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Directions for items 1-56. You will hear statements or

questions on the tape. Select the best answer and mark your
answer sheet a, b, c., or d. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.

.1. a,) a tree 8. a) We can have a picnic

b) a book even if it rains.
c) a wall b) We can have a picnic
d) a coat if the bus com~s.
c) We can have a picnic
2. a) She'll need a hammer. if the day is nice.
b) She'll need some d) We can have a picnic
sugar. if the food comes.
c) She'll need a ticket.
d) She'll need some 9. a) It will start at 3
nickel. o'clock.
b) It will be over at 3
3". a) The humidity will be o'clock.
high. c) It will close at 3
b) The wind will die o'clock.
down. d) It will continue at 3
c} The weather will o'clock.
, become hot.
d) The weather will 10. a) David was too little.
become cold. b) David was too slow.
" c) David was too tall.
4. a) lazy d) David was too fast.
b) efficient
c) musical 11. a) It's the oldest
d) friendly street.
b) It's the prlncipal
5. a) none of the time street.
b) some of the time c) It's the prettiest
c) most of the time street.
d) all of the time d) It's the next street.

6. a) They are alike. 12. a) Yes, it will go up .

b) They are nearby. about 10 degrees.
c) They are mine. b) Yes, it will be colder
d) They are too early. than yesterday.
c} Yes, it will be
7. a) a thermometer discussed again
b) a rule.r. tomorrow.
c) a generator d) Yes, it will drop
d) a light bulb l;:>elow zero.

-- II


13. a)- I'm looking for a sale 21. a) He lived alone in the
tomorrow. . house.
b) It looks pretty nice. b) He talked about the
c) It was a bad accident. house.
d) The woman died last c) He built the house.
night. d) He bought the house.

14. a) exposure to the sand 22. a) He is not tall.

b) exposure to the sea b) He is not handsome.
c) exposure to the surf c) He is not strong.
d) exposure to the sun d) He is not intelligent.

15. a) Visibility was very 23. a) She was uncomfortable.

poor. b) She was afraid.
b) It was a nice day. c) She was happy.
c) The pilot needed d) She was sorry.
d) The pilot was in good 24. a) Her watch doesn't show
shape. the right time.
b) Her time is off five
16. a) He'll fix the car. minutes.
b) He'll repair the car. c) Her watch stops a few
c) He'll examine the car. times each day.
d) He'll buy the car. d) Her watch keeps
correct time.
17. a) foreign languages
b) political systems 25. a) He was'angry.
c) important dates b) He was busy. I
d) basic substances c) He was sleepy.
d) He was sick.
18. a) drink standing up
b) order a drink 26. a) Her mind is disturbed.
c) finish his drink b) Her leg is broken.
d) fill the glass c) Her heart is weak.
d) Her fever is elevated.
19. a) He left the hotel.
b) He checked the hotel 27. a) The tank is full.\
officially. b) The tank needs to be
c) He cashed a check in moved.
the hotel. c) The tank smells bad.
d) He arrived and d) The tank has a hole in
registered in the it. ;~

hotel. II

28. It good.
20. a) not to smoke
b) not to enter a) looks
c) not to stop b) tastes
d) not to talk c) smells
d) sounds

2 fi

.,' .
. . t,

29. a) in a small city 39. a) There were many people

b) in a large city who voted.
c) at a country motel b) Most people voted
d) at a roadside park against it.
c) Many people did not
30. a) pay them vote.
b) watch them d) Most people voted for
c) help them it.
d) direct them
40. a) They checked their
31. a) if it has many parts machines.
b) if it uses much gas b) They completed their
c) if it makes much noise assignment.
d) if it runs at all c) They failed in their
32. a) happy d) They returned with
b) generous their bombs.
c) pleased
,'. d) angry 41. a) To meet peacefully is
an important right.
33. a) get sick b) People have no right
b) play games to assemble
c) understand peacefully.
d) perform c) Peaceful assembly is
rarely guaranteed.
34. a) to take things out d) There are no real
b) to keep things fresh important rights.
c) to make things
noticeable 42. a) I did his work.
d) to hold things b) I bought medicine for
together him.
c) I looked after him.
35. a) He bought shoes. d) I wrote to him.
b) He bought medicine.
c) He bought clothes. 0 43. a) It was destroyed.
d) He bought food. b) It did a lot of
36-. a) It was short. c) It was carefully
b) It was interesting. built.
c) It was boring. d) It made a lot of
d) It was long. noise.

