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Ohabei Shalom—New England’s First Reform Congregation

May 2008, Nisan-Iyar 5768
What’s Inside: Confirmation: Our Reform Ritual
“It was a sunny day, early in May of 1922. My two education past the age
President’s Message of thirteen. They also
grandmothers, rocking gently in chairs provided for
their special comfort in our house, communed in sought to bring young
Circle of Giving Yiddish. Their conversation was not intended for my people into the Jewish
ears, but since Grandma Rubin was slightly hard of community AS a
hearing, and since both were moved by intense community, rather than
Cantor Schloss’ Message
emotion, I could eavesdrop without any difficulty. as individuals. They
looked to replace Bar
Worship “‘In-law,’ said my mother’s mother, ‘talk to your son. Mitzvah with something
• Shabbat Rishon Tell him not to do this thing.’ else.
• Yom HaShoah “‘Machateineste [In-law],’ said Grandma Kaplan, ‘you That something else was Confirmation, one of the
know a son doesn’t listen to his mother. You talk to first gifts that the Reform Movement gave to the
Social Groups your daughter. Tell her to tell him not to do this thing!’ Jewish world. It is the group ceremony marking
• Sisterhood the entry of a class of mature Jewish young adults
“And what was this terrible deed which my father was
into the covenant of membership in the Temple
• Brotherhood about to perform and which they both sought uselessly
and the Jewish world. It is celebrated around the
to prevent? He was planning to present me in a public
holiday of Shavuot, which marks the occasion
Friday Night Lights ceremony in the synagogue as a Bat Mitzvah.”
when the Jewish people entered into the covenant
So begins Judith Kaplan Eisenstein’s recollection of the with God.
day in New York City when her father, the philosopher
Annual Meeting Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, officiated at history’s first Bat
Confirmation was once a “must” for members of
Reform synagogues. It ranked just below the High
Mitzvah ceremony. Three years ago, when Eileen and I
Holy Days as a communal event. It is time that this
Ansin Religious School dealt with all the complexities of preparing for Kitty’s
particular tradition was revived (and I say that not
Bat Mitzvah, there were moments when I wish that the
• Mark Your Calendar only as the parent of a Confirmand!). Confirmation
two grandmothers had prevailed! But most of the time,
• Shari Churwin no longer “replaces” Bar or Bat Mitzvah, but that
I’m glad that Rabbi Kaplan and his daughter Judith were
• ARS “B’nei Mitzvah” does not lessen its importance. We as a
brave enough to take this step. I’m glad that much of
community will rise or fall with those who are
Brunch the Jewish world now thinks nothing of considering my
making the commitment to be part of the Jewish
• May B’nei Mitzvah daughter and all women as Jews with rights and
people. It is not an easy commitment in today’s
responsibilities equal to those of men.
world. We owe them our support. And, as anyone
ARS Family Shabbat As Kitty joins the rest of the TOS tenth grade class in
who has attended Confirmation can tell you, our
presence is rewarded. The ceremony is one of the
preparing for another significant Jewish event,
most meaningful in the Jewish year.
Mitzvah Day Registration Confirmation, I’ve been thinking about how we as
liberal Jews adapt our rituals to the modern world in This year, Confirmation will take place as part of
order to make them meaningful for us. We have used Shabbat services on Friday, June 6, at 7:00 p.m.
Yizkor Elohim
two different strategies: renewing rituals and replacing in the Sanctuary. Please join us. You’ll be glad
them. you did.
May Funds
Rabbi Kaplan opted for renewing or – as the movement
Mitzvah Fund that he inspired would call it – “reconstructing” the
ritual of Bar Mitzvah to include girls. But there is
something to be said for the replacement ritual as well.
May Calendar The early Reformers disliked the traditional Bar Mitzvah
ceremony for various reasons, of which the chief may
have been its exclusion of girls from the community of
those who publicly take on mitzvot. But they had other
concerns as well. They wanted to extend formal Jewish
enhance the celebrations of good times. Thank you to those
President’s Message members who serve in so many capacities as volunteers in all of
Leonard M. Davidson the constituent components of our congregation. You make our
congregation vibrant and caring and so enjoyable. Thank you to
One of the fundamental principles of Judaism those who contribute in so many other ways, whether financially
is appreciation. This underlying foundation or through other means of support and assistance. Your efforts
is found in almost every aspect of our are what allows so much good to go forward. Thank you to
religious beliefs and we are constantly those who have taken on leadership roles. You have assumed
reminded that we should take nothing for more responsibility when it would have been easier to sit back
granted. Therefore, “when we rise up and and let others do. You have made a difference. Thank you to
when we lie down” and all throughout the the Board of Trustees and the members of the Executive
day we are to be mindful of the gift of life, the blessing of our Committee for your service. You have provided leadership to
bodies, the fact that we are nourished by our environment and our community and support for all that we do. And finally, thank
other living creatures, and that we have obligations to all of the you to my family. You have allowed me to serve this
other people that we share this planet with. We are guided by laws congregation unselfishly and have provided great support to me
that encourage better human relationships and are thereby in the process.
reminded that we aspire to higher standards, which we will
hopefully achieve through the process of studying and observing I am proud that Judaism encourages appreciation. While our
these laws and precepts. Our laws focus primarily upon human time here is finite and its length unknown, being appreciative
relationships and the improvement of the ways by which we deal makes the time and relationships so much more meaningful and
with each other so that we will better appreciate and enhance our better. To the community that makes Temple Ohabei Shalom
relationships. In daily practice there are a number of ways that we such a special place, thank you.
focus on being appreciative.

