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Long Blades & Soulstones


1st Draft, February, 2015
Dissatisfied with known, existing pen n’ paper/traditional
Elder Scrolls RPGs in circulation, I’ve dared to write my own. The
attempt is to write one that is more complete; as most of the Elder
Scrolls RPGs I’ve come across have just been modules for
translating the Races into your preferred system, which is fine, but
most systems have things like classes, or spell memorization, that
don’t comply with the standards I the Elder Scrolls videogames.

What you have here is a fan-made pen n’ paper RPG, based

on the Elder Scrolls videogame series. It’s a culmination of
mechanics and concepts from various RPGs and different
Elderscrolls games. It’s not a direct translation of any specific
Elders Scrolls game, nor does it attempt to translate the Elder
Scrolls into any specific preexisting system.

This is, as of Febuary 2015, the first draft. It’s ugly, nasty,
artless, and probably full of grammatical errors, but it’s functional.
It’ll go through at least a couple of iterations over the next year or
so, but I’ll not dare attach a date to the next draft’s publication.
Just know that I do intend to tweak it, as I want there to be a solid,
fully involved RPG for playing in Tamriel.
ROLLING CHECKS +4 Defense but only dealing ½ damage), Charge
Whenever a character attempts something (move Movement Speed +1d6 and attack if closed or
in a hazardous environment or something that end turn if not), and Grapple (make opposed combat
cannot be repeated until completion, the player must checks at the beginning of each participants turn;
roll a Check. Checks are rolled by rolling 1d20 and with a participant only action if they win at the
adding the most appropriate Skill Total to the roll, or beginning of their turn; may opt to Strike, Disarm,
Attribute Bonus + Luck if no Skill is applicable. Disengage [break away and stand 1 space away], or
Hold [induce a -3 penalty to next Grapple Check of
TARGET NUMBERS opponent]), but the initial action for all are done at a
Checks will be rolled against either an -3 penalty.
opposed roll, made by the opponent/defender, or a
static Target Number determined by the Game CHARACTER CREATION SUMMARY
Master (GM), based on the inherent difficulty of the
task. 1. Attributes: Roll 3d6 for each, exchange the
In combat, Defenders win ties. Out of
rolled scroes of any two once (excluding Luck),
combat, Players win ties against everything except
spells. Non-damaging spells always win ties. and then
EXAMPLE TARGET NUMBERS consult the chart.
Simple – don’t roll unless it’s a one-chance instance;
then it is a: 6+ 2. Race & Birthsign: Select a Race and roll for
Easy – Most people with some level of a Birthsign. You may have your choice of the
training/exposure can do this: 10+ one
Demanding – calls for a certain level of experience: rolled, or the only right above or below it.
Challenging – a truly difficult task 18+ 3. Profession: select one, assuming any related
Madness – PC plans – 22+
skill ranks and starting spells.
Characters may opt. to Parry instead of 4. Gear: Spend (INT or WIS Score x5) + 100
“block” and roll a counter-attack roll against a Septims on equipment. Your character pockets
target’s attack. If they roll higher than the target’s only ½ of
roll they successfully defend themselves, and if they what you don’t spend.
beat the opponent’s roll by 5 or more they get an
Attack of Opportunity.
ATTACKS of OPROTUNITY HP: Endurance score + STR + PER
-are made at -2 Attack whenever an MP: Expends an amount equal to the spell’s Tier per
opponent executes a full-turn action or moves casting, regained at 1d4+PER during a short rest,
through one or more combat-ranges. and fully restored after a Long Rest: WIL + PER +
BEING ENCUMBERED Guard: Default TN for aggressors, unless opting to
Induces a -4 penalty to Athletics, Parry: Attack Bonus w/ weapon +armor/shield +
Acrobatics, and Sneak checks, and reduces your AGI.
character’s speed by 2. Characters cannot carry more Movement Speed: Spaces moved per Move action:
than double their Capacity and function. ½ SPD + ½ STR +3
Awareness: Target number for those sneaking
BEING PRONE around you: INT + AGI + LUK + 6
When knocked to the ground a character Capacity: Strength Score x4
must take a Turn to stand. While on the ground they Lifting Strength: Capacity x8
suffer a -4 to all rolls and their Movement Speed is Drag/Shove: Lifting x10
reduced to 1.

