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Implementation of delivery systems geologically

active seismic energy in the state of Queretaro areas.

Luis Fernando Montoya Ruiz
Jesus Ramirez osornio
José Dolores López Martínez
Autonomous University of Queretaro
Faculty of Engineering
Querétaro, Querétaro

The Mexican territory is one of the world's most active
geological zones, called the Ring of Fire, one of the most Figure 1. System faults, fault system-SFCHT.
important world subduction zones causing intense seismic and
volcanic activity. (1)
They lie in the area several tectonic plates, which are in
permanent friction and hence in strain accumulation. When the
tension is released, it causes a large amount of seismic energy
reflected in intense earthquakes and volcanic activity. (2)
It is therefore vitally important for the Mexican engineering,
systems implementation seismic energy release in geologically
active areas; to avoid terrible tragedies that can happen at any
time as what happened on September 19, 2017 in various states
of the republic.
Currently the Valley of Queretaro is located at the intersection
of two sets of potentially active regional faults, north-northwest
(NNW) known as Fault System Taxco-San Miguel de Allende
Figure 2. Structural map of the valley of Queretaro, and fault
(fault system) (Demant, 1978), guidance and other east- systems that intersect.
northeast known as the fault system Chapala-Tula (SFCHT),
both systems intersect and cover at least from Huimilpan B. LAND fracturing Queretano
Querétaro (Qro.) to Santa Rosa Jauregui, Qro., and from
There has been cracking of land and soil subsidence along a
Apaseo El Alto, Guanajuato, to Amazcala Querétaro. (Fig 1.2)
fault oriented SSE in the western region of the Queretana city,
which have caused significant damage to urban, such as the
case of the coming February 5th infrastructure. Ground
deformation following a NNW-SSE trasa, and coincides with
the failure Santa Rosa Jáuregui-Olveras. However although it
is clear and continuous subsidence and deformation of the
ground along said rate not record seismicity has, but has not
been confirmed by microseismic, which should not be
understood as the absence of seismic activity.
In the case of the failure of San-Fandila, Queretaro, there has
been notorious recent seismicity, although not directly affect
the Queretana capital obviously can not rule out the possibility
of microseismic along these.
Consider an oscillating particle of mass m which is subject to
It is necessary to point out that the possibility that some of the the action of a spring force, a damping force and a force applied
flaws in the valley of Queretaro and its periphery can be externally. Consider that this particle has a degree of freedom
reactivated at any time, as was the case with the failure of Saint- and that the vibratory movement is performed along the x axis
Fandila not rule, implying a perennial risk for the population
and urban infrastructure of the City of Queretaro and
neighboring communities.
There is no doubt that the most efficient way to protect a Fs + Fd + F (t) = x
structure against earthquakes is by controlling ductility seismic Where
energy. First, because the results after an earthquake are clearly
superior and secondly because the modeling of the structure is Fs = spring force = kx
more approximate linear prediction that when adaptations that Fd = damping force = -cx
can be found in standard seismic used.
F (t) = Fo = force applied sin wt
A. seismic isolators
Seismic isolation is a system that allows separation
between the base of the building and the ground, allowing If the spring is linear, damping it is viscous and is externally
it to behave flexibly to the movements of the crust. applied force harmonica. Thus,
Furthermore it absorbs energy from the earthquake, which
reduces the energy transferred to the structure, preventing mx'' + cx' + kx = Fo sin wt
it is affected. (3) Sean:
k / m = p2
c / m = 2n
Fo / m = F.
Then, the equation of motion is:
x'' + p2 + 2NX = Fo x sin wt
In this section we consider four cases of vibration of a particle
with a degree of freedom, governed by the differential equation
Figure 2. seismic isolator isomeric type above movement.
Heatsinks have the function of dissipating energy Energy dissipators
accumulations ensuring that other elements of the structures Heat sinks can increase between 20 - 40% damping of the
are not overburdened, preventing damage to the structure. structure. This effect reduces the pseudoaceleración and
That is, seismic sinks offer increased damping structure. (4) therefore the seismic force.

Figure 4. seismic Dicipador friction.


Numerous devices have been developed that plasticized due
to bending stresses. Skinner 1975 studied the behavior of two U- [1] Zuniga FR, JF Pacheco, Guzman-Speziale M, Aguirre-Diaz GJ, Espindo
shaped plates that dissipate energy by pure bending upon VH, Nava E (2003) The Sanfandila earthquake sequenceof 1998,
Queretaro, Mexico.
windup effect of the relative displacement between its ends
[2] A. Clement-Chavez, A. Figueroa-Soto, FR Zuniga, M. Arroyo, M.
Montiel, and O. Chavez, Seismicity at the northeast edge of the Mexican
Volcanic Belt (MVB), activation of an undocumented fault: the
Peñamiller earthquake sequence of 2011, Queretaro, Mexico, Natural
Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 13, 2521-2531, 2013 doi: 10.5194 /
[3] G. Aguirre-Diaz, J. Nieto-Obregon, and FR Zuniga, Seismogenic Basin
and Range and intra-arc Normal faulting in the northern-center Mexican
Volcanic Belt, Queretaro, Mexico, Geological Journal, 40, 1-29, 2005.
[4] FR Zuniga, JF Pacheco, M. Guzman-Speziale, GJ Aguirre-Diaz, VH
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DAMPING ADDED). edge of the central Trans -mexican Volcanic Belt, Tectonophysics, 361,
229-238, 2003.
The device indicated is known as Tadas system it consists of [5] D. Carreon-Freyre, M. Close, G. Ochoa-Gonzalez, P. Teatini, and FR
a set of parallel steel trapezoidal plates and constant thickness. Zuniga. Shearing along faults and stratigraphic joints controlled by land
The fact that the plates are flush with a hinged end and the other subsidence and piezometric gradients in the Valley of Queretaro, Mexico,
conditions the trapezoidal shape also enables a global Hydrogeology Journal Special Issue on "Land Subsidence", 24, 657-674,
distribution of plasticization. The large base plate is connected DOI 10.1007 / s10040-016-1384-0, 2016.
to the level beam to a framed structure, while the other is
articulated with a connecting bolt two bracings directed to the
base of the pillars of the gantry.


There are different based on frictional dissipation devices.
Pall and Marsh (1982) propose a system to be located at the
intersection of a bracing X. Its hysteretic curves are almost
rectangular with which the energy dissipated per cycle is
maximum for a given value of the sliding force. The mechanism
slides to an adjustable predetermined load from the pressure
exerted by bolts through a torque wrench.