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Logic behind sequence of zodiac lordship

I have made an attempt to find answer to an important question - Logic behind

sequence of zodiac lordship. There were some confusions in astrology that what
could be the logic behind giving ownership of particular zodiacs to particular
planets. In solar system the sequence of planets is Sun, Mercury, Venus,
Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn (I am not taking Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
as they have not been mentioned in Indian Astrology by sages. There must be a
reason for that too.), whereas the 12 zodiac signs are in this sequence Aries
(ruled by Mars), Taurus (ruled by Venus), Gemini (ruled by Mercury), Cancer
(ruled by Moon), Leo (ruled by Sun), Virgo (ruled by Mercury), Libra (ruled by
Venus), Scorpio (ruled by Mars), Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter), Capricorn (ruled
by Saturn), Aquarius (ruled by Saturn) and Pisces (ruled by Jupiter). So the
order of Planets in this zodiac system (as per lordship) becomes:

Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,
Saturn, Jupiter.

Now if we look at sequence of solar system, it shows Sun, Mercury, Venus,

Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. So it creates confusion among astrologers to
understand the zodiac sequence.

In astrology Aries has been taken as 1st sign. Let us take Leo as 1st sign as
Sun is the lord of this sign and the sequence should follow from this point (As
Sun is the origin point). Now if we take Leo (ruled by Sun) as first sign, the
sequence becomes same like our solar system. From Leo to Capricorn the order
of the planets is Sun, Mercury, Venus, (Earth is not taken as we are on earth
and viewing planets from this point), Mars, Jupiter and Saturn; exactly like
solar system and from Aquarius to Gemini these planets have been placed in
reverse order Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. After this comes the
Cancer (ruled by Moon) and then the cycle gets completed. It shows and
demonstrated that all planets originated from Sun (the true sequence from Leo
to Capricorn) and they will merge into the Sun itself (the reverse order)
alongwith Moon (being satellite of Earth, it represents Earth) and Earth. The
beginning of Yugadi is said to be started from Aries. That could be the reason
Aries has been taken as 1st zodiac sign.