Characters don’t have to just ‘swing to deal
damage,’ when fighting. They can attempt to tirp,
disarm, feint (also a damaging attack, which grants
When generating a character, roll 3d6 and consult the following chart to determine the starting
values of the Attribute’s scores and modifiers. Once all eight have been rolled for, players may select two
and change their randomized scores before moving on to race selection. Luck may not be selected when
exchanging rolled scores.
Score/Roll 1-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-16 17-18 19-20 21+
Modifier -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6


Marksman – the use of bows and crossbows, as well as throwing
Sneak – the ability to move about and hide undetected
Riding – riding mounts and steering vehicles
Armor – Armor reduces the AP of a worn suit of armor by ½ of it’s Ranks (not it’s total)
Spears – Combat with polearms
Survival – Ability to weather the harsh wildernesses
Alchemy – identification and crafting of potions
Conjuration – casting Conjuration spells
Enchantment – casting Conjuration spells
Security – disabling locks and traps
Navigation – discerning direction
Illusion – casting Conjuration spells
Mercantile – the prices goods are sold and bought for is modified by the difference in mercantile skill.
Merhcants will not go above/below 50%/150% of an item’s value.
Speechcraft – goading, charming, and intimidating others.
Animal Handling – interpreting and influencing the behavior of wild animals
Athletics – swimming and climbing
Hand-to-Hand – fighting unarmed
Short Blades – fighting with daggers and short-swords
Acrobatics – leaping and tumbling
Hand Weapons – maces and axes
Great Weapons – mauls and great axes
Long Blades - Longswords and great swords
Alteration – casting Conjuration spells
Destruction – casting Conjuration spells
Mysticism – casting Conjuration spells
Restoration – casting Conjuration spells

Luck does not have any skills, but instead dictates a character’s maximum Luck Points. Spending a Luck
Point before a roll is made allows the player to roll an additional d20 per-Luck Point spent, and use the
highest number rolled among them. Characters only regain 1 Luck Point per month of down time. The
Score for luck is not recorded, just the modifier. If it’s less than 1, it becomes 1.

If a natural 20 (before modifiers) is rolled for an Attack Roll then it’s a critical hit. It automatically hits, and
deals the weapon’s maximum possible damage + the character’s Luck Modifier.
Altmer -2 -1 0 -1 +2 0 0
Argonian 0 -2 +1 +1 +1 0 -2
Bosmer -2 -1 +2 +2 0 -2 -1
Breton -1 -2 -2 -1 +2 +2 0
Dunmer 0 -1 0 +2 0 -2 -1
Imperial 0 0 -2 -1 0 -1 +2
Khajit -1 -1 +2 0 0 -2 0
Nord +2 +2 0 0 -2 -1 -1
Orismer +1 +2 -1 -2 -1 0 -1
Redguard +1 +2 0 0 -2 -2 -1

+4 v s. Diseases, suffers +1d4 damage from Fire/Frost/Shock effects, +4 MP
Altemr SKILLS: Alchemy, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Mysticism
+4 vs. Disease, Immune to Poison, can breath under water, +4 to swim.
Argonian SKILLS: Alchemy, Athletics, Short Blades, Hand-to-Hand, Illusion, Mysticism, Security
+4 vs. Disease, Can cast beast tongue once/long rest as a natural ability.
Bosmer SKILLS: Acrobatics, Alchemy, Alteration, Animal Handling, Marksman, Sneak.
Suffers only ½ damage from spells, +2 MP
Breton SKILLS: Alchemy, Alteration, Conjuration, Illusion, Mysticism, Restoration
After a Short or Long rest regains 1 Luck Point if at 0 Luck Points, -4 damage from fire.
Dunmer SKILLS: Athletics, Short Blades, Hand Weapons, Destruction, Marksman, Mysticism
+2 to all Speech craft and Mercantile Checks, +3 HP
Imperial SKILLS: Short Blades, Hand Weapons, Spears, Mercantile, Speechcraft
Can clearly in darkness out to 25ft, and at a disadvantage out to 50ft, +2 to intimidate.
Khajiit SKILLS: Acrobatics, Athletics, Short Blades, Hand-to-Hand, Security, Sneak
-4 damage from frost effects, +2 to all checks made for wilderness survival/navigation
Nord SKILLS: Short Blades, Long Blades, Hand Weapons, Great Weapons, Restoration, Armor
-4 damage from Magicka-sources, deal +1d6 damage in melee if below ½ health
Orismer SKILLS: Long Blades, Hand Weapons, Great Weapons, Hand-to-Hand, Armor
+4 vs. Diseases and Poisons, may re-roll a critical failure once per long rest.
Redguard SKILLS: Athletics, Short Blades, Hand Weapons, Armor, Mercantile

