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Words and Music by WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE lazy Stradlin’, Duff "Rose" Mcl and seuetagan B A mo E DS AS BS G D7 c™ F cts ast nO RO eB fe i ae Ae ii ra Tune down % step: FS Gs Ss ©> tb O= Gb cel str i6fr. 8-8 8° sadone Rok) 10 . ie ‘ Intro Free In time Gt.l yc NC. (nots tnd ct devi paenthoyn) Gu. m8 Y Copyright © 1967 Guns N' Roses Music (ASCAP) ‘This Arrangement @ 1988 Guns N' Roses Music International Coomistt Secared All Rights Feserved 5 Au st pitch: A Ist Verse fey E Dp oO£ ‘ry thing. you want, hon-ey, we know the names.We are the peo-ple that can find