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DicomBurn 3.

0 - DICOM CD Burner Made for Automated Medical Image

CD/DVD Burning, Printing, Publishing

An comprehensive DICOM medical image burner that works with PACS systems, Imaging
modalities, MWL servers; can be integrated to distributed DICOM imaging networks.

Chicago, IL, April 21, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Nativate Systems recently released 3rd edition of DicomBurn -
an intelligent DICOM CD burner and Publisher. DicomBurn creates vendor neutral medical image
archiving and distribution solution for small and large hospitals, imaging centres in more than 20

Radiologists and PACS coordinators can send the patient studies directly from CT/MRI scanners to
DicomBurn; whereas DicomBurn gathers the patient and study information in the medical images to burn
DICOM CDs and print disc labels. DicomBurn integrates Primera and Epson disc printing robots; these
disc publishers can stack up 100-300 empty discs, can work all day long. So whenever patients are out of
imaging rooms, and the report is ready, they also get their imaging disc burned and labelled.

Medical Imaging departments and diagnostic centres usually hand out a copy of medical images in hard
film prints, or in imaging CDs to patients. In case of CDs, most medical imaging facilities first get the
images out of the modality, and then manually burn the images to a disc and hand write the label. For a
busy facility that takes time, so they say - "standby for the report, and come back later to collect the CD."

Nativate Systems is very privileged to be a help to the PACS administrators and the radiology community
with its medical image disc publishing application. DicomBurn being a 100% DICOM complaint system
with built-in DICOM server, the modality operators do not require to come back the PC to create DICOM
archives, DICOM media can be published from imaging modalities and PACS systems by "pushing" or
"pulling" studies.

DicomBurn 3.0 version has smart features such as -

- Operator-less DICOM CD Burner.

- Burn single or multiple studies into one disc.
- Multi-lingual special character printing.
- Inclusion of DICOM viewers of your choice.
- Supports Primera and Epson Disc Publisher Robots for Medical Disc Labelling.

Visit for more - http://www.imagingpacs.com

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