(Players select 4 racial skills to gain 2 Free Ranks in).

Roll on the following chart to determine your character’s Birthsign (the consolation under which
they were born). You may chose to take the one rolled, or the one immediately preceding or following. This
also determines your character’s month of birth.
Birthsigns relate to the starts your character were born under.

2d10 Sign Effect(s)

2-3 The Lady +1 Personality, +4 HP
4-5 The Apprentice +8 MP, Suffer +1 damage from all magic sources.
Suffer 3 less damage from all magic sources, but does not regain
6-7 The Atronach Magicka Points inherently over time. However, they gain a number of
MP equal to the Tier of any spell successfully cast on them.
+1 Agility, may cast: Lover’s Kiss (Touch: Target loses next turn) once
8 The Lover
per long rest, as a full-action.
9 The Mage +4 Magicka Points
10 The Warrior +1 to all Athletics and combat (attacks/maneuvers/etc) rolls.
11 The Thief +1 Perception, +1 to all Sneak and Security Rolls.
12 The Shadow +4 to all Sneak rolls
Restoration Magic restores and additional 1d4 HP, and they may cast
13 The Ritual
Blessed Touch (effect; lesser turn undead) once /long rest
May cast Beggar’s Nose (Lesser Detect Animal, Key, or Enchantment)
14-15 The Tower
or Tower Key (Open Lock) once per long rest.
16-17 The Steed +1 Speed, +1 Movement
Blood of the North – all healing effects cast on the character heal them
18-19 The Lord for an additional 1d4 HP, but they suffer +1d4 damage from all Fire
Star Curse – Touch – Suffer 1d6 damage, targets suffers 1d6 damage at
20 The Serpent the end of an equal number of their subsequent turns. Can be cast once
per long rest.

These are characteristics common among those born under the different signs. In no way do they
restrict your character’s personality, but are simply variables to consider when writing up their biography.

The Apprentice – dedicated, if a little excitable

The Atronach – resolute, sometimes cautious to a fault
The Lady – patient, often kind.
The Lord – confident and/or arrogant
The Lover – charming, often companionate
The Mage – often absent-minded or arrogant
The Ritual – usually insightful and wise, often religious and devout
The Serpent – no characteristics are common to those born under the serpent
The Shadow – secretive, slow to trust, sometimes untrustworthy themselves
The Steed – often brave, usually impatient
The Thief – sometimes hard-headedly brash, but usually daring or cunning
The Tower – inquisitive, can absentminded sometimes
The Warrior – brave, but often brash or short tempered
-Gain 2 free ranks in all listed skills
-Select 2 spells to have memorized and in a spellboook