We say blessings over all sorts of things, from foods and wine to
candles and special events. The item is not what is being blessed
e gist e r!
et to R
of course, but it is an expression of appreciation that we voice. We
even may say a blessing when washing our hands before eating. It
on’t Forg ay 4, 2008 .
is a blessing that most Reform Jews do not often recite. Yet even
this blessing recognizes that in even life’s simplest tasks, we are D ay is M
D tuni-
h por
fortunate, first because we have hands that we can wash and a body Mitzva arding service op to be
that we are able to care for, but also because we are nourishing our
y f u n and rew ign up in adv ject of
bodies when eating, something many in this world still literally Ma n le. S pro
hunger for. We make special efforts on Shabbat to pause and rest, s a re availab icipate in the
tie art
u can p
sure yo ice.
to reflect and to get together, to enjoy the peace and opportunities
for meditation and fellowship that Shabbat offers to us. The same o
is true of other holidays where we commemorate historically your ch
significant events as a way of making us more aware and
appreciative of where we have been as a people and what that
experience can and should teach us.

I think that I am more philosophical/religious in this column this Thank You to Our Mitzvah Day Donors
month as I near the end of my term as president. How frequent it (accurate at time of publication)
is that we become most appreciative when we see the prospect of Coopersmith/Tishelman Family Gelman Family
loss or come to the realization that something good is about to Ed & Margie Kahn Karnovsky Family
come to an end, or at least a significant change. And so I would Katz/Zeiger Family Klein Family
like to thank again the people who have made serving as president Krantz/Pemstein Family Marcia Levine
so fulfilling. Robert Pierson Plovnick/Krakow Family
Shellee Robins & Donald Steinbrecher Rubenoff Family
Thank you to the custodians and to the administrative personnel. Zita Samuels Schlaff Family
You keep our Temple looking and running efficiently and well. Seldin/Stein Family Shelley Schwartz
Thank you to the Ansin Religious School teachers and Rhonda & Harvey Solomon Shirley Spero
administrators. You help educate our most precious children in Stevens/Tennenbaum Family
interesting and meaningful ways. Thank you to our clergy. You Lebach Family in honor of Sasha Toperich's Marriage
lead us, teach us, inspire us, help us through hard times and
Avodat Hayom—A Service for Today The Circle of Giving of Ohabei Shalom
Cantor Randall Schloss We thank the following people for their support.
In my first ten months as your Cantor, Pillar Sustainer, cont.
Jane Morningstar Louis Goldman
I’m sure that many of you have become Robert Levine
Shirley Spero
aware that I enjoy a true variety of Jew- Brenda and Alexander Tanger Richard and Sonia Ravech
ish music. I am thrilled and inspired by David Rogovin and Susan Liberman
Benefactor Ita Wiener
some of Lewandowski’s and Janowski’s Donald Steinbrecher and Shellee Robbins Shelley Schwartz
great cantorial and choral liturgical Andrew Sumberg and Mindy Berman Ben Adler
settings, but I also am moved by an Dan and Eva Deykin Marc and Denise Casper
Robert and Esta Epstein
upbeat, Chassidic folk song or an invit- William and Lynn Kargman
Larry and Denise Green
Steve Kern
ing, contemporary, congregational Martin Shore and Shari Lisann David Leifer and Marla Engel
melody. Some of you may also be Patron Martin and Dianne Newman
aware that amongst the range of music Sidney Grodberg David A. Seldin and Cathryn A. Stein
that I present at Ohabei Shalom, occasionally I choose liturgical Bill and Marcia Harris Scott and Pollyanna Sidell
David Kanter Mark Zeidel and Susan Freedman
settings by a little-known composer named Randall Schloss.
Joel Sklar and Adrienne Shishko Marilyn Danesh
George Bazer Friend
During the fifth and final year of study in the Rabbinic and Can- Steven L. Gold and Sheila A. Elliott Marylin Klickstein
torial programs at Hebrew Union College, each student must pro- Spencer and Betsy Gould Joseph Beck and Zita Samuels
duce a significant thesis project. While composition was not my Gideon Argov and Laurie Davidson Adi and Gitta Kahn
Dick and Carol Daynard Marcia Levine
primary focus while a student at HUC, I chose to compose a musi- Ed and Betsy Jacobs Jay and Carol Marlin
cal service of sorts as the centerpiece of my thesis project. Ulti- Bernard and Joan Wasserman Andrew Schloss and Nancy Bloom
mately I composed a multi-functional service, in a style which I Michael Weintraub and Diane Rosen Jonathan and Lauren Schloss
believe does not otherwise exist. Most significant Jewish service Guardian Cantor Randall and Leah Schloss
music of the past century, unfortunately, does not find its way into Marilyn Barron Michael and Shari Churwin
Morry Greenbaum Alan and Judy Shepro
contemporary Reform worship very often (we are lucky at TOS that
Jonathan Kaufman and Barbara Howard David and Kimberly Chused
this statement is not entirely true; we are unusual in this regard). Leonard M. Davidson and Laurie Katzman Kevin Cole
There is wonderful liturgical music written by composers such as Edward and Marjorie Kahn Gert Goldberg
Bloch, Milhaud, Piket, Fromm and Helfman; however, most of Dorothy Lebach Stan Keizer
Louise Levingston Hilda Lopez-Soto
these works have become museum pieces relegated to concert
Barry Lyons and Amy Grossman Greg and Ilene Mogavero
performance, rather than active parts of Reform worship. As clergy Tom and Donna Rubenoff
and congregants strive to increase the role of congregational sing- Sustainer Jesse Cochin and Alice Newton
Teresa Betit and Howard Lurie Howard Koor and Ellen Mosner
ing in contemporary Reform practice, we often omit “difficult” mu- Myles and Lise Striar Joseph A. Kriesberg and Dina S. Brown-
sic that has the power to transport and to transform a congrega- Arthur and Doris Zich stein
tion. I have composed a service of music that I hope would involve Dan Schleifstein Corinne Gilbert
the congregation both as listeners and singers. Jeffrey Macklis and Carol Levin Kathy Jonas
Sam Aaronson Ciro & Ellen Alfaro
Selma Bengis
My service features not only settings of standard liturgy, but inter- Hu and Ray Caplan
spersed among these core liturgical elements I have set related,
non-liturgical texts. Just as these texts develop themes and ideas Join our circle today.
presented in the liturgy, my musical settings of these poems and Contact the synagogue office for more information
prose will expound on the musical themes of the liturgical selec-
tions. The service is set for Cantor, Choir, keyboards, violin, cello,
and last but not least, a singing congregation. I hope that through
a unique blend of musical styles, texts and active participants, my
service will involve the congregation completely as worshippers.
On May 11th, start your Mother’s
Day with your spouse and/or your
During my first year at Ohabei Shalom, I have come to realize that
this congregation is very sophisticated in terms of musical apprecia- friends at the “Mother’s Day Brunch
tion and inspired by a variety of music as I am. I am particularly
excited to announce that during Shabbat Rishon Services on May with the Brotherhood!”
2nd at 8 PM, I will be presenting my complete service. I am appre-
ciative of Rabbi Alpert, the leadership of Ohabei Shalom, and the
9:30 –12:00.
wonderful musicians with whom I work, for inspiring me in my
work, and for allowing me to present my composition to the Con-
All congregants are invited.
gregation. I hope to see you all then. RSVP required.
May 2nd Shabbat Rishon service:
Yom HaShoah: Shabbat Rishon on May 2nd will feature Cantor
Schloss' musical liturgy: Avodat Hayom, A Service
for Today. The music, written for piano, violin, cello,
cantor, choir and congregation, reflects both Jewish
Holocaust tradition and contemporary worship practices. It
combines elements of eastern European chazzanut
Remembrance Day and modes, nusach, biblical chant, niggunim, classi-
cal and twentieth century Reform repertoire, Israeli/
Middle-Eastern elements, and contemporary jazz/
pop styles.

