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Brgy. Kitang #1 limay, Bataan Philippines

E-Mail Add. reyesrn1231@yahoo.com


Mobile # +966-055-2036943

Position Apply : Piping Supervisor/Piping foreman


To seek for rewarding and challenging key position that best suit my qualification
while enhancing my knowledge and experiences. At the same time, giving my
benefits to my company I will be taking part of. by means of being their asset
while leaving a room for my professional growth.

Place of Birth: Limay Bataan, Philippine

Citizenship: Filipino
Civil Status: Married

Personal Profile:

Almost eight years and eight months of experience relative to the oil and gas
industry onshore/offshore project. Specializes piping & structural fabrication,
installation, commissioning maintenance and supervise of multi discipline work

Skill /Training and Seminar:

Certified sea survival training course:

H2s training course:

Smtc global huet safety training:

Philippines driver license holder:

Educational attainment:

Welding Vocational Course: 1985

Limay, municipal high school: 1981 to 1985

Kitang#1 elementary school: 1975 to 1981

Employment history : October 24, 2013 up to present:

Company: Rawabi Hot-Hed Co.Ltd.

Location: Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia

Position: Hot-Tapping/Cold Cutting


January 28, 2012 to July 25, 2013: 1 year and 6month

Company: Gates engineering services

Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Position: Pipe Fabricator technician

May 02, 2010 up to March 06, 2011: 10months

Company: Zamil Steel Zimipco.Company

Location: Aramco Project Saudi Arabia

Position: Piping Foreman

June 27, 2007 up to Oct. 10, 2008: 1year and 4months

Company: Abu Dhabi Oil Field Services (Ados)

Location: Borouges petrochemical plant

Ruwais Abu Dhabi U.A.E

Position: Fitter Fabricator Maintenance

March 10, 2003 up to Sept. 07, 2006: 3years and 6 months

Company: Int’l. Mechanical Elect. Co. (Imeco)

Location: Borouges Petrochemical Plant

Ruwais Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

Position: Pipe Fitter Fabricator Maintenance

March 29, 1999 Up to Sept.30, 1999: 6 months

Company: MDK Raytheon

Location: Malabo Equatorial Guinea West

Africa, Methanol Plant.

Position: Pipe Fitter Fabricator

August 27, 1998 up to March 10, 1999: 7 months

Company: D.J. Rogue Construction Co.Inc.

Location: Petron Bataan Refinery Phil.

Position: Piping Lead Man

Duties Responsibities :

Perform and preparation of material specification required and assemble to

used for hot-tapping material. Perform the job in manifa wellhead offshore and
onshore before rig move on the platform We are doing services oil rig onshore
to do final cut conductor casing using cold cutting machine operated by air
compressor before to installation of tubing spool and Bop. Single gate ram,
double gate ram. Choke line, kill line and annular perform bolt torque difference
size using hydraulic torque machine.

Fabricate and assemble hydraulic hose and fitting us per requirement of the client
.difference classification like hydraulic pressure line from the heavy equipment,
suction line. Drain line normally used to the oilrig. Preparation and fabrication of
strainer to connect to the pump for chemical flushing and fabrication skid power

. Assign for installation of all mechanical rotating & static equipment

. Set-up pumps on the skid, leveling centering and do final alignment

. Execute site installation of heat exchanger, pin fan cooler.vessel.tower &

. Carry out shop fabrication of structural columns and grinding

. Piping erection as per approved isometric drawings and P&ID

. In-charge for mass fabrication and site installation of pipe spool and difference
type of pipe support

. Plant co-ordinates and control all contraction activities related to pre-

commissioning & commissioning activities

. Execute site modification of piping and pipes support as per latest revision

. Request the piping material prior to fabrication activities, such elbow, tee,
reducer, weld-olet socket type as per specification detail from isometric drawing

Bill of materials.

. Execute shot down job and tie in connection, hydrotest and re-instatement

. Implement a high safety standard and good housekeeping on the worksite and
staging area

.Prepare all necessary inspection report and document for final review and
signature by the client/proponent.

Applicant signature

Noel R. Reyes