Profession Skills & Spells

Athletics, Spears, Alteration, Hand-to-Hand, Marksmanship, Sneak
Acrobat Spells: None
Conjuration, Illusion, Mercantile, Short Blades, Sneak, Speechcraft
Agent Spells: None
Athletics, Long Blades, Marksman, Security, Sneak, Short Blades
Assassin Spells: None
Athletics, Hand Weapons, Great Weaopns, Spears, Marksman, Short Blades
Barbarian Spells: None
Long Blades, Alchemy, Enchantment, Illusion, Acrobatics, Speechcraft
Bard Spells: None
Hand Weapons, Armor, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchantment
Battlemage Spells: Shield, Water Walking, Bound Dagger, Fire Bite
Athletics, Acrobatics, Short Blades, Security, Sneak, Mercantile, Speechcraft
Burglar Spells: None
Hand Weapons, Alteration, Illusion, Mysticism, Restoration, Speechcraft
Healer Spells: Hearth Heal, Heal, Shield, Water Walking, Detect Creature
Hand Weapons, Armor, Long Blades, Enchantment, Restoration, Speechcraft
Knight Spells: None
Alchemy, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchantment, Mysticism
Mage Spells: Shield, Water Walking, Chameleon, Sanctuary, Detect Creature
Athletics, Hand Weapons, Restoration, Hand-to-Hand, Marksmanship, Sneak
Monk Spells: None
Athletics, Long blades, Alchemy, Alteration, Marksmanship, Sneak
Scout Spells: None
Athletics, Armor, Hand Weapons, Spears, Long blades, Marksmanship
Warrior Spells: None
Hand Weapons, Alchemy, Alteration, Enchantment, Mysticism, Marksmanship
Witchhunter Spells: Bound Dagger, Water Walking, Sanctuary
Short Blades Size Damage Special TYPE ENC Value
Daggers 1 1d4+STR Small, Quick Piercing 2 10
Swords 1 1d6+STR Quick P, C 4 35
Long Blades Size Damage Special TYPE ENC Value
Longswords 1 1d6+STR Versatile C, P, B 6 50
Great Swords 2 1d10+STR -- C, P, B 15 85
Hand Weps. Size Damage Special TYPE ENC Value
Axes 1 1d6+STR -- Cutting 8 30
Bludgeons 1 1d4+STR+1 -- Bludge. 8 25
Shields 1 1d6+STR +1 Guard/Parry Bludge. 8 35
Great Weaps. Size Damage Special TYPE ENC Value
Great Axes 2 1d12+STR -1 Attack C, B 18 80
Mauls 2 1d8+STR+2 -1 Attack Bludge. 18 75
Spears Size Damage Special TYPE ENC Value
Staves 1 1d4+STR Versatile, Reach Bludge. 8 15
Spears 1 1d6+STR Versatile, Reach P, B 10 30
Glaives 2 1d8+STR Reach C, B, P 15 55
Marksman Size Damage Special TYPE ENC Value
Bows 2 1d6 Ranged: 20 Piercing 8 25
Crossbows 2 1d6+2 Reload, Ranged: 25 Piercing 10 30
Longbows 2 1d8 Knock, Ranged: 30 Piercing 10 35
Knives 1 1d4 Small, Melee, Thrown:10 Piercing 2 15
Darts 1 1d4 Small, Thrown: 20 Piercing 2 10
Javelins 1 1d6 Melee, Thrown:10 Piercing 6 20

Versatile – Most versatile weapons deal +2 damage in melee when wielded in both hands. Staves,
however, grant +1 Defense instead.
Small - +2 to conceal
Quick – does not suffer the Redundancy penalty when used in a second combat action.
Reach – can attack opponents 2 spaces/10ft away in melee
Thrown/Ranged: X – X is the number of spaces/x5ft that count as a range increment; attack suffer a -1
penalty for each range increment between the attacker and the target.
Knock – requires an action to reload
Reload – requires a turn to reload
Melee – this weapon Can be used as a Short Blade/Spear in melee combat, dealing +STR damage.

TYPE Armor Value Weight* Value
Leather +/- 1 40 35
Mail +/- 2 65 50
Partial-Plate +/- 3 75 75
Plate Suit +/- 4 85 100
*The Weight of armor does not apply to the person wearing it.
Armor Value (AV) – Is added to a character’s Guard total and at ½ values to Parry Rolls, but subtracted
from their Athletics, Acrobatics, and Sneak rolls at full value.
MONEY: The standard currency in Tamriel is the Septim. 50 Septims has an ENC of 1, they’re about
an inch in diameter/2.5cm.

