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Bindslev Old power plant

This building requires a landscape as part of it is below

ground / water surface. All areas with dotted fill is below
the surface.


Cut out Band glue it on cardboard. Cut the white cells


Glue B on A


The ends is glued between the facades. This gable

is glued to where the facade begins to slope. Use
the ruler so that the gables are parallel.

Port for water not going through turbi- The two pieces is glued on cardboard. The ceiling
is glued on to the
end and then to-
ward the dark
squares on the

”Ceiling” The end

Gable of garage doors.
The dark squares is glued
onback so it fits with the
A B gates of surplus water.

Stairwell for turbines. Chimneys. Glued to the two tip ends.

Concrete Supports. They is glued on cardboard and folded. Then they
are glued on the house.

Stairway folded in
copy paper. A is cut
out and are glued on
cardboard. Scratch
along the red line and
The folded stair are
glued to A from the
red line and up.
The whole glue into
the stairwell.

Sluice gates is cut out and are glued on cardboard. Scratched between the
dotted piece and tiles For every two doors is a hoisting mechanism. Here is glued a piece of
Schratch plastic coated metal wire on. The wheels may eg be sequins.

Cut all the way up to

the tiles.

The gates folded down over the tiles and

pillars up. The posts can be made stronger
with eg matchstick pieces. They can be
painted or covered with paper.

Finally all are glued on the


On the flip side, I glued a strip of card-

board for to keep the gates and bars.
The roof