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As a marketing student and sooner be a marketing practitioner, we the

senior marketing students of Batangas State University have participated in the
past training headed by the Department of Trade and Industry at the Philippine
Trade Training Center (PTTC) conducted last August 27, 2010 at Sen. Gil Puyat
avenue corner roxas blvd. Pasay City, the seminar has conducted for young
entrepreneur with has the capability to start up a new business.
The first speaker was Mr. Beato H. Griarte Jr. an old great successful man
from Ultima (entrypinoy Forum center) with has the business of Herbal Soap
Making. Mr. Beato has discussed the course of action a young entrepreneur
might contain to start up a new business it was composed of vision and mission.
Industry Profile, business set up, technology, financial/ financing, marketing,
advocates and other concern. Then Mr. Beato has a demonstration on how to
make the herbal soap.
The second speaker was Ms. Lady T. Espinosa, a successful young
beautiful lady who has the business of perfumery. During the session of her
training, she has discussed the whole information about perfume, its
composition, materials and its procedures. It was quite interesting but expensive.
If I would have given a chance I would have engage in this type of business,
fragrance of money.
The seminar had ended well and the young marketers had a great
experience. Well done PTTC congrats DTI

The batangas states university; Colleges of Accountancy, Business

Economics and International Hospitality Management (CABEIHM) here we come.
September 1, 2010 the first day of September, the last day for the
organizers as they’ve gathered young marketers at the CABEIHM multimedia
room 2. it was a seminar entitled Strive for Excellence, Not Perfection
organized by the Junior Marketing Association of BatState-U main 1, it was
participated by our sister campuses Lipa and San Juan Campus.
The seminar proper started with the prayer followed by the national
anthem and of course the university hymn.
The speaker was Ms. Shirley Ann Mendoza, a member of Sife Which
Stands for students in free enterprise, Ms. Mendoza also a member of
association of marketing educators. Ms. Mendoza have emphasizes that we
must strive for excellence in all things for us to achieve determination, patience
and courage. Love and aspiration would have a great participation in achieving
excellence. The trap in our life is called “perfection”, nothing is complete
breathes” a quotation coming from Antonio Porchia. It such a great talk and one
thing is for sure excellence is always evolving and changing perfection on the
other hand is where we can stop strive hard marketers. It’s the end of discussion
and the start of the game as expected we had fun always.BatState-U marketing
students always know how to appreciate one’s effort to organize an event. A job
well done Borbonians, there’s no such great people than marketing people…..go
marketers….its our moment to shine.
Republic of the Philippines
Batangas State University
Rosario Campus

Presented by:
Ms. Marilyn Bolado
411- Marketing

Presented to:
Ms. Dyzel M. Deguzman
Instructor 1

20 September 2010