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Assignment: 11

Name: Mamunur Rashid Ove

Id: 1510139030
Date: 04/02/2018
Sec: 07
Act three

In the third act the character “Vadius” was welcomed by “Trissotin” in his chamber where ‘Lepine’
‘belise’ Philamintre’ ‘Henriette’ was also present in his chamber. ‘Vadius’ the character who is the friend
of ‘Trissotin” and he is expert in Greek than any other in France. And all of the character in the chamber
are pleased to “Vadius” except ‘Henriette’. ‘Vadius’ also brought up the Greek’s famous term ‘ballades’
which is not attract “trissotin” and he don’t want to listen about this from ‘Vadius’. Though Vadius
wanted to understand him but Trissotin ends the meeting in a bad way. Then Trissotin feel sorry for his
rude behave to the all members in the chamber. Then Philaminte judge Trissotin’s taste and claim her
daughter ‘Henriette’ for her innocent acting. After all Henriette still wanted to get his lover ‘Clitandre’ by
going through all terrible situation.

Act four

In the fourth act the character ‘Clitandre’ try his best to convince “Philamintre’ for getting his love
‘Henriette’ as his own. But Philamintre don’t want to change his plan and ready to wed her daughter with
‘Trissotin’. In the meantime, ‘Clitandre’ doesn’t found any way then he informs ‘henriette’s’ father
‘Chrysale’ about this. Then ‘Chrysale’ get angry about the wedding because he personally doesn’t like
‘Trissotin’ and he give his promise to ‘Clitandre’ that he will do everything in his favor.

Act five

In the act five the crucial moment getting bigger. ‘Trissotin’ don’t give up about his decision and he still
convince ‘Henriette’ but this romantic word doesn’t influence her and she impassive with her decision to
marry her love ‘Clitandre. Then there are also become a shocking scene that everyone sees ‘Trissotin’s’
real face when he understands the financial condition of ‘Henriette’s’ family. Then ‘Philaminte’ catch her
misunderstand about ‘Trissotin’ and she change her decision. Also, she accepts ‘Clitandre’ as her
daughter’ husband and then everyone sees the joy of love.