Please join us for a "I have not incorporated these elements solely for
the sake of diversity, but rather in recognition of the
service at 6:00pm multitude of styles of music present in contemporary
Reform worship. My goal is not to reinvent Reform
Thursday, May 1. worship, but rather to reflect current Reform ideol-
ogy and practice through innovative and affective
music while involving the congregation completely as
a community of worshippers."

Project for our Future

Gifts and Pledges to Date:
Barry & Faith Abrams Ed & Margie Kahn Jeffrey Macklis & Carol Levin
Rabbi Tom Alpert & Eileen Hagerty David Kanter Diane Rosen & Mike Weintraub
Harold Ansin Herman Kaufman Tom & Donna Rubenoff
Robert Beal Jonathan Kaufman & Barbara R. K. Shelley Schwartz
Alan Beggs & Jamie Levine Howard Joel Sklar & Adrienne Shishko
Mindy Berman & Andy Sumberg Stan Keizer Shirley Spero
Len & Laurie Davidson Steve Kern Donald Steinbrecher & Shellee
Dan and Eva Deykin Dov & Sima Kirsztajn Robbins
Steven & Frances Freiman Howard Koor & Ellen Mosner Glenn Stevens & Shelly Tenenbaum
Lillian Garber Charles & Sheila Landay Laura Trust & Alan Litchman
Douglas & Toni Gordon Dorothy Lebach Ita Wiener
Larry & Denise Green Louise Levingston Spencer Wootton & Ellen Fox
Clifton & Ruth Helman Sharon Lisann & Chip Shore Maurice Zabarsky
Hideaki Ishihara Karen Livingston
Hilda Lopez-Soto
Social Groups
Brotherhood News Sisterhood News
Jonathan Atkins & Ben Adler Betsy Gould
Our March event, the Purim Spiel was a smashing success, as the Our Sisterhood Shabbat was a spiritually moving expression of our
Brothers gathered for an evening of fine food, great stories, and a offering of thanks, highlighted by the magnificent voices of Nadine
warm welcoming feeling. Prizes were awarded to Alfred Maleson and Braunstein, Rhonda Solomon, & Ita N. Wiener. Torah readings
Lou Winer for the most original and humorous stories of Jewish chanted by Navah Levine, and of course Rhonda’s Haftarah contrib-
content. A special thank you to our panel judges, Rabbi Tom Alpert, uted to its excellence. A most interesting and well-developed D’var
Len Davidson and Spence Gould. Torah was presented by Zita Samuels. We were so happy to have
Gert Goldberg and Shirley Band back with us as participants! Special
The month of May promises to be a very special month for our “kudos” to Karen Landman for her hours of hard work, resulting in
Brotherhood. On May 4th, we shall be participating in our Temple’s the production of our beautiful service booklet. I extend my gratitude
Mitzvah Day with eighteen varied projects available for Brotherhood to all our loyal and devoted Sisterhood members, too numerous to
participation. Each Brother will have his own choice of activities to name, who truly made this service so memorable.
choose from, addressing his own skills and interests. Mitzvah Day
events begin at 8:30am, in the Penn/Spero Social Hall. We encourage This Sisterhood Shabbat was dedicated to our longtime dear Sister-
you register in advance for this program. hood member Evelyn Bazer, who passed away last November. We
were honored to have Evie’s husband George, and her daughter Jodi
The highlight of our season will be our Annual Brunch, to be held on Silton, with us as participants, and we are profoundly grateful to both
Mother’s Day, May 11th, at 9:30am, in the Penn/Spero Social Hall. George and to the Silton family for their extremely generous individ-
At this event, all the Daily Worship Service Leaders will be honored ual donations. We are proud to announce the establishment of The
as Menschen of the Year. These TOS members will be honored for Evelyn Bazer Educational Fund, to which congregants can make do-
their dedicated service to our synagogue through their regular leading nations through the Sisterhood by designating this fund. These dona-
of Daily Worship Services: Iourii Belenkii, Louis Goldman, Spencer tions will help support the superb education our Ansin Religious
Gould, Amy Hozid, Margie Kahn, Harold Koritz, Jerry Kravitz, School offers to our TOS children.
Marcia Levine, Robert Levine, Hilda Lopez-Soto, Ellen Mosner, Lois
Nathan, Rhonda Solomon, Ita N. Wiener. On Tuesday, May 20th at 6:30 p.m., the Sisterhood will be treated to
a presentation by Ita N. Wiener, as she “brings biblical characters to
Brotherhood will also be paying tribute to mothers with contests, life.” We look forward to seeing everyone for a friendly, informative
gifts, and recognition. Our featured speaker at this event, Rabbi Sam evening, and a delicious pot-luck dinner.
Seicol, will be sharing with us his thoughts on “A Lifetime of Love.”
Rabbi Seicol is now a faculty member at MIT’s Judaic Studies
Program, having previously served our community as the Chaplain at
Hebrew Senior Life in Roslindale, formerly the Hebrew Rehabilitation Come Visit the
Center. He will be tracing the relationship of mothers of school and
college-aged children, as well as the relationship of adult children to Polly Epstein Gift Shop
aging mothers. (Located in the Gallery downstairs)
Come Here First!
Please plan on joining us for this very special event. There will be Regular Hours:
raffle prizes awarded and a silent auction conducted, accompanied by Sun 9:00 a.m.- Noon
a sumptuous breakfast. All this, and so much more, is yours for the
price of $18/ticket. Advanced registration is an ABSOLUTE MUST
Also by Appointment
by calling Jerry at 617-731-5736, by Thursday, May 8th.

