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Title of Review Paper

First Name Last Name (Student) #1, First Name Last Name (Guide) *2
Name of Department, Name of Institute
Email Address
Name of Department, Name of Institute
Email Address

Abstract— This document provides guidelines for preparing and Your paper must be in a two-column format with 4.22 mm
submitting the review paper. Student must follow these (0.17") between columns. All paragraphs must be justified,
guidelines. This file may be used as a template into which you can i.e., both left- and right-justified.
type your own text. Write an abstract of not more than 500
You can use this file, as a template. If you want to use the
words. Paper should not be more than 6 pages long.
LaTeX format for your paper, you may make the similar
Key words: not more than four key words must be given. format by yourself and use it.

D. Text Font of Entire Document
Your paper for submission should be prepared in English.
Follow the guidelines to ensure that papers will be reproduced The entire document should be in Times New Roman or
clearly and in the proper size and form. The said paper must Times font. Type 3 fonts must not be used. Other font types
be reviewed by the guide and must meet technical standards. may be used if needed for special purposes. Recommended
Awards for excellent papers will be presented. font sizes are shown in Table 1.
E. Title and Author Details
Review Paper should include following sections: Introduction,
All title and author details must be centered in a single-
Background, Literature Review, Summary, References, and
column format. Every word in the title must be capitalized,
except for short minor words such as “a”, “an”, “and”, “as”,
“at”, “by”, “for”, “from”, “if”, “in”, “into”, “on”, “or”, “of”,
The Literature Review should be of minimum 3 open access
“the”, “to”, and “with”.
peer reviewed journal papers in the topic of interest.
Author details must not show any professional title (e.g.,
II. MANUSCRIPTS academic title, Prof. / Dr.).

A. Organization
Your paper should begin with an abstract, followed by FONT SIZES FOR PAPERS
keywords, and then an introduction. At the end, there should Font Appearance (in Time New Roman or Times)
be a conclusion and a list of references. Acknowledgements (if Size Regular Bold Italic
any) should precede the references. 8 Table caption (in Reference item
Small Caps) (partial)
Figure caption
B. Length Reference item
The maximum length of your paper including figures and 9 Author e-mail Abstract Abstract heading
tables should not exceed six pages. address (in Courier) body (also in Bold)
Cell in a table
10 Level-1 heading (in Level-2 heading,
C. Page Layout Small Caps) Level-3 heading,
Your paper must use an A4 page size: 210 mm (8.27") wide Paragraph Author affiliation
11 Author name
and 297 mm (11.69") long. The margins must be set as
24 Title
 Top = 19 mm (0.75")
 Bottom = 43 mm (1.69") F. Symbols
 Left = Right = 14.32 mm (0.56") Symbols and acronyms should be defined the first time they
appear. Use the International System (SI) of units.

G. Illustrations
Color illustrations and photographs are accepted but we ask �B �
that you check all figures in your paper both on screen and on Ѵ E=-
a black-and-white hardcopy. When you check your paper on � t ��
� (1)
the hardcopy, please ensure that: �
 the colors used in each figure contrast well, Ѵ H=J+
 the image used in each figure is clear, and
 all text labels in each figure are legible. I. References
The heading of the references section must not be numbered.
Your illustrations must be numbered, accompanied by
All reference items must be in 8 pt font. Number the
captions, and inserted in the text near where they are
reference items consecutively in square brackets (e.g., [1]).
mentioned. Use the same or similar font sizes in your
illustrations as in the manuscript. Check also whether the
When referring to a reference item, simply use the reference
smallest lettering, such as subscripts, is still readable.
number, as in [2]. Do not use “Ref. [3]” or “Reference [3]”
except at the beginning of a sentence, e.g., “Reference [3]
Figures must be numbered using Arabic numerals. Figure
shows …”. Multiple references are each numbered with
captions must be in 8 pt Regular font. Single-line captions
separate brackets (e.g., [2], [3], [4]–[6]).
must be centered whereas multi-line captions must be
justified. Captions with figure numbers must be placed after J. Page Numbers, Headers, and Footers
their associated figures, as shown in Fig. 1. Page numbers, headers, and footers must not be used.
K. Links and Bookmarks
All hypertext links and section bookmarks will be removed
from papers during processing for publication. If you refer to
an Internet e-mail address or URL in your paper, type out the
address or URL fully in Regular font.

A carefully prepared manuscript that can be accepted without
any modifications will better present your work and will also
spare us unnecessary efforts in editing.

For questions on paper guidelines, please speak to your guide

or to your departments STP coordinator.

The heading of the acknowledgments section must not be
Fig. 1 Example of figure
H. Equations
All equations should be centered and numbered. Enclose the
[1] R. Sato, “EMC – The past, present and future,” in Proc. Int. Symp. on
equation number in parentheses and place it near the right- Electromagn. Compat., Nagoya, Japan, Sept. 1989, pp. 1-9.
hand margin like so, [2] C. R. Paul, “Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility,” New
York: Wiley-Intersciences, 1992, pp. 402-428.
[3] J. Wang, K. Sasabe, and O. Fujiwara, “A simple method for predicting
common-mode radiation from a cable attached to a conducting
enclosure,” IEICE Trans. Commun., vol. E85-B, no. 7, pp.1360-1367,
July 2002.