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AUTUMN LEAVES (Les Feuilles Mortes) » English Lyrics by JOHNNY MERCER \ French Words by JACQUES PREVERT court | > Aduitionat Verse Lyric by GEOFFREY PARSONS ‘ y=... Music by JOSEPH KOSMA Slowly with much feeling ‘Au-tumn leaves fall,and are swept out of sight/The words that you said have come true, Les feuillesmortes se ra-massenta la pelle, Tu vois, je nai pas’ ou-bli - 6, 510% proalt \ ) vv Autumn leaves fall,and are swept out of sight So are the memries of love that we knew. The Les feuilles mortes se ra-massenta la pelle. Les sowvenirs et les regrets aus-si. Et ' Music © 1947 Enoch et Cie (Francs) Latics © 1950 Ardmore Music Corp (USA) Sub-published by Peter Maurice Music Co Ltd, London WC2H OLD wind of for-get-ful-ness blows them, In-to the night of re - gret The le ventduNord les em~- por - te dans la nuit Frode de Vou - bli —_ Tu songyouwould so oft-en sing Is ech-o - ing, echo - ing ye dois je niai pas ou-bli - e@ la chan-son que tu me chan - tats. —— <7 = eran) Wt o The fal Tag NUaves’_____ Drift —ty~ the win = ~tow,_— The Au- tuma Gest une chan - son, Qui nous res-sem - ble, Toi_tu_miai- ene etm Am? D7 @ Of ted and gold. I. see your lips, ‘The sum-mer Bt getat~-mais. Nous_vi-s Les deux en- Am? Ame 87 Ral kiss - es, The sun-burned hands; I used to hold. -sem - ble, Toi gui miai - mais_——— Moi qui tai - mais, — S bh. \ io) — 5 went 3- way, The days grow long, And soon Ill hear______Old win- ters we se-pare\Ceux gui sai - ment Tout dou-ce - meni Sans faire de 7 =~ 2 Em D? pp a if 4 wi . = => SSS = oH song. But I miss you most of all my dar - ling, When bruit. &t la mer ef-fa-ce sur fe sa - ble Les Hyp = ee ——h 4 = Br9 B7 Em > Au- tumnLeaves start to fall. The fall-ing 7 fall. pas des a-mants dé-su - nis. Cest chan- -nis,