The Brotherhood extends their continued thanks to everyone who has

remembered to bring in or mail in their stamped Butcherie register
tape receipts to us. Please continue to support this vital program.
Thank you!
Gift Certificates Available!
All Profits Benefit TOS Programming
Friday Night Lights
Conversations to Set Your Mind Aglow
Shabbat evenings highlighting speakers from
our congregation with dinner and roundtable discussion

Friday May 16th

Jonathan Kaufman
Senior Editor, The Wall Street Journal
“On the Campaign Trail with Obama,
Clinton and McCain: A Reporter's
Perspective, A Jewish Perspective”
Moderated by Susan Zeiger

6 p.m. Service with Speaker

Followed by Dinner and Roundtable Discussion
Free child care provided during the service and the after-dinner roundtable discussion.
If cost is a factor in your attendance, please contact Marylin in the synagogue office.
Please feel free to bring a bottle of wine to share with your tablemates.

“Friday Night Lights” Shabbat Dinner - Fri, May 16 Reservations Due Mon May 12!!
Name: _____________________________________________ _____Adults @ $15.00 = $______

____Children under 10 @ $10.00 = $______

Donation for those who would otherwise be unable to join us $ ______
Total: $ ______
Please list ages of child(ren) for childcare. ______________
__ Enclosed find my check. (payable to Temple Ohabei Shalom)
Please charge my __ MasterCard __ Visa ______ - _______ - _______ - _______ Exp. ____/____
Signature _____________________________________________________________________________
Or call the synagogue office: 617-277-6610
Tuesday, June 3, 2008, 7:00-9:30 p.m.
The Nominating Committee of Ohabei Shalom
is pleased to announce the slate of Trustees and Officers for 2008-09.
This slate will be presented to the Congregation for election at our Annual Meeting.
President: Jesse Cochin
Vice Presidents: Arnie Greenfield, Edward Jacobs, Kathy Jonas, Cathryn Stein
Treasurer: To be announced
Recording Secretary: To be announced
Richard Daynard, Beth Greenspan, Charles Landay, Mark Lipof, Joshua Paris, Hana
Kolton-Patsouris, Ronny Sidney
Trustees for a two-year term: Danit Ben-Ari, Ellen Mosner
There will also be a Champagne and Dessert Buffet honoring
President Leonard Davidson
as he completes three years of outstanding service and dedication to our congregation
and thanking our other outgoing officers:
Vice Presidents: Ellen Mosner, Scott Sidell, Jesse Cochin
Treasurer: Chip Shore
Recording Secretary: Steve Kern
Joe Kriesberg, Hilda Lopez, Lois Nathan, Donna Rubenoff, David Seldin, Amy Tishelman

Thank you to the Nominating Committee:

Ellen Alfaro, George Bazer, Dottie Berman, Alina Duckham, Bill Harris, Susan Houston, Laurie Katzman, Bob Loeb, and
Robert Pierson


Friday, June 6, 2008, 7:00pm
We request the pleasure of your company as we give tribute to our leaders
who devote so much time, energy, and commitment
to our community.
Ansin Religious School News
Last Days of School:
High School: Monday, May 12
Pre-K & Grades K – 7: Sunday, May 18
Mark Your Calendars! Just for students
Grade 7 Step-up Night
Monday, May 5, 6:00 – 8:30 pm
Visit High School and see what it is all about for next year!

For the Whole Family

Mitzvah Day
Sunday, May 4
Don’t forget to fill out your registration forms to join us for our 3rd Annual TOS Mitzvah Day. Mitzvah Day will
replace regular religious school classes on this day.

Book Drive for Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary School in Boston

We will be collecting gently used or new quality children’s books suitable for a school library. All books collected
will go towards helping a local elementary school with no library.

ARS Family Shabbat & Dinner

May 9, 6:00 pm services, dinner to follow
Join us for this family-friendly Shabbat as the ARS celebrates Israel’s 60th birthday at Shabbat services. Our stu-
dents will present writings and reflections as well as song that they have written with the help of Peter and Ellen
Allard. Dinner to follow, RSVP required.

ARS B’nei Mizvah Party!

Sunday, May 18
All parents are invited to join us to celebrate our school’s 13th year with a special B’nei Mitzvah brunch. Please
plan on being there for this important day as classes make their end of the year presentations and we all celebrate
their accomplishments. Watch your mail for your invitation to this special day.

