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Noelia Robles 
Noelia Robles 
  3292 Loughborough DR 
Merced, CA 95348 


Skills  Skilled in some sports 

Always on time 
Fast writer 
Experienced with cooking 


Experience  Cooking   
November 2014 - PRESENT 
Very skilled with any type of cooking. I have founded as a passion and 
would love to find a job related to it. In the future, I would love to have my 
own restaurant and make people happy while I’m doing what I love.  

September 2008 - PRESENT 
Since I was a little girl, I have found that I am very skilled in any type of 
sport. My favorite sport is basketball because I have fun playing it and I 
can express my emotions when I play.  

August 2017 - PRESENT 
I have taken Arts 1 and I have found myself become passionate about it 
every day. Every single project we do is easy to me and I just enjoy it. I can 
express myself by drawing, painting, etc. Art is one of my favorite 
subjects and I have become very good at it. 


Education  Rivera Middle School / ​Diploma 

August 2013 - August 2015, Rivera Middle School 
I have completed my middle school years with a diploma. I took many classes that 
I have enjoyed and it makes me very satisfied of what I have done it.  

Merced High School ​/ Processing 

August 2015- PRESENT, Merced High School 
Currently trying to graduate Merced High School. I am on the process of 
completing my last months in school and I am trying my best to graduate 
with good grades.  

Awards  Awards in freshman year 

CELDT Growth One Level 
Maintaining 3.5 GPA or above