37. a) It went out of 44. a) It's convenient.

control. b) It's interesting.
b) It stopped running. c) It's modern.
c) It turned over. d) It's big.
d) It failed to stop.

38. a) He put it away.

b) He doubled it over.
c) He cleaned it up.
d) He read it again.

45. a) The company has a few 51. a) He can't work at all.
people working, for it. b) He can't ill
do any
b) The company has a lifting.
large number of c) He can't do any
employees. sitting.
c) The company couldn't d) He can't work at
employ many people. night.
d) The company employs
exactly one hundred 52. a) It is expensive.
people. b) It is rare.
c) It is plentiful.
46. a) It was~balanced. d) It is black.
b) It was new.
c) It was unbalanced. 53. a) It was hard to see.
d) It was stable. b) It was hard to hold.
c) It was black.
47. a) It was loose. d) It was asleep.
b) It was easy.
c) It was broken. 54. a) He was regretful.
d) It was hard. b) He was helpful.
c) He was grateful.
48. a) He has all of it now. d) He was resentful.
b) He has more than I
have 'now. 55. a) ,The accident happened
c) He has as much as I under a bridge.
have now. b) The accident can be
d) He has less than I forgotten.
have now. c) The accident was your
49. a) Examine it carefully. d) Water caused the ,II
b) Mail it on a routine accident on the
basis. bridge.
c) Get it out in a hurry.
d) Check to see if it is 56. a) There was a high,,'
all there. score.
b) There was a large
crowd. ,,
50. a) The school was open to
all. -c) There was a fight.
b) The school was very d) There was an important
expensive. ceremony.
c) The school was closed
for six years.
d) The school was six
years old. .,1


-- --


Directions for items 57-66. You will hear conversations or

persons giving informati0n. Select the best answer and mark
your answer sheet a, b, c, or d.

57. a) Golf is the most 62. a) Some people get it

difficult sport for after one year.
him. b) He can apply for it
b) Golf is the sport he after one year.
likes the most. c) He'll learn about it
c) Golf is the sport he after one year.
is least interested d) Everybody gets it
In. after one year.
d) Golf is the sport he
practices the most. 63. a) He knows Sally can
58. a) poor b) He thinks. Sally can
b) average come.
\ c) incomplete c) He hopes Sally can
\d) very good come.
d) He doubts Sally can
59. a) one that's npt very come.
b) one that she thinks is 64. a) It was too short.
true b) He used too many long
c) one that she has heard words.
before c) It was very
d) one that's not very . interesting.
old .. d) He made too many
60. a) a car
b) a dog 65. a) early in the morning
c) a man b) about noon
d) the door c) late in the afternoon
d) about midnight
61. a) that they washed
their shirts 66. a) look for the children
b) that they removed b) take the children away
their shirts c) look after the
c) that they arranged children
their shirts d) watch for the children
d) that they recovered
their shirts




Directiops for items 67-100. Select the best answer and mark
your answer sheet a, b, c, or d. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST

67. I go to the movies if I had some money.

a) had
b) would
c) have
d) am

68. Their teacher gave a lot of homework.

a) they
b) 1-hem
c) we
d) our

69. It was sprlng he moved to San Antonio.

a) where
b) when
c) what
d) why
70. He said he was going to take a bath.

a) He's going to walk.

b) He's going to sleep.
c) He's going to eat.
d) He's going tQ wash.

71. He put his .baqs under his bed after he unpacked them.
a) laundry
b) suitcases
c) shirts
d) shoes

72. Soldiers are trained for combat, even when there is no

a) time
b) army
c) signal
d) war

~ <iF



73. The man is in critical condition.

ci} backward
b} criminal
c} selected
d) serious

74. I think I will eat salad.

a} any
b) few
c} many
d) some

75. The electrical system furnishes the electric power for the

a) The machine furnishes power to the electrical system.

, b) Electric power is furnished by the electrical system.
\ c) The electrical system is powered by the machine.
d) The machine of the electrical system is powerful.