Pack A container about the size of 3 bread loafs, that can contain up 1 10
to 30ENC of items.
Pouch A fist-sized container tha can hold up to 5enc of items. .5 4
Scabbard A custom-made weapon container that holds 1 weapon .5 6
Vile Holds 1Enc(~3oz) of a liquid. .5 5
Waterskin/Canteen Holds 4ENC (~20z) of liquid .5 12
Torch Illuminates 5spaces well, and 15 more spaces dimly. 1 6
Burns for ~2 in-game hours.
Lockpicks Allow a character to attempt to pick a lock. 1 25
Hand-Tools Provide a +1 to doing the thing they’re made to do. 1 10
Prybars Allow characters to attempt to pry-apart things that are sealed. 1 10
Rope Can support ~300lbs, ENC/COST is per-10ft 1 15
Chain Can support ~400lbs, ENC/COST is per-10ft 2 20
Tindertwigs Treated 3-inch sticks that are light fires on a 3+ from a d6. 1 30
Each box is fist-sized n’ a n inch tall, comes with 20 (uses).
Flit n’ Steel Can start a fire on a 5+ from a d6. 1 10
Spyglass A Telescoping cylinder with glass lenses which extend the 1 40
viewer’s range of vision by 200yards/meters.
Magnifying Glass Removes any penalty for searching for a small thing. .5 30
Arrows/Bolts Ammunition for Bows/Longbows/Crossbows, ENC is per 5. 1 2
--------------------------- USE ENC Value
Rations Keeps you from starving for 1 day. 1 4
Meals Satisfies your hunger. 2 10
Qualty Meals - even goes so far as to Restore 1 HP and MP 2 20
Water Keeps you from dehydrating, with 12oz/day -- --
Flavored Drinks Satisfies your thirst. 2 6
Alchoholic Beverages Provides +1 vs. Fear, Frost, Charm, and Intimidation, but -1 to 2 12
all other rolls; double for spell casting, per-16oz.
Quality Alchoolic Bvs. The bonus and penalty are increased to +&- 2. 2 30
1 night at an Inn Allows you to rest comfortably. -- 30
Poison Deals 1d4+1 damage to the target for the next (3/6/12) rounds 1 45
Healing Potion Restores 2d4+1 HP 1 50
Magick Potion Restores 2d4+1 MP 1 50
Potion of Attribute Grants a +1 to all rolls made with the attribute for 4 rounds. 1 80
Vial of Disease Contains a Disease, inflicting a –1 to all rolls, and inflicting 1d3 1 80
damage to the target every hour for the next (12/24/48) hours.
Antidote Curse a single instance of Disease/Poison of (minor/lesser/major) tier. 1 100
MOUNT HP Defense Attack Damage Speed Capacity Value
Mule/Goat 10 10 +0 1d6 6 60 30
Horse 12 10* +2 1d6+2 10 300 65
Riding H. 15 12* +4 1d6+4 15 350 100
War H. 20 14* +5 1d6+5 12 350 200
Spell Effects & Enchantments
All tiers of spells have the same effects as it’s others. However, each tier has a different base dice-
type, represented by a “D” in it’s description. Entrapments have a base number per-tier it it’s place. The
amount of MP expended for casting spell is equal to double it’s tier (2/4/6). The difficulty for memorizing a
spell is equal to double it’s tier +9. Weapons must be enchanted when crafted. The act is equal to it’s
existing Crafting Difficulty + double it’s Tier.

Tier Title
1 Minor
2 Lesser
3 Major

Memorizing Spells
Memorizing a spell involves analyzing and/or combining effects and committing them to memory.
The difficulty for doing so is equal to the spell’s combined tiers +10. It can only be attempted about once a
week. Doing so without direct reference, in the form of a mentor, spellbook, or scroll, doubles the tier for
the sake of calculating the difficulty, and raises the sum by 2. No single spell may have more than 3 effects
applied to it. Redundant spell effects do not ‘stack,’ and count as a single-instance of the effect.
Characters can only have a total count of spell tiers memorized equal to their WIL+INT+1.

The positive effects effect people wielding them, and negative effects effect the people
successfully struck by them; unless otherwise specified by the enchanter. Like spells, no single armament
may have more than three effects.

Enchanted Armors, Helmets, Gloves, and Boots effect the person wearing them.