Mark your Calendars

Erev Shabbat Services Friday, June 6, 7:00 pm
Join us as our Grade 10 students get confirmed

ARS 50/50 Raffle

Congratulations to our winners!
1st Place: The Bransfield Family 2nd Place: Michael Kriesberg

Thanks to…
• Larry and Denise Green for donating the Red Sox tickets!
• Everyone who participated in our annual fundraiser.
Teach Them to Ellen Allard. One of the cornerstones of our program is
our wonderful teachers and staff who each contribute in

Your Children... their own way to make our school such a special place.
We will celebrate their many contributions during the
Shari Churwin, ARS Shabbat where we will thank them for all that they
Director of Education have given to us while we honor our accomplishments as
a school community this year. Each and every student
V’ishinantam L’vanecha (and you has a vital role in this service and we expect that most of
shall teach your children) has be- you will join us for this celebration. The service will be
come our ARS motto over the past followed by a Shabbat dinner for the entire TOS family
several years. We have all created a community where (see page 11 for more information).
unique offerings and many diverse influences have a hand
in shaping the Jewish lives of our children. As the school • ARS is 13 years old! On Sunday, May 18th please join us
year draws to a close, you have the opportunity to teach as we honor our B’nei Mitzvah year at a special brunch
your children the invaluable lesson of giving back to and for the entire ARS family. We will have the opportunity
participating in our community in a few special ways; to celebrate all that we have learned this year with pres-
entations by each class, our annual awards and much
• On Sunday May 4th, we will gather for our 3rd annual
more. We will also say some special thank yous to our
Mitzvah Day (where TOS completes over 1000 hours
volunteers, graduating seniors and most especially to
of community service). Mitzvah Day is for FAMILIES.
Rabbi Alpert for his many contributions to the ARS com-
Please come and teach your child(ren), through your
munity. This will be a morning not to be missed (final
family’s participation, the importance of Tikkun Olam
classes will follow the brunch for students). Watch your
(repair of the world). We expect all students to come
mail for an invitation.
to Mitzvah Day accompanied by a parent. We need
everyone to register by Friday, April 25th so that we It is difficult for me to believe that it is time for us to once
can plan accordingly. Registration forms can be again send out registration materials as there is so much hap-
found on the TOS website www.ohabei.org. pening in the school community in the coming weeks. We
are certainly ending our year with the same spirit that we had
• On Friday, May 9th our entire community will gather
when it began in September. We look forward to seeing you
to celebrate Shabbat, Israel’s 60th Birthday and our
in the month of May.
ARS teachers with our special guest artists, Peter and

ARS B’nei Mitzvah Brunch!

Sunday, May 18, 9:30 am
Parents and Students should join us to:
Celebrate the end of the school year Present annual awards
Honor our graduating seniors End of the year presentations
Thank our teachers and staff
Honor many special members of our community
Students will attend classes following the brunch while parents are invited to
a farewell reception for Rabbi Alpert.
Please RSVP by Tuesday, May 13 for this free event by
emailing asinger@ohabei.org or calling 617-739-9200
Mazel Tov to our B’nei Mitzvah!
Hayley L. Goldstein, May 3, 2008
Daughter of Elliot & Marilyn Goldstein
A granddaughter of Holocaust survivors,
Hayley selected the “Remember Us Project”
for her Mitzvah Project. She was given the
name of a child from the Holocaust to think
about during her Bat Mitzvah prepara-
tion. Hana Volf was 9 years old when she
perished in the Shoah. She lived in Kolo-
chava, the same town as Hayey's family.
Hayley also raised money for Second Step
(an organization that helps victims of
abuse) by drawing caricatures at the TOS
Purim Carnival.

Jordan Duckham, May 10, 2008

Son of Kent & Alina Duckham

For his Mitzvah Project, Jordan is

raising money and doing volun-
teer work for the Jimmy Fund.

Abigail Alfaro, May 17, 2008

Daughter of Ciro & Ellen Alfaro May Special Birthdays
Victor Spivak Rita Gelman
For her Mitzvah Project, Abby is Nathan R. Levine
supporting Locks of Love. She is
organizing a donation day at a Special Anniversaries
local hair salon and collecting David & Brenda Nager Gerald & Barbara Katz
hair accessories. Stephen Krug & Melanie J. Sokol

Naomi Gordon, May 31, 2008

Daughter of Michael & Christina Gordon

Naomi volunteers at Dana Farber

Cancer Institute. She tutors, cre-
ates art projects and reads to
young cancer patients. Naomi
requested that instead of personal
gifts, her Bat Mitzvah guests
make a donation to The Jimmy
ARS Fabulous Family Shabbat
May 9, 2008

The ARS will celebrate Israel’s 60th

birthday at Shabbat services on May 9.
Our students will present writings and
reflections as well as an original song. The
Allards, along with the temple's children’s
choir, Makhelah, will debut a new song Erev Shabbat Services
written by Ohabei Shalom’s grade 5 & 6 6:00 pm
students about their connection to Israel. Montague Chapel
During the service, we will also be saying Followed by
thank you to our teachers, teaching Shabbat Dinner
assistants and staff. $15, Adult
$10, Child
Each and every student has a vital role in this
service and we expect you to join us. We ask everyone to bring a dessert
to share!
Israeli dinner to follow, RSVP required. (No nuts please!)

Peter and Ellen Allard, award-winning recording artists, specialize in

music for children of all ages. Their toe-tapping concerts and
Shabbat celebrations will have you dancing in the aisles as their
spirited performance connects families with their Jewish heritage in
a fun and soul-satisfying way.

Please RSVP to the ARS Office
____ Adult Dinners at $15 $_____ by Tuesday, May 6.
____ Children’s Dinners at $10 $_____ If you have any questions, please call
the school office at (617) 739-9200.
Donation to defray expenses $_____
Due to food allergies, please make sure
TOTAL AMOUNT $_____ that all desserts are nut free.
Mitzvah Day 2008 Registration
3 easy ways to register:
1. Mail this registration form (TOS 1187 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02446)
2. Complete this form and fax it to (617) 277-7881
3. Click on the Mitzvah Day logo on the TOS website and complete the email form (www.ohabei.org).
Once we receive your registration form, a confirmation will be sent to the email address below. If you don’t
have an email address, we will call you.
Please return this form to the TOS office by April 25, 2008.