76. John danced with Mary the party.

a) to
b} at
c) in
d) with

77. I still remember the place I first saw you.

a) when
b) which
c) there
d} where

78. The upper parts of the atmosphere are not completely empty.
From the sun comes a constant stream of charged particles,
traveling at tremendous speeds. When they collide with air
molecules, some of their energy is released in the form of
light known as an aurora.

According to this paragraph, an aurora is caused by

a} light from the sun meeting the earth's atmosphere at an

b) particles from the sun colliding with air molecule§ .

c} the attraction of air molecules by the earth's magnetic

d) the sun pulling air molecules away from the earth's
magnetic field
7 I



79. Learning a second language requires a great deal of

determination and effort. A person must concentrate on the
material. The learner must immerse himself.

According to this paragraph,

a) it is easy to learn a second language

b) a person need only listen to learn a second language
c) second language learning demands hard work
d) occasional studying results in second language learning

80. We made good time traveling because the on the highway

was light.

a) congestion
b) control
c) direction
d) traffic

81. Miss Garcia did the job properly.

a) with the wrong tools

b) in the right way
c) with some other people
d) ln a short time

82. I'd like to go to the air show next week, but I can't make

a) I'm going to the air show.

b) I don't care about the air show.
c) I want to go, but I'm going to be busy.
d) The air show took place last week.

83. After the IS-minute aural examination, the students will

take the 20':'minutewritten test.

a) The aural exam requires 20 minutes.

b) The written test takes IS minutes.
c) The written test follows the aural test. II

d) The aural exam follows the written test.

84. The workers were packing the fruit into boxes.


a) for drying
b) dries
c) dried
d) which dries




"~-"--- ' . ' "I

":' "
. ' .
, "" ,. ~
, ",--,' .,<
'" ,,

. ':, ,
:/.;: "


85. Don't light a match. The gasoline fumes explode.

a) ought to
b) will -

c) have to
d) must

86. What flowers are you in your garden?

a) fertilized
b) fertilizes
c) fertilizing
d) fertil'ize

87. The helicopter was forced an emergency landing.

a) made
b) making
'. c) make
d) to-make

88.. This piece of wire must be insulated.

a) cooled
b) cut
c) covered
d) soldered

89. The entrance was narrow.. It was

a) not high
b) loose
c) not wide
d) crowded

90. The soldiers fought sunset.

a) in
b) in spite of
c) by means of
d) until

~ ---~ -- --
.. -..-
'* '
1, ii 1


91. Volcanoes, with al~ their fire and smoke, are some of the
earth's greatest builders. New islands have been made by
volcanoes erupting. On the other hand, some island
volcanoes have blown their tops off and the islands have
disappeared. One such island disappeared, then reappeared
in 1913, and finally in 1949, after an explosion, vanished

According to this paragraph,

a) new islands are made by volcanic eruptions

b) volcanoes made all the islands
c) volcanic eruptions occur every year
d) an island appeared in 1949

92. You should go on sick call right away. You should

a) go to the right
b) ,go at once
c) 'walk straight
d) run away
93. The deer the fence to get into the vegetable garden.

a) arranged to
b) stood up
c) leaped over
d) climbed into

94. Our teacher didn't come so we to go home.

a) j:old
b) tell
c) were told
d) were telling

95. When did you last hear your mother-in-law? \.

a) by
b) from
c) concerning
d) until

96. I may if I get behind.

a) not catch up be able to

b) be not able to catch up
c) not be able to catch up
d) be able to not catch up


.. ~


97. The windshield wipers are not working properly.

a) They do not wipe the windshield.

b) The windshield wipers do not clean the dashboard.
c) They do not work the generator.
d) The windshield doesn't have wipers.

98. Carol: Didn't that used car you looked at have bad tires?
Melinda:- Yes, but it was such a good deal that I bought it

a) because of
b) iriregard to
c) in spite of
d) in addition to
99. All the food here is good, but I've always been part
the Crab Alfredo.

a) -iality
b) -ial
c) -icle
d) -ible

100. There was no evidence that Carl had committed the


a) tangible
b) pungent
c) generic II
d) successive



" . ,

, ,.
\ ' ';:::~:(;"::~
" .'.!)1;~
h'. .-