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Lesson Plan

Teacher's name: Doroftei Andreea Dumitrița

School: Școala Gimnazială ”Doctor Partenie Ciopron” Păltiniș

Date: the 20th of December 2017

Grade: 6th

Text Book: Pathway to English, English Factfile

Units: 5 The Green Planet, 6 Customs and traditions and 7 Household items

Language focus: Present perfect; Present perfect continuous; A few and a little; It’s for + -ing

form; Offering and accepting/ refusing help.

Time: 50 minutes

Type of lesson: Evaluation

Methods and techniques: individual work

Skills developed: writing, reading


- Cognitive: At the end of the lesson students will be able to:

 To revise vocabulary and grammar of the proceeding units;

 To fill in the blanks correctly when sentences are given;

Materials: pen, handouts, blackboard.

Stages of the lesson

Stage of the The teacher's activity The student's Interaction Skill Time Aims
lesson activity
Activity 1 The teacher greets the students and - to check
Warm-up checks attendance; The students answer T - Ss Speaking 3' attendance;
- to create a

Activity 2 The teacher gives the students the The students listen. T - Ss Listening - to make
Announcing the test papers and tells the students Ss aware of
content of the test
that they have 40’ to solve the test. the test
content and
The teacher gives the students the
what they
necessary instructions for them to
complete the given tasks.
supposed to
do with it

Activity 3 The teacher supervises the students 40’ - to check

Testing The students write Lockstep Writing the

Activity 4 T asks the students to finish their The students finish their T - Ss Listening - to let Ss
Feedback and tests and to check if the objectives tests. Speaking know how
evaluation 5’
were achieved. Writing well they