Enchanted staves may be enchanted to have on-hit and/or when wielded effects, like other
weapons, or they may be enchanted to hold a number of Charges which can be expended to cast the spell
they were enchanted with in place of MP.
If enchanted to hold Charges, the Staff may only have one Spell (with 1-3 effects) stored in it. IF
successfully crafted, it has 2 Charges by default, with an additional number of charges equal to the number
of Ranks or Attribute Modifier the crafter/enchanter has for the kind of spell being used. So, for example, if
a character enchanted a Staff to cast Shock, and had a Willpower mod of 2, but 4 ranks in Destruction, the
staff would hold a total of 6 Charges (2 + the crafter’s Ranks in Destruction).

-are required to enchant anything. An equal total of tiers in soul stones is required to enchant an
item. So, if a character wanted to make an item with a Standard spell effect, then they’d need a Standard or
Major soulstone. Regardless of the tier of stone it’s fully depleted when used for enchantment; even if it’s a
Major soulstone being used to enchant a Minor spell into a weapon. The tier of soulstone needed is equal to
the highest tier among effects being enchanted into the item.
Soul-stones fit in a persons’ palm, and have an ENC of 1. Minor/Lesser/Major soulstones have a
base-value of 50/100/200 Septims.

Persistent effects on weapons/armor that effect the wearer/wielder are restricted to the minimum
tier available to the spell.
If a spell has a trio of effect number held in parentheses, then those replace the normal dice/teir-
mod. for the spell’s scaling effect. No character may maintain/instigate a number of spell effects greater
than their Intellect, Personality, or Willpower modifier at the same time. So if they’ve got a Willpower of 2,
an Intellect of +3, and a Personality of +3, they can only instigate/maintain 1-3 spells at a time; so if
they’ve got 3 going, they’d have to dismiss one before casting another, even if it’s effect is instantaneous
and non-persistent. This number is referred to as their “Attunement.”

Burden – causes the target to become encumbered for (2/3/4) rounds.
Feather – Unencumbered targets are immune from fall-damage, and encumbered targets become
unencumbered, for (2/4/6) rounds.
Fire Shield – A shield of elemental fire reduces all incoming fire damage by (3/6/9), to a minimum of 0, for
4 rounds.
Frost Shield – A shield of elemental ice reduces all incoming frost damage by (3/6/9), to a minimum of 0,
for 4 rounds.
Jump – target gains +(2/4/6) to all subsequent jump-checks for the next (2/4/5) rounds.
Levitate – Major – target gains the ability to levitate in any direction for 4 rounds. If the effect is persistnat
they will fall to the ground at the end of 4 rounds airborne, and must push-off to initiate a
subsequent set of 4 rounds of levitation.
Lightning Shield - – A shield of elemental lightning reduces all incoming shock damage by (3/6/9), to a
minimum of, for 4 rounds.
Lock – a cast of this spell locks a container for (4/8/12) hours, at a difficulty equal to locks of the same tier.
Open – a cast of this spell unlocks (minor/standard/major) locks.
Shield – a barrier of force prevents the next by (3/6/9), to a minimum of 0, for 4 rounds.
Swift Swim – target gains +(2/4/6) to all subsequent swimming checks for the next (2/4/6) rounds.
Water Breathing – target gains the ability to breathe under water for (4/7/10) rounds.
Water Walking - target gains the ability to walk on top of water for (4/7/10) rounds.

All conjured things may be manually dismissed as a free action on the Player’s turn.

