1: Introduction 1.2-1 Apply Spanish Observation Video on Chile
to Chile 1.2-4 definitions to (F) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MtdmoxZgRM
2.1-2 corresponding
Where is it? 2.2-1 images. Class Vocabulary cards
What is it like? 2.2-2 discussion
Similarities to Canada 3.2-1 Memorize a (F) Bingo worksheets
4.1-2 Chilean
Bring in objects & have 4.1-3 (traditional)
class discussion 5.2-2 song for a Traditional song
7.1-3 traditional https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T60DsZ4JkL0
Introduce new 7.1-4 game.
vocabulary Bingo Song lyrics
game Identify where
Chile is on a Chilean flag worksheet
Traditional Chile map.
games https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/explore/countries/chile/#chile-
Communicate moai-statues.jpg
in Spanish
Chilean flag- describing
representation of Chilean
colours and symbols. objects.

nearby or
Week #2: 1.1-1 Understand Observation Powerpoint made about the Mapuche
*After Spring Break 1.1-4 Chile’s (F)
Review from week 1 2.2-1 indigenous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IrnCHyRyrE
2.2-2 history: the Class
Introduce indigenous 2.3-5 Mapuche. discussion Legend print out
people of Chile: Los 3.2-1 (F)
Mapuches. 4.1-2 Recognize Book: Pablo Neruda Poet of the people
La Vida 4.1-3 Mapuche Artifacts for
La Música 5.2-1 culture. booklet (S) https://rhymeadozen.wordpress.com/2015/06/21/kids-and-poetry-
La Ropa 5.2-2 ode-to-tomatoes-by-pablo-neruda/
La Comida 5.5-5 Illustrate
6.2-1 different https://chasestreetlibrary.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/2ndgradeodes/
Textile: Discuss the 6.2-4 Mapuche
different patterns the 6.5-2 patterns of
Mapuche used. The 7.1-3 choice on a
importance. The 7.2-1 Poncho.
meaning. 7.2-2
Poncho activity- 7.2-4 Recognize
Start booklet? Mapuche
Read a Mapuche Understand
Legend with the class. who Pablo
Have them repeat after Neruda is and
me. Go over new his importance
vocabulary. to Chilean
Introduce important Identify Pablo
people of Chile Neruda’s use
of description
Pablo Neruda: Poet within his
Bring in book to poetry.
introduce – Read
together have them go Create
over new vocab. descriptive
poetry on
Create their own given objects.
poems on an object

View a poem by
Neruda – Ode to
Tomatoes - to get

Week 3: 2.1-1 Compare Observation

Continue with famous 2.2-1 music, dance (F)
people of Chile – 2.2-2 and art in
moves towards music 3.1-1 Canada to Class
in Chile 3.2-1 Chile. discussion
(TALK TO MUSIC 3.2-2 (F)
TEACHER ABOUT 3.2-3 Identify the
INCORPERATING THIS 3.2-5 importance in Artifact for
IN MUSIC CLASS TOO 5.1-2 Music and booklet (S)
POSSIBLY?) 5.2-1 Artists within
5.2-2 Chile.
Traditional Dancing: 6.1-2
La Cueca 6.1-3 Recognize the
6.5-2 traditional
Artists: 7.1-3 dance of Chile:
View Art of Valparaiso 7.2-1 La cueca.

Start art project – Have Recognize the

students bring in an use of art in
old toy from home. Chile. – Not all
Paint “good graffiti” graffiti is “bad”
– tie in with
*Figure out an artifact street art unit.
for booklet.

Week 4: Final Week 2.2-2 Discuss Observation

3.1-3 favourite (F)
Food in Chile 3.2-1 elements of
3.2-2 the unit. Class
Consider playing Bingo 3.2-5 discussion
again to see 3.3-2 Compare (F)
improvement in 3.3-3 Canadian and
vocabulary 3.3-4 Chilean Artifact for
4.4-2 culture. booklet (S)
Journal entry 5.1-1
What I like about Chile. 5.1-4 Review
Why I would want to 5.2-1 Chilean
travel to Chile 5.2-2 culture.
7.1-1 Recognize
Finish with a mock 7.1-3 importance of
“Independence day” 7.1-4 learning about
Eat food 7.2-1 new cultures.
Play traditional games 7.2-3
Listen to famous music
Practice La cueca?