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Nama : Pupung Minnratno

Npm : 17-111

Herbal Remedy With a Modern Touch

In the medical world there are two types of treatment, the treatment of chemicals and
alternative medicine. the treatment of chemicals is a type of treatment that uses ordinary
chemicals in use in the medical and pharmaceutical world.alternative medicine is a type of
form of treatment services that use methods, tools, and materials that was not covered by
modern medical standards (standard medical services).alternatives treatment used
massage, beesting, blood making, acupuncture, herbal, electrical shock, misic, paranormal
and spiritual. herbal medication is the one type of alternative treatment.
In my family, exactly my mother from 2007 has been exposed to diabetes and my father
from the year 2011 has also been exposed to uent urination and often drowsy so that
diabetes is eradicated, sugar levels in the body diabetes, the cause may be heredity,
overweight or obesity and irregular eating patterns, freqalways go up.therefore my father's
mother used herbal medication type like cashew leaf, cat whiskers, leaf series, mangosteen
fruit,leaves sambiloto,etc.then boil water with the herbs and then pour to the glass 150ml
wait until cold then drink it,herbal medicine technique has many benefits, among others:

• The content of mangosteen skin is hypoglycemic that make lower blood glucose levels.

• To reduce the risk of the amount of chemicals inside the body

• Can prevent or treat various health conditions, such as inflammation, headaches,

depression, high blood pressure, even allowing for help You are fighting stress.

• Reduce the entry of chemicals materials into the body so that make body more healthy and
controll negative effects of drugs

• Sambiloto leaves contain flavonoids which function producing the hormone insulin so that
make glucose in the body can be smooth and avoid the deposition of glucose in the blood as
a trigger of diabetes.

The results of the can from herbal medicine in the form of growing these plants include:

• Can reduce patient stress, due to the uncertainty of disease about the illness that is often
difficult to know in conventional medicine.

• The cost required is low and cheap, compare to conventional treatment which using highly
expensive and complicated technology.

• Patient are directly involved in dealing with the disease, that control position if there is a
deviation in the treatment of the disease.

• Can reduce the trauma of patients due to cultural changes, which usually arise from the
implementation of modern medical sciences on conventional medicine.

• Besides beneficial to the patient, alternative medicine is also useful for promoting cultural
identity, including in this case concerning culture.