Bound Armor – conjures a suit of basic armor with an AV of 3 that only penalizes the character as though it
had an AV of 2, which persists for (5/10/15) rounds.
Bound Bow – conjures a basic bow that persists for (5/10/15) rounds.
Bound Dagger – conjures a basic dagger that persists for (5/10/15) rounds.
Bound Shield – conjures a basic shield that persists for (5/10/15) rounds.
Bound Spear – conjures a basic spear that persists for (5/10/15) rounds.
Bound Weapon – conjures a basic hand-weapon that persists for (5/10/15) rounds.
Command Creature – forces a common animal to follow your orders for (8/10) rounds. They willnot,
however, do something that directly conflicts with their instincts. Animals known for being
affectionate won’t eat their family, and horses won’t even try to climb a tree; etc.
Command Humanoids – Major – forces a corporeal sapient being to follow your orders for 6 rounds.
They will not, however, do something that directly conflicts with their morals/instincts. At the
beginning of every round the humanoid is entitled to a Personality or Willpower check at the
beginning of each of their turns (which is also when the person commanding them gets to chose
their action). The check is made against the attribute bonus of the caster that’s used to cast the
spell, +11.
Summon Atronach – Lesser – An atronatch is an elemental being from foreign planes. There are Flame,
Frost, and Storm Atronatches. They count-as having a +1 in all Attributes, and no skills. They’ve
got 14 HP, a Defense of 12, and +5 to their Attack rolls. Successful attacks deal 1d6 damage
that counts-as physical and elemental damage. They can also project a bolt of their element with a
range of 10, and deals 1d6 damage when it hits.
Summon Scamp – Minor – summons a scamp that does what you tell it to. It returns to Oblivion after 8
rounds. Scamps have 8 HP, 12 Defense, deal 1d4 damage with their claws, and can project balls of
fire as a ranged attack, which deal 1d6+1 damage on hits. They count-as having a -1 in all
Summon Skeleton - Lesser- summons a skeleton that fights for you for 8 rounds. It has 10 HP, a Defense
of 14, and whatever weapon it has is of poor quality and deals 1d6 damage on successful hits.
Skeletons count-as having +0 in all Attributes.
Summon Bonewalker – Lesser – As Skeleton, but a big ol’ Bonewalker. It has 15 HP, a defense of 12, and
it’s body-mounted spikes deal 1d6+2 damage on hits. It counts-as having a +1 in all attributes.
Summon Ghost – Lesser – ghosts have only 8 HP, and 8 Defense, but suffer only 1 Damage from
successful attacks by sources that are non-magical and/or not silver. They can throw light objects
at opponents telekinetically for 1d4 damage, and cast Ghost Curse. To cast Ghost Curse roll a d6.
On a 1-2, it has no effect. On a 3+ the target becomes Encumbered for a number of rounds equal
to the roll on the d6.
Turn Undead – forces all undead within (5/10/20) spaces/x5ft of your character to flee your character at 1
move action / turn, for a number of turns equal to your character’s Willpower +(1/2/3).

Destruction spells with the word “Damage” or “Drain” in them are cast as ranged attacks, with
either the caster’s Agility or Willpower added to the to-hit roll. They can be avoided/counted as though
they were normal physical ranged attacks. This trait is persistent through any spell with such Destruction an
affect applied to it.

Break – Major – target piece of non-magical equipment breaks.

Damage Attribute – the victim suffers a –(1/2/4) to all subsequent rolls made with that Attribute or it’s
skills for the next (2/4/6) rounds.
Damage Health – the victim’s maximum HP is lowered by (4/6/8) for the next (2/4/8) rounds.
Damage Magicka – the victim’s maximum MP is lowered by (4/6/8) for the next (2/4/8) rounds.
Drain Health – the victim loses 1d(4/6/8) HP, and the caster is healed for an equal amount.
Drain Magicka – the victim loses 1d(4/6/8) MP, and the caster regains an equal amount.
Fire Damage – deals 1d4+(2/4/6) Fire Damage to the target.
Frost Damage – deals 1d4+(2/4/6) Frost Damage to the target.
Poison – Lesser – the target is afflicted by a magical poison for the next (3/6) turns, suffering 1d4 damage
at the end of each turn.
Shock Damage – deals 1d4+(2/4/6) Shock Damage to the target.
Weakness to X – there are a multitude of weakness effects under Destruction. Instead of listing them all
separately, this is the effect they all have, as applied to (Disease, Fire, Frost, Magicka, Poison,
Physical, and Shock damage/effects). They reduce the target-number for rolls made to effect the
target with such effects, and/or their saving throws to resist them by (2/3/4), and increase the
amount of damage the type deals to the target if successful, by +(1/2/4).

