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Compare & Sustainability Importance of Land Equity/Inequity

Spatial view of contrast locations parks in cities

land/availability in Cause and Effect
across Philadelphia Environmental,
Philadelphia of Urbanization
social, personal
Parks as community builders
“Urbanization” Access
Google Maps Outdoor
Exploration Activity
Environmental Design
Google Maps Outdoor
City vs. Country The Little Landscape Exploration Activity
Comparison Activity House Read Architecture
Urban vs
Aloud Architecture/creative Presentation
suburban vs
rural space construction
Who should be able to
use the space? Outdoor Design
Roberto the Process
Students or all of the Persuasive Writing PAS Outdoor
Architect Read
community? Connection: student – Community Parks & Playgrounds Space
what should we keep the Revitalization
same or change about I.M. Pei:
the outdoor design? What Do You Do Biography
with an Idea? Modern
Who in the community and Design
Design Challenge Outdoor
will this benefit and Central to Read Aloud
Informational/Relevant Text Design and
why? students at

Use evidence to
support opinions Student Outdoor
Observation and
Design Activity

Final Idea Web

Generative Topic/Question: Community-building through outdoor
design/How can outdoor spaces be used as a way to build
connections in the school and neighborhood community?