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Safe and Resilient Healthcare Facilities

Considerations during design and operations

Chris Roberts – Global Solution Architect in Healthcare and International Director for the Health Care Institute (IFMA council)
Rahul Talwar – Global Business Development Manager for Healthcare

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Continuity of Services Pandemic Approach

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1. Is power outage the biggest concern?

66% of USA hospitals experienced a

power outage in the last 36 months,
with 12% having to close or relocate

Drought 4%
Earthquake 18%
Flooding 20%
Priorities' when
Hurricane 22%
designing and
Tornado 32%
building resiliency
Winter Storm 42%
Fire 53%
Power Outage 80%
Source: Health Facilities Management / ASHE 2018 Hospital Construction Survey
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2. Impact of an outage

Sewage Clean
Disposal Water

Life Safety

Loss of
Clean Air

Cooling Health


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10 Things to consider

1 What are the core services that are needed to operate the
• Select life safety and essential areas to be covered by backup
• Design UPS on life support machines in areas of high

2 How quick do you need to restore power?

• IEC requires less than 0.5 seconds
• NEMA within 10 seconds

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10 Things to consider

3 How long do you need to operate as an ‘island’?

• Requirements normally recommend 48 to 96 hours
• New Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia has enough fuel and
water supply to operate for 7 days
• Facilities in the USA are designing facilities with 18 day
capacity with full-power operations off the grid

Can you utilize renewable for energy and storage?
• Puerto Rico are building remote clinics with 100%
capacity from sustainable sources (solar)
• Solar and energy storage complement backup systems
• Microgrids offer resilience, redundancy and
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10 Things to consider

5 Locate critical infrastructure services away from flood risk

areas – the basement!
• Texas suffered issues with clean water due to flooding of basement
pump rooms during Harvey
• Design fuel tanks and MV/LV equipment on second floor to reduce risk
of water damage – equipment that can operate in harsh environments
• Rehab clinic in Boston, MA has the first floor raised above the 500 year
old flood elevation in preparation for future rises in water levels

6 Fire’s are commonly caused from electrical faults

• Monitoring of bus bars for thermal temperatures and loading
of circuits
• Evacuation is the last resort, defend in place
• Fire sprinkle and suppression system
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10 Things to consider

7 The data center is a critical infrastructure

• Communications with other facilities is necessary to
coordinate patients and services
• Access to patient health records is essential to prescribe the
right treatment
• Cloud vs edge data center – disaster ready data bunkers

8 Thermal issues with arise in warm humid conditions

• Cooling will become critical for patient safety
• Essential to protect medical supplies
• CHP as part of Microgrid will provide cooling and
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10 Things to consider

9 Test, test and check

• Most common reason for the generator not starting is due to
batteries – check their health and functionality
• 2 day warning for Hurricane Harvey, this is not enough time to
run through all the safety checks - automate some of the checks
• Condition based and preventable maintenance regimes to focus
on high risk areas

Training and expertise with remote guidance

10 • Training and upskill local teams on how to respond
• Remote monitoring to support on site teams. UMRC NY
avoid a transformer explosion with remote diagnostics
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An organization’s ability to cope with situations with minimal losses.

A system’s capability to fulfil all operational performance
requirements, involving the concepts of reliability, maintainability
and availability

No man is an island unto himself and nor is a building, the

infrastructure serving the hospital is just as critical
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1 Various ways infections can be transmitted

1 Contact Transmission

2 Droplet Transmission

3 Airborne Transmission

4 Common Vehicle Transmission

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5 Vector Borne Transmission
10 Things to consider

1 How do you quarantine patients?

• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention specify the need for
AIIR (airborne infectious isolation rooms)
• Dedicated isolation wards – NHS and a 2009 influenza containment
report from IHF recommend this as a means to address
pandemics– locate away from public access and define staff and
equipment for ward

2 Is there an automated workflow to reconfigure

areas and wards?
• Modification of control strategy to negative pressure
to isolate areas
• Communication to staff and visitors to protect
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10 Things to consider

3 What is the ventilation control strategy?

• It may be a luxury to have mechanical ventilation system in
• Natural ventilation can achieve the air changes with help of
extraction fans – openable windows but not near traffic (air
quality and insect protection must be considered)

Essential the ventilation can achieve;
• Dilution to reduce contagion in the room
• Filtration to remove contagion outside of the facility
• Pressure management to ensure correct air pathway –
clear visual display for nursing staff is critical
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10 Things to consider

5 Hand washing is the basics

• Ensure highest level of hand washing is carried out
• Automate compliance with visual/audible alerts
• Hand washing stations positioned at ward and room entries

6 PPE for staff and visitors

• Surgical masks should be issued to patients to avoid
droplet transmission
• Use of ante rooms to prepare and remove safely
gowns, aprons and masks.
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10 Things to consider

7 Track the location of patients, assets and staff

• RTLS systems can detail where the patient has been in the
facility and which staff members and equipment they came
into contact with

8 Removal of waste and sterilization

• Safe removal of contaminated materials
• Automated guided vehicles (AGV’s) can be used to
collect soiled material to reduce cross contamination
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10 Things to consider

9 Test, test and check

• Monitoring of system operations to ensure compliance and
safety to others
• Testing of the systems to ensure they reconfigure safety if the
situation occurs

Training and preparedness

10 • Training of staff on how to respond in a situation
• Communication!

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