Blind – Major – obscures the vision of the target for PER +1 rounds, causing them to suffer a -4 penalty to
all touch/melee actions, and a -8 to any form of ranged action.
Chameleon – allows the target to become hazy, and hard to focus sight on for (2/4/6) rounds, granting a +4
to all sneak checks, and it does not dissipate when taking action.
Charm – grants +(2/3/4) to all Speechcraft/Mercantile checks/effects the target makes for PER+1 rounds.
Invisibility – target becomes invisible (but not intangible or inaudible) for PER+(1/2/3) rounds.
Light – creates a torch-like illumination on a touched-object, lasts for PER+(2/4/8) rounds.
Night Eye – allows the target to see out to (10/20/40) spaces/x5ft in darkness for (4/8/10) rounds, but the
target must make an Agility or Endurance Check if it comes into contact with bright lights while
the effect is active, or they become Blinded for their next turn.
Paralyze – Major – the target loses their next PER rounds, and cannot move.
Rally – Minor – taget can automatically re-roll a failed Personality/willpower check made to resist fear,
and/or gains +2 to their next roll against Fear or intimidation.
Sanctuary – target creature gains +(1/2/3) defense for the next PER+(1/2/3) rounds.
Silence – Lesser – the target cannot speak or cast spells for the next (1/2/4) rounds.

Absorb Health/Magicka – this spell comes in two forms, one effecting Health and the other effecting
Magicka. Respectively they drain 1d(3/4/6) of the stat in question from the target, and add it to
their own. They cannon exceed their own maximum HP or MP. The stat affected is declared when
the spell is learned/enchanted, and each is treated as a separate spell in
it’s own right for the purposes of learning/sharing/enchanting the effect.
Absorb Attribute – Major – the target suffers a -2 penalty to all checks made with the Attribute in question,
and the caster gains a +2 for the same attribute’s uses for the duration of 4 rounds. The Attribute
affected is declared when the spell is learned/enchanted, and each is treated as a separate spell in
it’s own right for the purposes of learning/sharing/enchanting the effect.
Detect Animal – detects corporeal beasts and people within (10/25/50)spacse/x5ft for the next (2/4/6)
Detect Enchantment – allows the caster to detect enchanted items/spells being cast within (20/40/60)spaces.
Dispel – Removes a single Magickal effect from the target, of (Minor/Lesser/Major) tier.
Recall – the spell may be cast at a 10+ difficulty to Mark a location. If cast again at 14+ difficulty it will
teleport the caster to the marked location. No more than 1 location may be Marked at any time.
Reflect – invokes a chance that the next (1/2/3) spells cast on the target will be bounced back at the caster.
When hit by a spell the target rolls a d8, and on a (6-8/5-8/4-8) the spell is bounced-back at the
caster for full effect.
Soultrap – the caster drains the soul of an (small animal/or large animal or monster/or person) and stores it
in a (minor/lesser/major) soulstone.
Telekinesis – allows the gentile locomotion of an object within (10/20/30) spaces, weighing no more than
the caster’s Willpower Score +(5/10/15)lbs; one-object at a time. If thrown at an opponent it is
made at a standard thrown-weapon attack with the caster’s Agility. If successful, objects
weighting less than 20lbs deal 1d4+WIL damage, and objects weighing more than 20lbs deal
1d6+WIL damage.

Cure Poison/Disease/Paralyzation – these two spells have the same effect, but on three different targets:
poisons, diseases, and paralysis. If cast successfully they remove 1 instance of a
(minor/lesser/major) poison/disease.
Fortify Attack – the target gains +(1/2/3) to their attacks rolls made within the next (1/2/4) rounds.
Fortify Attribute – the target gains +1 to their rolls made with the attribute for the next (2/4/6) rounds.
Fortify Health/Magicka– the target’s maximum HP/MP is temporarily increased by (4/8/12) for the next
(2/4/6) rounds.
Resist Poison/Disease/Paralyzation – target gains +(2/3/4) against the specific effect of the spell for the
next (2/4/8) rounds.
Resist Fire/Frost/Shock – target gains (2/3/4) damage reduction against the type of damage in question for
the next t(2/4/6) rounds.
Restore Attribute/Health/Magicka – rebukes the effects of (minor/lesser/major) Drain/Absorption effects on
the target for the specified statistic.