Name: _______________________________ Phone # ___________________

Contact email: ______________________________________________________

Projects: #1 Making Music for Nursing Home Residents Π#2 Morning Greetings for Nursing Home
Residents Œ #3 Zach’s Fund Mailing Œ#4 Project Linus Œ#5 Expanding a Public School Library Œ#6 Franklin Park
Clean-up Œ#7 Recycling at TOS Œ #8 Letters & Packages for Soldiers Œ #9 Madison Park - Hibernian Hall Cleanup Œ
#10 Finex House Shelter Garden Œ #11 Walk for Hunger Œ #12 AIDS Action Committee Œ#13 The Wellness
Community Œ #14 High Holiday Card Fundraiser Œ #15 TOS Clean-up Œ #16 Bake for Women’s Lunch Place Œ
#17 Cook for Somerville Homeless Shelter Œ #18 Gift Bags for Mother’s Day Brunch for Women’s Lunch Place

Participants Name Project # Project # Check here for T-Shirt Size

Choice 1 Choice 2 unaccompanied (adult sizes)
ARS students


_____ Check
here if you need
S M L XL XXL help arranging


To help cover the cost of Mitzvah Day (materials, supplies, etc.), please consider making a tax deductible donation
(checks payable to Temple Ohabei Shalom). My donation in the following amount is enclosed:
___$18 ___$36 ___$72 ___Other $_____________

______ I would like to be involved with social action all year long!
Please give my name to the TOS Social Action Committee: ____________________________________



THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING! Please remember to bring donations for the book drive and food drive.
With your help TOS can complete over 1000 hours of service on Sunday May 4, 2008.
Yizkor Elohim - May God Remember
Those listed below are recorded in our Book of Remembrance, Windows or on Memorial Plaques.
An asterisk indicates that the plaque will be illuminated during the week of yahrzeit.
May 1-10 (26 Nisan – 5 Iyar) Dora Marzynski * Moses Gusenhiser Stanley Gaynor
Louis J. Adler Lester Mintz Sarah Herman Abraham Gershon *
Samuel Alman Hanna Niditch Max Hoffman * Samuel Goldman
Ursula Alpert Ida Olansky * Barney Hurwitz Annette Gordon *
Samuel Anthony Arlene Oppenheimer * Carrie A. Janock Mary Greenhood
Ida Aronson * Rose Belitsky Ostrower Harry Janock Zelda Greenhood
Irving L. Baron * Sofiya Podvalny Louis Kamin Bessie Hoffman *
Solomon Basch * David Presson Maria Kandiner William Hurwitch *
Jennie Beal * Henry Solomon Price George Kaplan Alfred Jacobson
Mona P. Beal * Mark Radlo * Saul Kaplan * Louise Jacobson
Nellie Bernstein * Hilda Raphael * Joseph Keezer * Marshall Kates
Isaac Bornstein Helen Rosenthal Pearl Kirstein Alla M. Khlyap *
August Caro Jacob Scheinfeldt Leonard Kudisch Roman Krigsgaber
Harold Chatis Leo James Schildhaus Julius Lebach Gordon B. Lassow
Goldie Chernus Hyman L. Schloss * Celia Leibowitz Mildred Leifer
Anne Cogan Rose Serkess Florence Levine * Morris Levin
Isaac Cohen * Ethel Shapiro * Harry Levine Abraham Levy *
Rosa Levi Cohen * Solomon Shapiro Esther Levinsky Eliza Levy
Hubert DeLynn Robert A. Sherman Ira Margolis * Joseph Libby
Syril Dresner * Bertha Obst Simons * Shaul Mashal Louis A. Macey *
Florence Feinberg Janet F. Small Mose Mechaber Blanche L. Marks
Elinore Green Fine * Harris Sobell * Sarah Martha Nathan * Sarah Cohen Menachem
Kolman Fleisher * Fannie Somer Janice Olins * Esther Merriman
Emma E. Frank Gertrude Stanger Issac Samuel Pinkerton * E. Geoffrey Nathan *
Joseph Gersh Joyce Sumberg Morris Ralby * Rae Needleman
Charles W. Ginesky * Bella R. Tallen Flora Resnick * Sidney Newman *
David Goldberg Robert Charles Tirk * Samuel Rodman William Newman
Esther G. Goldenberg Norman B. Tobias * William Roginsky Jacob Perlis
Pauline S. Goldenberg * Ellen Lotte Urbach William Rubin * Florence Plovnick
Clara Goldfarb * Walter Vanderwal Herman Schultz Michael Reece
Solomon Goldfarb * Basia Voltson C. Sidney Shapiro Rena Riess
Solomon Goldkrand * Taten'ka Vorobyeva Sidney Shapiro Lillian L. Rolde *
Edward Goldstein * Hattie Wilson * Bertha Sheinwald Esther R. Rosenberg *
Sarah Greenbaum Jennie Wingersky Isabella Sheinwald Joseph Rosenfield *
Mildred Greenberg David H. Winnick * Rubin Sklar * Sadie L. Rosenthal *
Irene Grund * Henry Wyner * Ira Smith * Alice Samsen
Maurice H. Hambro Henry Wyzanski Wolfe James Smith * William Egon Schrage
Alfred Harris Clara H. Yavner Barney Smokler Henry G. Segal *
Louis Horwitz Sarah Sorkin Leon I. Shapiro *
Hyman Hurwitz May 11-17 (6-12 Iyar) Augusta R. Spector * Max Shapiro *
Louis Isenberg * Irving Adler Abraham P. Spitz Max Shlanger
Joseph Kanter * Solomon Ascher Marie Stern * Sidney T. Small
Marjorie Kapsten Margaret Beal * Rabbi Menaheim M. Tichler Ralph Sobell *
Beatrice Keizer * Marilyn Belz George Zakon * Sigmund Solomon
Abraham Kirstein Raymond Bempechat Beatrice Spector
Frances Klatzkin Karl Burack * May 18-24 (13-19 Iyar) Major L. Stern *
Anna Koufman * Richard Caplan William Sulkin
Henrietta Hyman Adler
Bertha Marget Krinsky Solomon Caro Sumner Trombly
Abraham B. Beal *
Grete Lebach Sara G. Cohen * Rabbi Dudley Weinberg
Clara Libby Beal *
Joseph Leifer Ada Dorfman Cantor Erwin Wolkowich
Lena Belis *
Philip Levi Margery Effenson Millie Wolkowich *
Paul Bloom
Abraham Levy Rabbi Menahem M. Eichler Charolotte G. Wyzanski
Meyer Brodsky *
Max H. Levy Max Gerstein * Kunia Zelfond
Celia R. Cherry *
Harry L. Lipkind * Edward E. Ginsburg Louis H. Epstein *
Beth Z. Lurier Herman H. Golding Sarah Rose Epstein May 25-31 (20-26 Iyar)
Paul Markson Connie Goldstein Jefferson S. Favermann Rachel Hayman Berg
Louis Markwett Anna Lou Gracia Baruch Fox Annabelle Berson
Eva Willis Marlin * Louis M. Gropman * Max Frank Dr. H. Arthur Berson
Simon Marlin Moses Gunsenhiser Samuel Freiberg Ralph Bloom
Yahrzeits, continued
Henrietta Cobe Max Krauskopf *
Isaac Endlar *
William A. Feinberg *
Leon Laserson
Leslie Loeb Thanks to everyone
Henrietta J. Fishel Julius Lowenstein
David Friedman
Harry Geisinger
Sabet Mangoubi
Sabet Y. Mangoubi *
who helped make
Esther Gilder
Sumner David Goldberg *
Max W. Goldman *
Sabet Y. Mangoubi
Allan Meyers
Lillian Myers *
Harold Goldstein
Selma Gordon *
Harry Greenfield *
Samuel Greenhood *
Simon Pearl *
Harris Peyser
Evelyn Posner
Mary Winnick Rome *
Hips on Fire
social event
Phillip Halpern Ida Rosen *
Harold Harmon Israel Sagoff *
Frances Hausman Abraham Schlesinger
Charles H. Hertz
Elinore Hootstein
Yetta Schmelzer
Myron Sherman * a success...
Marilyn Howard Marisha Sindolovskiy
Marilyn Howard Benjamin Somer
Harris Joffe Paul Steinhauer
Harry Katz
Samuel J. Katz
Donald N. Urdang *
Edward Wingersky *
Adrienne Shisko, chair
Toby Kaufman Phillip Winnick * Danit Ben-Ari
Aron Kocherovskiy
Len Davidson
Denise Green
Larry Green
Barbara Howard
Ellen Mosner
Shelley Schwartz
Karen Shmuckler
Rabbi Alpert

