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1. Fork Quick Release Skewer
2. Bottom Bracket T-Bolt with lock-ring washer and hand knob
3. Allen Wrench
4. Wheel Bags
5. Derailleur Bag
6. Rear Drop Out Spacer
7. Gear Bag
8. Velcro Straps with rubber insert
9. Shoulder or Pull Strap, depending on model


Race Case A-11, A-12, A-13 • Pedal wrench or 15mm open-end wrench (typically)

Downhill A-12DH, A-13DH • Allen wrenches in sizes to fit: • handlebar stem

Double A-21, A-22, A-23 • seat post adjuster

Double Downhill A-22DH, A-23DH • derailleur main bolt (optional)

Tandem A-31, A-32, A-33

BIKE PRO USA 1.800.338.7581

1. Spin the rear wheel with the pedals and Photo 1: A bike frame properly mounted on the True Track Frame in the Bike Pro Race Case.

shift the rear derailleur to the largest cog.

This moves the derailleur in-board to lessen

2. Remove both pedals.

For tandems remove all four pedals.

3. Release brakes on both wheels.

If unfamiliar to you, please refer to your bike’s
owners manual.

Step 6
4. Remove front wheel.
Step 5
5. Mount front fork onto the frame in the case
using the quick release skewer. This will stabilize the
bike for the remainder of the packing. (see Photo 1)
DOWNHILL BIKES: If the bike is equipped with
a downhill style fork with a through axle, the
optional Fork Mount Adapter (A-45), will be Step 9 Step 10 Step 12
needed to adapt the front fork attachment to the RAISED CHAINSTAYS OR REAR SUSPENSION:
True Track Frame. (see Photo 2.) If the bicycle is equipped with raised chainstays
DOUBLE RACE CASES: Install the first bike to or a rear suspension system that won’t allow for a
the inside location with the fork on the left end T-bolt attachment, the optional Rear Dropout
of the case. Then proceed to step 6. (see Photo 3) Support A-44 should be used to support the rear
of the bike. (see Photo 4) On tandems with a
6. Remove handlebars and secure them along- “jockey” pulley under the stoker’s bottom bracket,
side the frame with the provided velcro straps. the A-44 support should be utilized.
Some bikes have stems that open so handlebars
can be removed intact.If applicable, open stem, 11. Fit Derailleur Bag over derailleur assembly
remove the bar and reattach stem parts. On and velcro strap around the frame. You may need
threaded forks loosen top stem bolt and tap it to to rotate idler assembly forward to better fit onto Photo 2: Fork Mount Adapter
loosen stem. On threadless headset forks remove inner frame. (On some bikes, it might be neces- used for some Downhill Bikes

the top screw and cap. Then, loosen the screw(s) sary to remove the derailleur with the single bolt
on the side of the stem to remove the handlebar. holding it to the bike frame.)
Reinstall top cap and screw.
12. Snap in Rear Dropout Spacer to prevent
Depending on the length of the brake and shifter any flex of the frame. A piece of PVC pipe cut to
cables and their routing, the handlebar might the same length as the rear wheel hub is a good
end up with several different possible configura- substitute for the rear dropout spacer if the
tions for packing. Carefully move the bar around provided spacer doesn’t fit. This may be neces-
to get the desirable position that offers the most sary for Tandem bicycles if the stock size of PVC
protection for the levers and the bicycle tubing. pipe provided with the case doesn’t fit your
Photo 3: Double Race Case
Isolate any metal parts from rubbing each other particular bike. Just use the rear skewer to hold it
properly packed
by placing the rubber sewn into the velcro strap in place between the dropouts.
between them. Secure the handlebars in place 13. Set wheels into the Wheel Bags after
with the velcro straps. removing the quick release skewers. Place one
wheel on each side of the case. If you are using a
7. Remove the seat post with saddle, if neces- Double Race Case, the two pairs of wheels can go
sary, and place into gear bag. A plastic bag either with one pair on the outside of both sides
wrapped around the greased parts will keep of the case, or with one or more wheels placed
things cleaner. between the two bikes depending on makes and
models. (see Photo 5)
8. Remove rear wheel.
14. Load Gear Bag with tools, pedals, helmet,
9. Position frame on True Track Steel Frame etc. and place into Race Case.
Photo 4: Close-up view of the Rear Dropout
positioning Flex Plate under Bottom Bracket -
Support for rear suspension bikes
use allen wrench to adjust. (see Photo 1)

10. Insert T-Bolt behind bottom bracket,

between the chain stays, into the pre-drilled hole
Step 13
in Flex Plate. Secure using the locking washer
and hand knob. Don’t over tighten the T-bolt or
the Flex Plate assembly may warp or bend
prematurely impairing its’ function.

Photo 5: The last step in packing is

loading wheel bags in case.
Pad any painted or plated surface. Pipe insula- Light dirt and grime may be removed by using a Bike Pro USA can repair and replace worn or
tion or bubble wrap works good. damp cloth. For stubborn stains we recommend broken items. To have your case repaired simply
using a commercial upholstery or dry cleaning call Bike Pro USA at 800-338-7581 for authoriza-
Tie all movable parts down. Toe clips, pump agent. Please read and follow manufacturer tion. Our normal freight and terms apply to the
straps or zip ties work well. instructions. return of the repaired or replaced articles. Ship
item including your name, phone and address
A cardboard tube the width of the stem will help clearly printed to:
keep threadless headsets in place.

Rotating the fork 180° will shorten the wheel Bike Pro USA
c/o Spectrum Products
base for some bikes.
3701 West Roanoke
Phoenix, AZ 85009
Check all nuts & bolts that hold on the wheels
and True Track frame before each use.

Defective material and workmanship are covered under warranty for the life of your bike case. The manufacturer will, at its discretion, repair or replace the
case and/or parts provided the owner returns the case freight prepaid. Physical damage resulting from abuse, misuse, neglect, improper repair, alterations,
overloading or use unintended by manufacturer is not covered. Warranty is void if case has been improperly modified, cut, or foreign attachments adhered.
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