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Javar Allen Boyd

First period P2

January 26, 2018

Hard Working Women

During the 1800’s women were having a hard time working in factories. In the novel “Lyddie”

by Katherine Paterson, the main character Lyddie has to face hard conditions. There is a petition that

is being passed around, that Lyddie has to make a decision around if she wants to sign it or

not. Lyddie should sign the petition because she is working too hard, she got harassed by her boss

and the factory is not a safe environment.

One reason Lyddie should sign the petition is because she is working too hard. In chapter 12,

Lyddie works 12-13 hours a day. That is mostly the whole day and she wants more free time. In the

novel it says “Time is more precious than money, Lyddie girl. If only I had two more free hours of an

evening-what I wouldn't do.” This shows that she should sign the petition because if she has the

amount of free time she wanted, she could have time to spend the amount of money she worked for.

In “Lyddie” the text states, “When I started in the spinning room, I could do a thirteen-hour day and to

spare. But in those days I had a hundred thirty spindles to tend to. Now I’ve twice that many at a

speed that would make the devil curse.” This shows that since she has more machines to tend to she

doesn’t have enough free time. Signing the petition about working too hard is a good decision.

Another reason Lyddie should sign the petition is because she got harassed by her boss. In

chapter 16 Lyddie gets sexually assaulted by her boss. Her boss’ name is Mr. Marsden. Mr. Marsden

is in charge of the whole mill factory. In the novel it says, “He was bringing his strange little mouth

closer and closer to her fiery face.” This shows that Mr. Marsden is trying to kiss Lyddie. This is a

distraction to Lyddie doing her work. If Lyddie doesn't sign the petition a lot of more things can

happen to her. In the novel it says “She did not go to work the next day or for many days thereafter.”

This shows that she is nervous to go back to work because she dont know what can happen next.
This is important because you want to know her feelings. Signing the petition about harassment is a

good decision because you shouldn't want it to happen again.

A final reason Lyddie should sign the petition is because the factory is not a safe environment.

In chapter 12 when she was working in the mill, the air was really dusty. In the novel it says “She

began coughing, a dry, painful cough through the night that kept both Betsy and Amelia awake,

though not Lyddie.” This shows that the health in the workplace is bad. In the novel it says “She

coughed, trying to free her throat and lungs for breath.” This shows that the factory is not a safe

environment because you might lose your breath and it can never come back. Signing the petition

about not safe environment is a good decision because you do not want to get sick.

Although some people believe Lyddie shouldn’t sign the petition because she may lose her job

and get blacklisted. People may think she shouldn't but she should because her personal health and

environment is not safe. Lyddie should sign the petition because she is working too hard, she got

harrassed and the factory is not a safe environment.

7th Grade Argument Writing Rubric TOTAL SCORE: 15.45/ 16

Criteria 4 3 2 1 0
CLAIM AND - clearly introduce the text clearly introduce the text - introduce the text and - introduce the text and the - claim and reasons
and the claim in a manner and the claim in a the claim in a manner that claim in a manner that does
REASONS: that is compelling and manner that follows from follows generally from the not logically follow from the
demonstrate a lack of
the extent to which the follows logically the task and purpose task and purpose task and purpose comprehension of the
essay conveys - claim and reasons - claim and reasons - claim and reasons - claim and reasons text(s) or task
complex ideas and demonstrate insightful demonstrate grade- demonstrate a literal demonstrate little
information clearly and analysis of the text(s) appropriate analysis of comprehension of the understanding of the text(s)
accurately in - acknowledges the text(s) text(s) - does not acknowledge
order to logically counterclaim(s) skillfully and - acknowledges - acknowledges counterclaim(s)
support the author’s smoothly 3.9 counterclaim(s) counterclaim(s) awkwardly
claim. appropriately
- develop - develop the claim with - partially develop the - demonstrate an attempt to - provide no evidence
the claim with relevant, well- relevant facts, details, claim of the essay with the use evidence, but only or provide evidence
EVIDENCE: chosen facts, concrete quotations, or other use of some textual develop ideas with minimal, that is completely
the extent to which details, quotations, or examples from the text(s) evidence, some of which occasional evidence that is irrelevant
examples from the text(s) - sustain the use of may be irrelevant generally invalid or irrelevant - does not explain how
the essay presents
- sustain the use of varied, relevant evidence, with - use relevant evidence - attempt to explain how
evidence from the evidence supports
relevant evidence some lack of variety inconsistently
provided texts to evidence supports ideas ideas
- skillfully explain how - logically explain how sometimes logically explain
support argument evidence supports ideas evidence supports ideas
how evidence supports
3.75 ideas
COHERENCE, exhibit clear organization, with
the skillful use of appropriate
exhibit clear organization, exhibit some attempt at exhibit little attempt at exhibit no evidence of
with the use of appropriate organization, with organization, or attempts to organization
ORGANIZATION, and varied transitions to create transitions to create a inconsistent use of transitions organize are irrelevant to the use language that is
AND STYLE: the a unified/ enhance meaning. unified whole establish but fail to maintain task predominantly
extent to which the establish/maintain a formal style, establish and maintain a a formal style, with lack a formal style, using incoherent or copied
using grade-appropriate,
essay logically formal style using precise inconsistent use of language language that is imprecise or directly from the text(s)
stylistically sophisticated
language and domain- and domain-specific inappropriate for the text(s) and
organizes complex language and domain-specific do not provide a
specific vocabulary vocabulary task
ideas, concepts, vocabulary.
provide a concluding provide a concluding concluding statement or
and information provide a concluding statement provide a concluding statement
or section that is compelling and statement or section that statement or section that section
using formal style follows clearly from the claim follows from the claim and follows generally the claim or section that is illogical or
and precise and reasons presented 4
reasons presented and reasons presented unrelated to the claim and
language reasons presented
CONTROL OF demonstrate grade- demonstrate grade- demonstrate emerging demonstrate a lack of are minimal, making
appropriate command of appropriate command command of conventions, command of conventions, assessment of
CONVENTIONS: the conventions, with few errors of conventions, with with some errors that may with frequent errors that hinder conventions unreliable
extent to which the essay
demonstrates command 3.8 occasional errors that do hinder comprehension comprehension
not hinder
of capitalization, comprehension
punctuation, and spelling
Javar it is amazing to see you continue to grow in your writing. Your analysis now demonstrates your ability to truly explain how
your evidence supports your claim, and not simply stating so. Great work!