...TOS staff and custodians

...Everyone who came to

enjoy the evening

...Anyone we’ve forgotten to

mention after too much of
that great sangria!
May Funds
General Fund In Memory Of Elaine and Ellis Tallen Lecture In Honor Of
Dorothy Julia Lebach Miriam Lebach Fund
R. K. (Shelley) Schwartz Enid P. Talambiras David & Joanne Schwartz the birth of our granddaughter,
Dottie Berman Jason Waldman Elle Katarina Sinclair, named in
Mike Krakow memory of our mother, Elaine
Ita Wiener Jason Waldman Tallen
Shirley Spero Jason Waldman Larry & Debbie Sinclair the birth of our daughter, Elle
Barbara F. Okun Jason Waldman Katarina Sinclair
Wishes for a Quick Recovery David & Joanne Schwartz the 100th birthday of our Aunt
for Sharon, Alexandra & Sophia Ruth White
Dottie Berman Estelle Katz Macchi
For Health and Wellbeing Of Larry, Debbie, Brandon, Zachary
Robert & Helen Sawyer Sharon Sawyer & Elle Sinclair
Matthew Sawyer In Memory Of
Stephen Ardizzoni David & Joanne Schwartz Mike “Meyer” Shnitzler
Elaine Tallen
Minyan Fund In Memory Of Ellis Tallen
Carol B. Finn Edith G. Bernstein
June Hurwitz Ida Alberg Olins Piano Fund
Doris S. Cohen Myer Cohen John & Beth Gamel
Aron & Elizabeth Rivin Shifra Tanfilyev
Robert L. Beal Paul Benjamin Beal Project for Our Future
Maurice Epstein Joel Sklar & Adrienne Shishko
John & Beth Gamel Lenore Cohn Daniel & Eva Deykin
Eliot & Kyra Berson Saul Kaplan Karen Rogatz Livingston
Louis E. Laskey & Nora J. Calabi Laurence G. Laskey
Joshua & Katherine Frankllin Morton Franklin Rosengard Lecture Fund In Memory Of
Nathan R. Levine Samuel Shapiro Robert Rosengard Samuel Hazan
Marilyn M. Barron Julian M. Barron
Richard L. Brooks Jeanette Brooks Organ Restoration Fund
Bill & Janet Landau Frances Landau Shelley Schwartz
Bruce A. Beal Julius Beal
Robert L. Beal Julius Beal Evelyn Bazer Educational Fund
Norma S. Steinberg Harry Fishman George Bazer
Edith Pollack Harry Eli White Jodi & Bob Silton & children
Edna S. Kalman Helen S. Slosberg Betsy & Spence Gould
Jeffrey K. Francer Ann Francer
Natalie Libby Miriam Hillson Morse Gopen Family Library In Honor Of
Phillip Mayfield & Judith A. Katz Dorothy R. Katz Bransfield Family the Ansin School Faculty
Jack & Rita Cohen Alice E. Ginsberg Katz-Zeiger Family Kate Mikesh
Richard & Joan Benjamin Mendall Benjamin Mindy Berman Kate Mikesh
Hazel Benjamin Paris Family Bobbi Paris
Samuel & Anita Leibowitz Beatrice Borteck Shelly Tenenbaum & Glenn Samuel Stevens
George and Miriam Oshry Howard Mason Stevens
Lawrence & Denise Green Morris Berson
The Shurdut Family Rita Cohen Shurdut In Memory Of
Daniel & Eva Deykin David Yona Alfaro Family Rose Wexler Caplan
Roger & Myrna Landay Martin M. Landay Weber-Salamanca Family John and Eva Galaburda
Leonore K. Linsky Ethyl Goldstein Kublin
Alan & Susan Greene Herman S. Greene Ansin Religious School In Honor Of
Leo & Stella Levi Samuel Cole Shirley Spero Mark Lipof & Shari Churwin
Anita Stone Bransfield Family
Simon Levi Harold Ansin
Raymond Mannos Edythe Mannos
George & Miriam Oshry Minnie Oshry
Mitzvah Fund

