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Fakhar Alam Khan (Anesthesia Technician)

Contact: 058-1334007, Diploma in Anesthesia Technology

E-Mail: fakhar8483@gmail.com KPK Medical Faculty Peshawar Pakistan
26 Years Pakistani on Visit Visa Can Join Immediately

Passed Health Professional Licensing Exam.

DHA Eligibility Letter No. DHA/LS/10112017/762248

Professional Summary (4+ Years Field Experience)

Assist the anesthesia care provider with acquiring, preparing and use of equipment, supplies, and
medications during the administration of anesthesia. Assist with special procedures and provide
support in anesthesia for routine and complex surgical cases.

Core Qualifications
 Providing Assistance to Anesthesiologist during the Anesthesia induction in accordance with
the documented treatment and prescription during different stages.
 Acquiring Stocks and Equipment including laryngoscope, stylets, bougies, LMAs etc, as per
the Anesthesiologist recommendation and schedule.
 Cleans, sterilizes, disinfects, orders/stocks and maintains the surroundings.
 Prepare and maintain patient monitoring devices including pulse oximeter, capnograph, ECG
Leads etc and anesthesia delivery systems pre, intra and post anesthesia and with
 Perform basic trouble shooting for monitors and equipment and reports defective equipment
and equipment malfunctions appropriately/immediately.
 Maintain established departmental policies, procedures, quality improvement, safety,
environmental and infection control standards.
 Documents and maintains preventative maintenance and quality records.
 Assists with transport of patients for post anesthesia recovery.
 Promotes effective working relationships with anesthesia department staff and works
collaboratively with Surgical Technicians, Service Technicians and Equipment Technicians.
 Participate in multidisciplinary rounds/meetings and in-services as needed.

Pakistan Experience (4.5 Years)

Khalifa Gul Nawaz Medical Teaching Institute (Anesthesia Technician)

1st April, 2013 till 30 January 2018.
I assisted the Anesthesiologist during the following type of different surgeries:
 General Surgeries
 Orthopedic Surgeries
 Neuro Surgeries
 Pediatric Surgeries
 Burn & Reconstructive Plastic Surgeries
 Gynae & obstetrics

Passport No. YP4120661
 English (Fluency in Reading, Writing, Speaking) Date of Birth. 18th February 1991
 Urdu/Hindi (Fluency in Reading, Writing, Speaking)
Marital Status. Married
 Pashto (Native)

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