Our congregation has always responded to

those in need. And so it is no surprise that,
when a member of our community had an
unusual situation where assistance was needed,
our congregants responded quickly and

From that experience, a new Mitzvah Fund has

been founded, to be administered by the
president of the congregation and to be used
exclusively for the benefit of the TOS
community. It gives me great pleasure to know
that future presidents will have available these
funds for situations outside our normal budget. Please continue to bring your
paper to recycle!
This new Mitzvah Fund will be most helpful to
continue the good work of our congrega-
tion. Thank you to those who have donated to it Talented Employee Available
already. A synagogue member with 20+ years of
experience is seeking a position as a graphic
Ed & Marhorie Kahn designer.
Ellen Harder
Please contact Dottie at 617-277-6610.
Larry & Denise Green
Howard Koor & Ellen Mosner
Hilda Lopez
Elliot & Marilyn Goldstein
Marylin Klickstein
Snack and Study
A Chance to Snack and Study during the day
Betsy & Spencer Gould
Thursdays, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m., Berenson Library
Rabbinic Intern Navah Levine
It is simply another example of TOS members
making our community better and stronger.
Swiming in the Sea of Talmud
The Adult Learning Committee of Temple Ohabei Shalom is
L’shalom, pleased to present a learning opportunity for those who have
Len Davidson some time on weekdays. Rabbinic Intern Navah Levine has be-
gun offering a weekly program of “Snack and Study.” Bring
your own snack and prepare to study some of the most impor-
tant Jewish texts. The group will study from Swimming in the
Sea of Talmud, a wonderful and very accessible collection of
Talmudic passages and modern commentary. Materials are in
English, and no knowledge of Jewish texts is required. This is
not a “class,” and there is no problem with missing particular
weeks. However, once you’ve begun, you will probably want to
be there each week.
Jewish Family and Children’s
Service Greater Boston’s
Save the Date: Jewish Food Pantry

Confirmation Temple Ohabei Shalom’s

monthly contribution is:

Tuna and Shampoo

Friday June 6, We especially need shampoo!

7:00 pm Donations can be brought to the synagogue and

placed in the baskets by the Chapel or near the eleva-
tor. You can also write a check to the Sisterhood of
Ohabei Shalom with “Family Table” in the memo line
or volunteer to drive our contributions to the collec-
tion center in Waltham just one Sunday a year,

If you are interested in

helping, Contact Dottie
Berman at 617-277-6610
or Dberman@ohabei.org.

May Shabbat Celebrations & Events

May 17 9:00am Torah Study
1 6:00pm Yom HaShoah service 10:30am Shabbat Services, Bat Mitzvah: Abigail Alfaro
2 8:00pm Shabbat Rishon—Avodat Hayom: A Service for 18 9:30am ARS “B’nei Mitzvah Celebration” Brunch
Today. music by Cantor Randall Schloss Last Day of School
3 9:00am Torah Study 20 6:30pm Sisterhood potluck
10:30am Shabbat Service: Bat Mitzvah: Hayley L. Goldstein 23 6:00pm Erev Shabbat Services
4 8:30am Mitzvah Day 24 9:00am Torah Study
5 6:00pm ARS: High School—7th grade “step up” night 10:30am Shabbat Services
6 3:30pm ARS: Grades 3-7 26 Temple Office Closed—Memorial Day
9 6:00pm Fabulous Family Shabbat Service 30 6:00pm Erev Shabbat Services
7:15pm Shabbat Dinner—reservations required 31 9:00am Torah Study
10 9:00 am Torah Study 10:30am Shabbat Services, Bat Mitzvah: Naomi Gordon
10:30am Shabbat Service: Bar Mitzvah: Jordan Duckham
11 9:15am ARS: Grades K-7 June
9:30am Brotherhood Brunch—reservations required 3 7:00pm Temple Ohabei Shalom Annual Meeting
12 6:00pm ARS High School—last night of High School 6 7:00pm Erev Shabbat Service, Confirmation
13 3:30pm ARS: Grades 3-7 7 9:00am TorahStudy
16 6:00pm Erev Shabbat Services 10:30am Shabbat Services, Bar Mitzvah: Josh Slavin
7:15pm Friday Night Lights program—reservations required

Thomas M. Alpert Rabbi

Randall Schloss Cantor Monday—Thursday 8:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m..
Daily Worship

Emily Gopen Lipof Rabbi Emerita

Leonard Davidson President Saturday 6:00 p.m.
Shari A. Churwin Education Director Sundays & Holidays 9:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.
Kate Mikesh Director of Informal Education Ohabei Shalom is the area’s only Reform
Amanda Singer Education Programs Coordinator
synagogue providing daily prayer for those in need
Dottie Berman Interim Executive Director
Karen Landman Executive Assistant to the Clergy of solace or a quiet moment of introspection.
Alan Shepro Office Manager / Bookkeeper
Marylin Klickstein Administrative Assistant Each Daily Worship leader commits to one
Kim Singer B’nei Mitzvah Educator 20-minute weekly service. To become a leader,
David Sparr Music Director please call the synagogue office (617)277-6610.
Tidings is a monthly publication of Temple Ohabei Shalom
1187 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02446
(617)277-6610 www.ohabei.org
May Candle Lighting Times
2 - 7:27 P.M. 23 - 7:49 P.M.
9 - 7:35 P.M. 30 - 7:55
16 - 7:42 P.M.